Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Got up early this morning and took the Eunos to have its air conditioning system to be looked at. I dropped it off at Mazcare and then caught the bus from heathtown into Wolvo so that I could go to Vision Express.

The new contact lense was put in my eye and immdeiatly felt oh so much better but could I see. Well yes. thank god at last. I went for a walk around town bought some Christams cards and returned to have it rechecked. All seems OK.

Remember that tin of paint from Jawels Paints. Well it matched brillantly. Can you see where the car has been repainted now?? It might have been twice the price of Halfords paint but at least its the right colour!

After town I headed over to Tamworth to go to meet Matt at the Snowdome. They have demotted me from a member to a registered user, probably because I havn't been a member for some time.

I expected to be late getting there but in fact I got there before Matt accompanied by a text saying hell I've missed the motorway junction,

followed by a second one saying just how far is the next junction.

One ponders that perhaps if he had his eyes on the orad rather than on the phones keys while he was driving he might have seen the junction in the first place!

We went to pay when I realised that I had forgottne the 2 hours for one vouchers. Luckily enough though I spotted the flyer by the cash desk and said can I use the voucher in this please. And we did. It was great to get a chance to use my new boots, and they seem good and comfy

And its made me really excited about going to Morzine soon.

I gave Matt some tips on where he was going so wrong.

He listened and things improved. He's even left his board with me so I can make some adjustments ;) te he.

At the top I did so enjoy watching him put on his ride bindings each time.

As part of the continuning improvements of the snowdome, they have got one part of the wall murual up so far. They are obvously funding this with the new parking charge. Brillant idea - next time I park on the deul carriage way.

It was a great day out though. Charmed I'm sure.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Sunday and I got up with the anticipation of having a tinker with the Cavaliers timing. I said good morning to the cat...

I looked out of the window and said to the cat it looks cold out here you know.

She even got up to have a look herself.

I hope those light I put in the tre are ok.

And so the cat went back to bed and I decided to put the PS3 on and wait till it warmed up a bit.

I thought I'd never use the Playstation store but in fact I do. And last night I had it download GTI. Club. For some reason it is on a limited time offer of £9.99 so I could not resist.

From this screen shot you probalby don't recognise it but its an old arcade classic, now brought back to life on the PS3 with online playing yeah ha.

Other games I have brought from the store in the past are Champion Sprint, with online game play again.

Wipeout HD a downloadable game only, again with online play.

Siren Blood Curse, a horror play movie.

Pixel Junk Racers - a bit of an odd ball game that oddly works.

And an old old classic and the first game I had with my original Playstion Destruction Derby. My it seems old now!

By mid day the cav had defrosted and the sun was out. So I got the spray can out and the ramps and got to work.

And here we have the bottom of the fuel pump. You'll notice the marks on it. I roated it towards the engine and it made some difference. And then I tried it in the other direction and that made it misfire. So I moved it back again and tieghted it up. A bit hit and miss but hopefully this will make the pump timing on the old Isuzu 1.7 Td happier. A week of work will see.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Well its gone dark so I rushed out and turned them on. And if this picture isn't good enough then....

Enjoy the movie. I think 2 more sets needed to finish the effect.

Friday night and Poade popped round to ask if I would mind getting round his house by 9am for a cup of tea. And oh yeah some hard graft too.

Something to do with moving a lot of cement. By god those wheel barrows weigh a ton, I didn't wan to mind though as Bill was doing just as many as me and not complaining. He didn't sweat as much as me either. At least it was a beuatiful sunny winters morning.

Its gone a bit foggy in Morzine.

But in Les Gets it deep and white!

And in Avorzia too. I'm so excited. I was hoping to go to Chill Factore or the snowdome to break my boots in.

And while it was sunny outside I decided to move the Maplins solar panel LED lights to the tree at the bottom of the drive. Can you see them?

Well here a close up of the solar panels. I could leave these in all year round I guess!

All nicely cable tied in. Although 5 sets isn't enough I think. I'll have to try them later when its dark - just a test not have them on - its still too early yet.

From the drive to the Weatherspoons pub opposite the Grand Theater. OOOOhhh I was so excited because.

I was going to see Peter Pan with the Greenies and Martins.

In fact I loved it. It had the two crankies in it oh brillant, I even got shot by a big cannon ball! The show stars Paul Nicholas as Captin Cook & Jack Montgomery as Peter and Isobel Hathawy as Tinker Bell. In fact you can read about it here.....http://grandtheatrepanto.blogspot.com/

Friday, December 05, 2008

Theres nothing more annoying than trying to get something into the boot and the tailgate closing on your head. I finaly plumped to by some Vectra gas struts in the hope that they may fit. You'll also notice the solar charger being installed.

Off came the old ones and luckyily the replacment from the vectra fitted.

Wow a miricale the boot nolonger clangs my head every now and again.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Can you believe it, I've lost more dark lensed googles some where. Anyway I have bought these which are much better clear lenses. It was like swimming in sunglasses before :( all dark and clostrophobeic.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Remember those solar powered LED lights. well I ordered 4 more sets. So in total I now have 250 lights to light that tree up with.

I trust this is going to be effective once I get them mounted out side. But its too early yet. The decore should never go up before 12 days before Christmas.

Until then they are sitting on my window sill charging up. I can't wait to show you them on the tree. I wonder if it will look like the traffic light island in London?

When the weather gets wamrer / dryer maybe one day then the door and sill still need spraying properly. the Halfords paint does match well so I'm putting my hopes on Jawels 79L red. We will just have to wait and see.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I ran out of contact lense solution so I popped into boots only to become baffled. Could I find the peroxide One Step System anywhere nope. I looked and looked and looked. and then realised Boots had changed it name to Deep Cleaning System. Well done boots.

Monday, December 01, 2008

You might well say......

its cold outside.

anyway I go to work in the Cav and give it a go in these siberian conditions before the big one to the alpes.

When I get home the book I oredered from Amazon 'World snowboarding Guide" had arrived. Yippee. its full of mainly one page descirtions of places to go for snowboarding along with an overall score. More to the point it had the Russian resorts in. Even Krasnaya Polyana which it states as I've already found is the Russian version of Frances Courchevel. in fact its got loads of odd ball places you've never heard of or if you have have never seen them in a nother guide book. Its not in depth on anything but just gives you a quick snippet of them all. Or of course you could just visit their web site here. www.worldsnowboardguide.com But then you may find you need to buy the book first ;)


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