Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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The tomatoe plant is now doing really well. I think it will be a goer after all.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wednesday morning I got up early and well packed just like I always do. I'd packed a few things the night before but I was tired so went to bed. And so I headed north bound up the M6 on this sunny sunny day

There's nothing like being outside the Blossom's.

We packed the car up and waited for Simon, Gerds and Caroline to turn up in car 2. Then it was south south south down the M6.

Nice car, glade you had the Air Con regassed for the journey.

While Zoe passes the time away sowing.

Progress comes somewhat to a stop for well an internity.

The qeue goes on forever while someone in the back suggests a toliewt stop might be handy!

The satnav tells us we are 15 minutes away from the feild it is taking us too for about 3 hours!?!?

We see the Tor in the distance and get excited.

We arrive at the car parks. We are directed into a car park and well car 2 is directed else where. Oddly we are the only car not to be searched. Perhaps driving a Skoda has its bonous'. We end up in car park 42 miles away from car 2!

Al tries to get a bearing but its not looking good. Gate D is one hell of a walk away.

Sometime latter we are through the ticket stalls and in the tent city.

But where are the others?

Its not looking good you know. 80% of the feilds are already full!

And so we end up pitching on bushy fields on the west side, and well half the feild is being kept to erect a big screen for the footie later at the weekend.

Our tents go up.

And for some its time to walk back to the car to collect the essentails Alan didn't want to bring.

Its a long hot walk but sometimes you have to see the exercise as a good thing.

Back at came we get homely and have a relaxing beer before I advise everyone that I havn't brought a sleeping bag. Now thats what happens when you pack on the same morning. We close our tents and go exploring.

Which makes you glade we didn't pitch in these overcrowded fields.

We head to the southern hill to enjoy a beer, the fresh air, atmosphere and the sun setting in the distance.

Its a beautiful sight to see the camp city light up at dusk.

Do you not think we ought to go and get a night cap somewhere? Great idea that will keep me warm tonight, But luckily as we walk acroos the site we come across a stall that is open and selling sleeping bags. That though doesn't stop us having a night cap at the Somerset double decker cider bus, where me and Gerds have a hot and spicy cider. Well if you were there you'd get it, you weren't so you missed the whole conversation with the bar girl who was as baffelled as us. All I wanted was a baby spice cider and a tent to go with my new sleeping bag?

We stumble across the pyramid stage area and come across a tent. A ten that drew us closer to its door. a tent with the words...

I conveinced everyone Tom Crusie would be in here serving behind the bar. Obvosuly I'm now showing my age as some had no idea what I was going on about.

Inside though I could put my sleeping bag down and we could

live it up in this tropical paradise.

We head back to our tents. But before we do we visit the facilites! uuuurrrrggghhhh

Night Gerds.

Monday, June 21, 2010

I took the skoda into AC Medic. Ad after a him and another customer finished admiring the Skoda it was time for buisness. While it blew a chill it wasn't artic, so I popped in and he had a look. the machine showed it was not gassed up correctly and it was then checked for leaks. All ok so it was sucked dry before having fresh gas put in. It now blows at 2.9 Deg C. Something Les would like and was the coolest aircon he had seen that day. Nice chap and spoke to him for around an hour. Will mend most air con problems and well priced. This regas was £45 quid. I'm happy to recommend if your in the Birmingham area.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Well Sunday was exciting for me. I sorted out the exhaust trim on the Skoda.


While my cat and my dad took it easy.

I put the homebase solar lightsa up and waited for the sun to do its stuff.

I thought my dad may well want to drill something so for fathers day I got him the ultimate 204 drill bit set. Most exciting. Now what can I get him to drill?

The family went out to The Barnes for another impressive meal. Me stuffed but still forced and I mean it - forced some cheesecake down me while everyone else watched and wished they had ordered some too.

Back home I sprayed my walking boots with a can, yes a can of water replent and prayed it would do the trick for the up coming event.

I gave the car a wash and pondered. How dirty will Alan get it in a few days time?

The tomatoe plant in the JML topsey turvey is starting to make some progress but nothing like the ones in the front of the house.

And this is my latest recipe for disaster. A strawberry plant which is well looking like its giving up before its even trying!

As the night very slowly drew in I awaited to see.....

the HomeBase solar lights come on.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Went to Home base and borught a few plant s with my mom. When I mean a few I mean a stack. Lots, loads, many. and some solar lights (more of that latter) From there we drove across thecar park and went to Maplins. I got this torch, 30 seconds of shaking and you gety 5 mins of bright illumination. Just like my head really. And we brought some more solar lights while we were there!

Then I nipped out and got my hair cut. Good god how it had grown with out me noticing!

Later on I went back round the Greenies. They had the playdoh present out I got Emma. Best of all Greenie was hovering while the kids playdohed the carpet behind him!

It was nice to see them playing with it so intensly.

Keeping them both amused at the same time.

Having watched 14 Trap Doors yesterday the theme for playdo moved from ice creams to the Trap Door characters.

Sara showed us her bear she made earlier.

Then started to show off by making another Berk, while all I could create was a wormy something from out of the trap door.

A close up of the very impressive Berk.

Then she did Boney.

And then me.

Very fetching but I'm not sure about that hair!

My head is put in a prominet place - which I'm sure the kids will love to squah later!

I dont think very are this quiet when they sleep. Playdoh seemed to be better for Lego - well for a while.

Yes I'll have another ice cream thankyou Emma. But they all seem to be chocolate once now?

Of course I don't mind having the waitress's finger in the ice cream as its served. Yummy.

And on that note I just wanted to Know why Rog from Trap Door - AKA Beardy was never made!



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