Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friday night I watched the Jamie Oliver show regarding where our bacon comes from. As usual its best not to think about these things but without these informative shows nothing will ever change. So most it comes from Holland and Denmark. And guess what the conditions are so bad although to EC rules that they don't show him the majority of the farms the meat is grow in and only their most modern farms. However buy British grow bacon with the tractor on the front of the pack and they live a better life. Not great but a least much better.

And so Saturday morning I get the frying pan out, and the bacon. I turn the Somefield packet of bacon over just like Jamie Oliver said and asked myself, how much of this bacon is actually pork!

Well if you can read the label it's 87% and if you go and look around the supermarkets most of the cheap stuff is around this.

Anyway its dead now so I'll eat it but from now on its Great British bacon that is 97% or above pork only for me and I'll pay the extra. What is this shit they're injecting into it?

I head over to Hobie craft to get some links for my moms neckless she broke. A couple of quid later and it was good as new.

You know after keeping the Cavalier all these years I'd forgotten how useful it was with my nan when you need a wheelchair with you.

Never thought I'd need to use it for a wheelchair again but I remembered that unlike most cars if you take the one rear passenger seat down the wheelchair just fits in the space nicely. The seat belt clips around keeping it in position. So what I guess your thinking? Well you can still get 2 passengers in the car in comfort and 3 at a push. And with that you can still do a supermarket shop or what ever as the boot is empty and not oddly filled with a wheel chair.

The weather was cold cold cold but I still got outside with my dad and sorted out installing the security camera system we have bought. Yep it cost more than the cavalier is worth but at least with pictures you can hunter those F***K**s down.

Saturday night was finished with the first of the Dinner Club meals. We were going to the Littleton Arms only to find out at the last minute that we weren't, but instead were going to The Bridge in Penkridge. A few beers in the Railway Inn and then the Littleton me and Gaz actually had a Curry for dinner there which I followed off with the cheese board. Before you knew it the night was over and well I'd obviously had one drink too many.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday night at 2:45am my car alarm goes off. Now my Cav alarm never goes off by mistake so it was obvisou that someone had been messing with it. Me and my dad looked out of the window and sure enough the alarm was going off and the properity security light was on so someone had taken an intrest in it. There was no one about of course. And it wasn't until the morning, until the damage could be seen.

And they had gone for the old trick which works on most cars of pulling the top of the window down.

A right foot on the door handle as this is the strongest point.

It looks like they tried the car because of its age I guess, as this year and before of the Cavalier doesn't have an alarm or imobilser as standard. Oh course mine does have both fitted, so I guessing when it went off they ran away surprised. And now the deadlocks my car was also fitted with are put on every night so if they try it again and pull the internal tab up nothing will happen. What is the world coming to when Cavaliers are in demand to be stolen. Anyway reported to police.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I collected my car from Mazcare after having the new evapourator fitted to the air conditioning system.

By the time I had got to work the air conditioning had stopped working. To be honest I was not suprised. I told them originaly I had a leak and if you don't repair a leak what happens when you fill the system up and use it so it pressurizese??? It all leaks out again doesn't it?

And people wonder why I hate taking my car to the professionals. Anyway it went back and now a new pipe is on order. Way Hey. I'd look for the leak myself but its bitterly cold out there so I'll leave it to the the professionals to professionaly empty my wallet.

Well things at work were getting a bit hetic on Friday and at one point I had 6 people at my desk! I just could fit them all in the photo! So as you can imagine I was glad when it was the weekend.

To chill out I took my mom to Codsall to do some shopping and have a coffee in the newish coffe lounge there.

I new I'd finally managed to relax when I reutrned home with 6 new ties, along with a superbly brillant on for pink Friday! Not that I'd wear it anywhere other than work!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Well for those of you who pondered why has the blog stopped being written part of it was to do with lack of time and a PC upgrade which went a while. But here we have a dual core PC - two graphics cards for 4 monitors, 7 fans, and more than enough memory.

I even gave Vista a go for a short while but most of my hardware is so old that the companys havn't written and arn't going to write new compatable drivers. So while XP won't use the hardware on the mother board so well at least my scanner and stuff will work.

I even found time to put my snowboarding gear away and put the new stickers on my boards tail end. Great eh ;)

That night, Beardy, Rob and myself went to the Bull for a few pints with Gaz and Sarah. Oh course I hadn't absorbed what Gary's last email had said and so I went straight to the Bull and not to the Station as we agreed and I'd forgotten. As a double whammey we got there early so I got some pints in for us all including Gaz and Sarah and Texted them that we were in the Bar. I noted the bar as this was where the only seats avaiable were and I know Gaz and Sarah usualy sit in the lounge bit. Hence when I got a text off Gaz of where are you and I repsonded in the Bar bit! He said I've checked both bars your not. Then it occured to him that he needed to go outside in the bitter cold and hurry up the road because I'd forgtton to go to the station first and there beers were getting warm. Luckily though I got them extra cold Carling.

We finished the night off in the Curry House across the road. I can't recall much about it other than Beardy had a curry again, and the dinner club was a goer. The night was nice one, having gone away for New Years it was good to see Beardy, Sarah and Gaz in the pub, it made me happy....

Thursday, January 08, 2009

One bitterly cold night Beardy and myself climbed into my Eunos and headed off into the far outback called Telford. For here in the backwaters of Madley High Street, hidden between the shops in the aging 70's precinct is a magnificent building were the once know banded called Pris were playing their first gig of the year now know as The Eves. OOO the excitment was overwhelming.

Once inside the working mans club we met Les and Jon the drummer. They looked excited too.

Greg and Naught Norf considered if this was going to be their best gig of the year so far?

Graham just wanted the noisy shit that was playing right now to be turned down a bit....

There was a change of bands and with it a change of music style.

I wish Les had told me that I might need some ear plugs but oh no he didn't

It was written all over Grahams face - and we thought the last band were bad!

Greg wasn't letting it get to him. He was focused to give his best performance yet. This was the biggest venue they had played and it was going to rock like never before.

Not from their music but from Naught Norfs snoring!

When Naught Norf comes round he declares it would be good if they could all agree on a play list.

At last its that time when they disappear back stage and.....

the lights go down....

The Eves start playing, a vibe starts around the place and Les is running around in a humorous manner.

Though all the trormour they remain calm and professional and pull off a neat act.

Theres something about live music you can't beat.

You just can't tell how its going to turn out on the night, which what makes it so individual.....

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

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More postcard shenanigans from Uncle Travelling Nack, on his yearly New Year Snowboarding holiday. This time in the company of Maddy and Matt, but apparently not Graham.
updated link with more postcards - I thought he'd finished!


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