Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Some people go to Vages to loose all there money. I went around Norf's. The return of Nack back to the Poker King Ring.

At one point I was down, well down but as the cards just didn't want to play with me , I strgguled and came back to just lose my original £20.

Which I was happy about as I was fed with some cola ham butties. Until next time savy boys.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

After around 30 years of use, I have swapped the 14" sony Trinitron in my bedroom for a Technika 19" from Tesco. Although it doesn't look like it here the picture is fine and with as many inputs as you can dream of it works well with the PS3. Better still and the real reason of purchasing it, is that it will fit in my snowboard bag so I can take it on holiday with us.

And so here it is. the green lava lamp, and I'm still lloking for a yellow one with a black base. As for the original two.....

the blue lava lamp coming in second place at 41093 veiws this still leaves

The red one in first place with 50028 veiws.

And yet the orange one has only 733 views???

Monday, December 27, 2010

So the meters and meters of snow came down as rain this moring slowly wiping the snow away that we do have. I hate slush stuff especialy the dirty stuff.

To make up for the dissapointment of the snow melting I decided to go to the OK dinner. Something which I've been meaning to do for years.

Inside it is an all American Dinner.

I could be for a moment anywhere in the baking heat of the dessert just off a highway in the USA. Relaity though is that I'm not.

I'm just in some backward town getting wetter by the minute outside so its best to warm up by having as many free refill coffees as possible.

That is before the main meal comes. Nothing healthy on here, well perhaps just the fried fruit.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I wandered around the village last night admiring the lights until someone took me in out of the cold to

show me some lights they had indoors.

Then they fed me a great amin course followed by about 8 desserts. MY trousers no longer fit. My belly hurts and I'll never be hungrey ever again!

And when I fif get home I made another Mathmos Jet Lava lamp video. Only this ones in HD ooooeerrrrr.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day and Santa hasn't fogotten to see me...

In fact I have a sack full of goodies.

LEs has got me the Curry Bible, I think because I got to Curry church so often. Well it may look like I'm gogin to become a curry chief.

And I also get Grand Turisom

Its just like the real thing. They still have the VR-Limited Combination B on here too!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve night. All the gifts wrapped and we are all set to go out early. Well that is apart from my brother who is unwell.

This year all the pubs in our village are open and so we decide to visit them all.

Starting at the Rainbow. Not many people in here yet. We have a pint and move on

to the Anochor where it is very very busy.

From here we make the long cold walk to the Four Ashes.

And it is long and it is cold.

But we do make it.

I go to the toliet not that I need to but that I need to pee on my hands to warm them up. Not hot water in the taps and the usual cold blow from the hand dryers.

Inside it is noce but there is no one in here either. We decide that MArtini Rosso chasers are in order when Gary and Sarah arrive soon followed by Northy and Kirsty.

And thus before you know it we are outside again on the move to

the Harrows.

Where Beardy gets the softie chair next to the fire. Guess we won't need to pee on our hands here then. A few more customers here but still very quiet.

And so the circle of light is closed by reaching the Rainbow once more.

We all consider what Santa might bring us.

But it looks like I will have to wait until Wednesday. I wander if it will be Turkey curry or not?

The masses leave the pub about midnight and LEs says we had better go or Santa will not stop if we are not in bed.

And so we say good night to each other and head off

home down the white path of hope.....

We're almost there folks. All that awaits us now is some last minute frantic shopping before we get down to the serious business of winding down and truly indulging ourselves.
Though remember, don't let expectation get the better of you… statistically speaking, many of us are gonna ruin some element of the Christmas dinner, the majority of the country's Christmas presents are stuck in distribution warehouses, those going away are likely to become more familiar with the airport terminal than they'd hoped and brussel sprouts do seriously affect Grannies flatulence… just let it slide and remember what's really important. That's right… getting sloshed and embarrassing yourself.
Cheers and Merry Christmas to you all!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I left work and my desks. The wood exposed as I took the chance to remove all that paperwork and give the area a clean and polish. This will be the longest period it stays this clean for. And so its is time to leave and enjoy the Christmas holidays.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Got up this morning and it had snowed again. Yippe.

and because the council spend so much money gritting the roads they were bad. This is the M54 slip road.

M6 junction 10 was snowy but ok.

Then about another mile by the RAC building and the M% trun off things got a lot worse. Single line traffic! Oddly though I was at work early today. Perhaps it should snow more often.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Well I lloked at the weather report and thought if I'm going to Alan and Zoe before Christmas tonight looks like it will be the best weather just being under zer0 deg C along the M6 to Stockport.

And it was a lovely cosy night in although I never got as good as them pair at Mod Nation Racers. Agrrrrh Doh.

Monday, December 20, 2010

After clambering up the loft and giving the christmas tree a stretch and clean, I put the ball balls on and switch on the lights. Hey presto doesn't she look a beauty.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

I get up this morning and the cold is still out there somewhere.

I watch the Big Bang Theory and hope it is better than last weeks piss poor one. And it is.

Its a giggler all the way through! Roll on some more please...

Intrestingly Chuck Lorre also did Roseanne all those years back to. Which as my brother pointed out could be why some of the same actress/es are in it.

I get some snow of the MX5 and decide to turn it round as the battery is nearly flat. Only once I get it off the drive I can't actually get it back on! I do eventually but I have to do it quite gently, its a bloomin nghtmare.

Like next door I thought I was going to have to abandone it!

I warm the Skoda up and set off to Wolvo, surprised at how bad the roads acutally are and how quiet it is! Mind the car park is full in town.

And after a long shopping spree we gently glide it back home.


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