Thursday, March 05, 2009

Another cold day but it is early. To day me and my family are all going to the snowdome to have some fun.

I arranged for Scott to join the Junior Club for 2 hours, while mom and Deb played with Joe.

The rest of us hit the slopes for an hour before having lunch and some snowplay. The day out was great. Loved it :)

Well after ordering this TV back on January 17th and waiting as the delivery date kept rooling back, and thinking Digico have screwed me by taking my moeny out of my account and not delivering my TV, they finaly rang and advised they had it. Deciding not to wait for them todeliver it to my door I shot off to Coventry and collected it from there deop. So I now live witha true 1080p to play with Fallout 3! This is so sad but true. Of course the big picture should I say was removing my old 32" Sony Wega unit which has done me so proude since buying it all those years ago. It was a bumpy ride getting it out but now it has a new place to sit in its shall we say retirement. I still say though that the picutre for normal terrestial TV is far far better on my Sony Wega. Things move on eventually though.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Well heres my Synology NAS server I now have connected to my wireless route to talk to my PS£ and PC. It the ark of technology when it comes to NAS but for what I need it will do.

But the one thing it does have is a poxy 120Gig hard drive. So I took the plung and risk of getting another one off ebay from Greece. A risk and I was concerned it may not make it.

But 3 days later it was here. A massive 500 Gig drive. Well big for a PATA one anyway. This and the external USB drive I already have will keep me going for a while.

I'm not having much look with my Eunos this year. Now my dad has given it a small but significant dent in its wing.

Happy is something I'm not :(

There are some moments when things just don't seem worth the hassel. But the new bed had been ordered and so it was time to re-organise my bedroom in preparation. Good god how do we collect so much junk that we never want to get rid off. There was tonnes of it under my bed. And ok not all of it has been chucked, but there was just so much.

Two days latter and I now sleep so comfortably I wish I'd changed it years ago. I'm not kidding you, it hard to go to bed as I want to play fallout 3, yet bed is just so nice!

While I was looking for that mirror I came across these. So I decided to pick them up and smarten the back end. Can't see what I'm taling about?

Well its the badges on the back of the car. the originals had lost there chrome look.

So un-necessay but they were available so I got them.

I'd noticed on these cold days the passenger side wing mirror no longer defrosted very well. In search of a new heated mirror glass I found it was actually cheaper to buy the whole mirror.

Yep a whole mirror new Lucas job was £19.99 including the delivery. That can't be right surely?

Thursday and I have to pay another visit to the dentist to have the filling that had dropped out at some point - and arn't you in pain? replaced. One numb face later and it was all done and time to go to work. oh joy ;)

Monday and it was time to take my car into Mazcare to have the aiconditioning looked at again now that the new pipe had finaly arrived.

So this main pipe got changed in the end I hope it lasts now for a good while.

So thats another £300 to add to the £228 I'd already paid out. My wallet is now truely empty.

To sooth my pain I have taken this video of it switch ing on and off and on and off and on and off, oh it works once more.

I'm a very lucky boy because the Lilly Allen Ablum I ordered a week back has come. Wee, not as instantly likable as the last album which always reminds me of the spring, but very good. The F you song is obvously not needed but also good. Doubt somehow we will be hearing that on the radio.

I have also got a book on Poland. Well there some really intresting stuff and places to see over there, so I thought I'd read up on the place. The language seems to be a bit of a barrier though! I'm not joking!

And finaly this items also came though the post. Do you know what it is? Can you even guess.

Well it came from the usual ebay and is an item you don't see ever. They are in fact a set of bass thumpers that were installed in only a few Eunos's. They actually fit in the seats and then thump your kidneys to the base beats of your music. erm sounds wonderful but it will have to wait unit the summer before I strip the seats to do this job.

Well the weather is still cold.

Deep cold, no what I mean?

So I thought I'd take some photos of the ice. Nice ;)

Braving the cold though was a bird balancing on the tree outside. Not a bird I'd ever seen around these parts before.

I on the other hand decide to stay in. And why not I've got Fallout 3 and I've got to say I'm completely addicted. #There just arn't enough hours in my life to fit all this palying time in. And some how I have found my dad really quickly in the game. I'm just hopeing not to finish it too quick.

My cat however is getting all moody about being ignored infavour of the PS3 gamepad.

OK so I don't stay in all weekend. In fact I go to town with me mom and head into Beatties (as it will always be known to me anyway). Here I admire the over head view from

the coffee lounge. Nice and quiet in here.

Luckily the coffee and snacks are much better than the view.

So what did I buy on my outing. Well 2 more cushions for my sofa which I guess I didn't really need. But now have!
Well after a long period of not being able to connect to the FTP service to update any of the web site it would appear the server has now gone off line. So I guess a rethink and a move to the web server I now pay for. Mind it will take a while. Util then The Cricle Line Pub Crawl, Nackuk, The Midlands Metro Pub Crawl and all the other little site will have gone!!


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