Sunday, July 26, 2009

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Saw these shoes and liked them. They are a bit different but remind me of sothing but waht? anyway I like them so got them.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

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Saturday night and it was time for a drink. So went to the Littleton Arms in Penkridge. And the person how lives most local to it seems to be ignoring me calling him on the phone.

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Beardy, myslef and my brother enjoy some beers, in fact Strawberry ones just like in Brugge.

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Les eventually turns up out the blue and turns half of the round into a cider based drink.

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The freeflowing beer means most are more cheerful than normal.

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And by that I mean Beardy.

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As per usual when your enjoying yourself, the end of the night comes all to quickly.

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I really liked the Donnie Darko film , who could not. Now this the sequel I never heard of. But then again I never notice Donnie Darko hit the cinemas either. I ponder wheather to buy this as my first Blue Ray disc. I ponder and leave it. I do watch S Darko and it isn't a bad film. Best off not seeing it asw a sequel as such and you would enjoy it a hell of a lot more. So I guess it is a shame that the rabbits head appears in a few places. Anyway I'm glade I've seen it but also glade I didn't buy it on blue Ray.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

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All the rain and damp from Tenby got to the speakers in the front doors. The joy of having a convertable. So one Sunday morning I headed to Bass Junkies in Wednesfeild and decided to take my mom out with me to get here out of the house. When we got there there was in fact a 'meeting' going on and I was directed to park at the snooker club just behind. There was lots of youngsters there all bassing it up and me walking slowly to the shop between them holding my mom up with one arm.

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We walk to the counter with bass in background and my mom obvously not enjoying when I ask the assistant if they have any speakers for around £30 quid. I get a kind of dirty look and an expression of you've come to the wrong place here. He goes looks on the shelves and come back to let me know the only pair they had at that price had been sold but had a different pair he would do for £40 quid. Well I was going to take them They looked well built and solid enough that they were going to produce some sound with a boom if needed and oftenis at speed with the roof down.

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He starts to fill out the form on the computer and asks what car it is for, when I tell him its a mK1 MX5 he thinks they may well be a bit deep for it. It was possible and he tells me to wait a moment and disspears. When he returns he tells me he has this pair of impulse speakers that they sell for 100quid but would do them for 30 quid. They are super slim fit so should be perfect for the MX5. Well I took them off his hands thinking that they probably couldn't sell them or had been returned. Anyway it really doesn't matter. They didn't fit the holes in the MX% exactly and I had to cut some metal away. But the sound from them is great and if you look on their web site they do sell them for ninetynine quid! It not often you get help or a bargain like that. Lets hope these dont get wet too.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

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Got this second hand and was waiting to be impressed. And the graphics are nifty and so is Lara. More moves than ever and as usual I find the game as frustrating as usual by not knowing how to get out of situations. As per the norm with the Lara Croft series I get tired of getting stuck and go and do something less boring instead.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

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Well Er ended this year on series 15 I think. My favourite program on TV or for series 15 I had to download as it was only on E4 or more 4 or something. Anyway I've decided to buy the series sets and have up to series 8. I can't remember exactly which series I started watching and getting addicted to watching it. Any way 22 eposides per series is keeping me busy.


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