Thursday, December 31, 2009

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So for the first time in years I was in Britian and home for New Years Eve. Oddly I think I'd forgotten what it was all about?

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So as the midnight hour approached I spent it with my brother and Beardy drinking some of the finest ales around, playing buzz and watching many people die in front of me. So what did the naughties bring? And what will the teenies bring?

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So once Takne had ended I aksed the cat. However she was a bit upsert about being woken up to be asked such a question. On this occassion she did not even answer...

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For New Years Eve Dinner we go to the Spread Eagle. I've not been for god knows who many years. Well since a pre V-concert dinner I guess where if I remember rightly I had there biggest salad as I knew that for the next few days the only things I was going to eat would be burgers or anything BBQ.

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The meal there was great, smashing supper..

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Even my brother didn't moan about anything. Perhaps Les could have found fault.


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If you've got a Sony C902 then you may get excited about the latest Update you can do to your phone. Its packed with extra features that you'll probaly never use. Although I did give the mobile TV a go, I can't say I'll be using it again. Lets just say I've problably used more web usage on it than ever before. And remember to back your settings up before you do the update or you will regret it.......

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

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Today the postman arrived. He'd come all the way from Amazon, as they were by far cheaper than Tesco for the Sony DSC w270. So another item to make me a further Sony Slut. Having opened the box and charged the battery for an endless time I had to decide what I was going to do for a memory card as it hasn't come with it. So I took the old 8M one from my old phone and slotted it in. But would it work with the camera. No... Did I have anythiong to blank the card??? No. For some reason the camera doesn't like the card even though its a Sony one. Anyway I got it working eventually.

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It doesn't mind focusing on fur at 5 times zoom.

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The standard zoom, the sony DSC W270 camera turns on mega quick and takes a photo in focus in dim light, putting the nikon Coolpix S620 to shame.

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With a 5 times zoom shot to the catus the sony DSC W270 camera takes a hand held photo in focus in dim light, putting the nikon Coolpix S620 to shame once more.

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And again but without flash on and with a 5 times zoom shot to the catus the sony DSC W270 camera takes a hand held photo in focus in dim light, putting the nikon Coolpix S620 to shame once more.

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One more test and it automaticaly selects macro and takes a shot of the mirror ball in detail and focus - a hard object to do. I'm over the moon about this camera. At last I think I have found a camera that suitably will take over the legendary ,long lived and much enjoyed fujifilm V10. Fuji should be worrid, especaly at this price.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

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After a good choclate eating session it was time for a family day out at...

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The Snowdome in Tamworth. They've even built a hotel next to it so that you can stay at the Resort Tamworth for an entire week, just like Alton Towers!

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It was kind of busy and full of people learning, which gave me much practice and digging the edges in to turn just before hitting anyone ;) oh joy...

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We finished off in Starbucks with a nice coffee each and a relax.

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I have got to question though why they have provided disabled toliets and yet no disabled parking spaces? One would think that they arn't expecting any disabled people to come by car, maybe they walk it there instead???

Monday, December 28, 2009

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Took my mom around the sales in Wolvo. Quiet as ever in town these days. Looks like the crdeit crunch has hit home and Brown has all but forgot this town even exisits. Perhaps he should remeber that Queen Victoria got off her ass and visited this place.

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After some hard core shopping and the purchase of some pink suede boots it was time to relax in Cafe Nero's. Beside everything was oddly closing at 4:30pm in town apart from Beatties which was open until 7pm!

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I obvously went for the healthy choice of hot chocolate with cream. Ohhh heaven.

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Well here it is the Tesco vacuum. Only a few pounds in cost and weight. In fact I can lift it, using its built in handle, with my little finger. And man does it suck, it might be small but it does suck.

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1400W motor and light display to say when the bag is full, a self wind back lead and and and oh the excitment.

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It even has a nozzel and bush attachmentment hidden away. I like this little thing. It so easy to pick up and use. Ah vacumming won't ever be the same again....

Sunday, December 27, 2009

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I go shopping at Tescos and mooch about. I look at the camera stand and the Sony DSC 270W is on display and working unlike all the rest. I have a play with it and I'm most impressed. This must be fate but I don't buy it.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

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Boxing Day and after trying not to eat anything as my belly was already aching from eating too much I went round the Greenies for Tea and to play with the kids. However Uncle Matt had a different idea about sharing the kids. Which was fine to be honest. Let him wear them down first.

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Sara made a lovely dinner and even provided us adultsw with something to play with inbetween courses. She'd scattered about all over the table cloth some stars. So I did a lovely house.

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Martin on the other hand was dreaming of his beautiful wife...

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obviously, but where is her head Martin????

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The finished house complete with smoke from ther chimney and a path to the door.

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With a fuller than ever belly (blame the cheese cake). I walked home to try and lose some calories from the exercise and via loss of body heat too. I doubt it had any effect though.

Friday, December 25, 2009

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Well I must have been a good boy because when I got up Santa had been and left me what was on my wish list. A cheap and cheerful tesco vacuum cleaner. Now I couldn't wait to open the box and give it a go along with my new pants.

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Along with the vacuum cleaner and pants I also got some more bags for the vacuum and some snowboarding glasses, so I could ponce around in them, in my pants while vacuuming. Whey hey what a sight that must be ;)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

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After all the shopping and present wrapping it was time to do the Christmas Eve ritual of going around the pubs to socialise a bit.

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And so we walked northwards in the cold foggy atmosphere to...

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The Four Ashes where we start every year. Outside in the smoking area were a few Chav and chavettes awaiting to cause some kind of fight and give the police something to do. Inside was empty. But not any more get the beer flowing.

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Slowly more of the crew turned up.....

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Next was the Harrows and even Greenie made a n appearance.

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Once we had parted the Old Speckled Hen we headed into the Rainbow. Les made an appropiate joke about the quality of the beer here. Personal though I liked the dish water.

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Greenie showed Les something exciting and rather rude on his phone. But we want go there for now.

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Which made Beardy ask me "what are they looking at?"

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Before you knew it the pub had emptied and it was time to consider going home to see santa.

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Greenie said he had a great idea and was going to come round mine for some more beer and food and wait to see santa there.

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And so we left the Rainbow in search of the food and Beer and has anyone seen Beardy??

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I pondered just how long it would be until santa arrive?? Greenie gave up first though when his wife called to see where he was!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

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Hells bells looks like we are in a deep freeze here.

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Although the post has braqved the weather and have recieved this post card from Stockport in particular. Odd that I was there yesterday!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

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Works party calls and so it was off to north of Brum at The Ramada Hotel in Penns Road.

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And for some reason my pudding wasn't as large as the persons next to us.

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After dinner there was some singing, dancing and smooching with a lovely girl, before leaving the dance floor to talk.

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At which point I was told it was 1:20am by someone I worked with. Oh bollocks I'd arranged my dad to collect me at midnight. I looked at my phone and yes he had tried to call. Bum bum bum. And so I said my goodbyes and dissapeared promptly with my phone to my ear and heading to the reception for my coat. Once he answered the phone I took a deep breath as he aid he was nearly there and had rung to earlier to advise he was going to be quite late and I should hang around the bar. How things work out sometimes!


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