Sunday, January 31, 2010

There not a lot going on. Even the cat is bored.

So I took my mom shopping and we ended up in Betties.

They might have 50% of some things but there's no customers to buy them!

My mom has a couple of tops then we go and get something to eat upstairs.

I have a delicous pannini and

Chips. Which I cover in salt and.....


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some new LED bulbds have come for my car. Great eh. Put them in the reversing lights and tail/stop lamps. Work great, well surprised.

Also arrived in the post is this Satnav. Got a bargain for a change on ebay. 60 quid for this and in spanking condition. The person who had it perfered TomTom's. All to there own I guess ;)

Picked this blueray up while in Tesco's 500 Days of Summer. I didn't quiet read it right. I thought it was going to be 500 days of summer . And I was wrong. It was about 500 day of summer. A great film actually and reminded me of Lost In Translation. Simply if you don't like to one your not going to like the other. As it says on the box quiet clearly This is not a love story but a story about love. Either way I should have relieased no summer is 500 days long doh.

Friday, January 29, 2010

DSCx00614, originally uploaded by nackuk.

The Cav's coming upto 235000 miles. Time for an oil change again.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Not a lot happening so I sit down to some ER with a Tappist Rochefort Zoe and Al got me for Christmas.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday we went out for dinner at the Spread Eagle and got well and truely fattened up.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

These came in the post. Well they didn't just come I ordered them as they were on offer from MX5parts. OK they weren't cheap - but compare to others they're a good buy.

Old rubber pedals.

A few hours latter this shiney set are on.

Oddly while the middle 2 just have rubber backings that fit over the metal of the pedals these were a real bugger to fit compared to the outer ones which need a drill. Very frustating but worth it. Obvoiusly now I will not have my eyes on the road whilst driving. Nope they be looking at my feet!

I also ordered a weather strip for the drivers door as the other had become rather tatey.

And for the Cav I got another bluetooth unit from

A bargain at £3.99. Had my last one from maplins was £14.99 and that was half price!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Les ordered me this for christmas and it finally came. He came over to see what all the fuss about blueray was about. Well we've all seen the film a hundred times. Bit still a class film afterall these years.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday I take my mom to Wolvo City. We have a shop around the pound store until we stop for dinner in the BHS restuarant. Empty apart from us. Well thats Wolvo on a Sunday.

I get some ties from TJ Hughes. What plonkers they have there. They put billions of ties on the racks. So you get one and five fall off. You try and put them back on and another five fall off. In the end you think sod it. Ge the ones you want and let the rest fall off like the green bits on the christmas trees. Floor looked clourful though.

We pop over to Betties and do some shopping in there before heading home.

Back home I put my Nikkon Coolpix S620 camera on ebay now confident that my new sony DSC W270 is far superiour regardless of what the reviews say. It'll be a bargain for someone but not worth keeping now and it will help pay for the Sony.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

First weekend back and its off up Wolvo for a curry at Jivan's.

Even Beardy comes with us so we have someone to bore to about how great the hoilday was.

Finally the currys cames. Super hot Jalfrazi for me and my brother.

And chicken tikka Massla for Beardy extra un-hot. Je look how red it is. He bangsd down a few beers with this!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday we get up, take the car and fill it up before heading over to the port.

I wander if my dad minds too much all this mileage. It reallyt doesn't matter on Cavalier.

We drive on the ship and by the looks of it could park sideways if we wanted.

And today we are sailing on the Pride of Kent once more.

We go for breakfast and shopping as you do.

Well its not the first time I've been on one of these ghost ships.

We arrive back in misserable Britain. ok Great Miserable Britian.

We get in the car and head through the customs and onto the A2 I think I took by error. But it makes a change. And guess what. There snow everywhere here too.

We stop as per most cases at Toddington services. Don't like them myself. And I don't really know why I need up stopping here every time. Just need a rest and

And a good old Burger King meal. Nice. A few hours latter we are back home and someone wakes me up from the nap I'm having.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Got up the next day and was deciding on chains or no chains.

Well we don't use chains on thos amount of snow at home. We'll just drive very slowly.

Getting the car park ticket paid for was amusing. She wouldn't take a credit card at the window and the ticket machine wouldn't accpet a British one. Well I had tenty Euro's. Out of my brothers pocket flopped a wod of wonga. Great. Drove the car round to the apartment slowly.

I packed the bags into the car, which seemed to be a magic act of now you see all these bags and now you don't, how the hell did you get them to fit in that?

And we were driving off with blue skies and schoring sunshine to guide us.

We pass through Les Gets and onto the moutain pass.

For some our leasuirely pass was just too slow.

And for others.

We hit the motorway which was being salted by the big franch slat wagons. Even down to Geneva was white.

And beyond. We stop for a rest and a bit to eat. They've had some snow here!

It makes you want to go out and build a snowman.

back on the auto route the way forward is clear even if the sides are white.

We pass through the tunnels and

its still white the other side. The signs say slow down or die.

A few hours latter and the area is still white!

More signs and more speed recommendations!

We stop for a break, a coffee and a bit to eat.

They have ahd a fair bit here too.

Crusing down the autoroute the feilds are white as far as the eye can see.

Keeping an eye on progress and that darm sat nav. Don't want to go via the Effile tower again.

Its been a far distance since the last toll so this is going to cost us.

We slow down for the exchange.

Darkness falls on us at Reims and its about tea time.

We pull into some serevice after about an hour. They're very quiet but have a nice range on offer and all go for the baked ham off the joint. It is fabulous.

And on with some more night time driving, which I find the most labourious to be honest. It s a bit like driving in the fog only a lot quicker.

With the pedal to the metal we get to the hotel in good time.

Ah Mr Nicholls have you had a good journey? They must get fed up of only having Brits do an over night stop hear. We check into a nice rooms

and head into the bar area. There's nothing like a nice pint after a long drive.

I finish off some post cards and ask recpetion to post them for me and go to bed.


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