Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday was a day of celebration. Oddly after being together for some 15 years odd, Kirsty kept Naughty Norf waiting for 30 odd minutes in the church. The day was most execlent and if you click the photo above, here are some memories - if only we could all live it again.

Friday morning I collected Alan and Zoe from the Travel Lodge in Wolvo.

And took them to Wolverhamptons premier eating establishment. Nope not Jivans but the Express Cafe.

And so with a mug of tea and a board game out we relaxed before the big event.

It was a full on breakfast and only if you try to order a breakfast without any meat do you get an odd look from the staff. That wasn't me though. Erm they've done this place up since I was last here.

From here to the opticans to get my old glasses and then a not so swift hair cut in the Sportman, But it was well worth it.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

With North getting hitched to Kirsty we did the tradishional thing and went to the Swan in Brewood. And just as me and Les parked up in the car park there was a call from Deadman. "What do you mean your trying to get the bus to Brewwod fro Wolvo? You've just seen one go by and when is the next? Why do you think there is a next? LEs do you fancy getting Al and Zoe from Wolvo?" And so off we go.

Back in the pub deadmanjones ponders - I just don't get your bus system. One every what????

Yep the time here is well pecullar along with the bus service.

We obviously try to drink sensibly so that we can get up early.

Everyone else is gone and Chris does his best to keep us from going but hey we want to go to a fine dinning establishment in Wolvo. Thats right Lazzes Kebabb house. Oh Doh....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Here are the blueish white side lights for the Skoda. 505W fitting. Well they weren't cheap so lets give them a go.

Ball ache to fit only to realise the holder is push fit type.

erm they look yellow to me. Well I wait till it gets dark and check again.

That crack in the windscreen is slowly getting bigge and bigger.

Bum just not white enough. Will have to look into some LED type.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

With Naughty Norf's and Kirsty's wedding coming up I thought I check out where it was going to be as it was a nice day.

So off I took my mom for whirlwind ride out.

At the War Memorial in the middle of the countryside is Davenport House.

Here is the pub

Here is the one shop.

Here is the very narrow lane up to the church.

And here is the what seems to be large church in the smallest village in the middle of nowhere? Must be a sizeable congregation each week then.

Round the back and up a hill for a mile is the Vicarge Hotel.

Looks nice.

And so we zoomed onto Bridgenorth, Broseley and Madley before cutting back through Shifnal and

having a pit stop at the Bell Inn at Tongue.

And its got to said that this is a really big burger. It may not look like it in this photo but

Believe me it is.

Sometimes its just really nice to have a car you can drop the roof on and enjoy the wind in your hair experience......

I looked out at the car I though. Is there anything I could do to it?

So I opened up the bonnet and considered many many things. Then I refocused on the job in hand.

And there you go. All sorted once I looked at the wiring diagrams for the car. Whats it going to do I here you ponder?

Its going to Chav it up.

You see what I mean.

So now all I need are some ice white bulbs too.


DSCF2725, originally uploaded by nackuk.

oh yeah me in my new glasses.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

So I sat in the garden with my cat while it was nice and sunny and did a photo shoot. Click the above picture to take a look.

I get up ready to got to town.

To go and get my new glasses from 4 sight.

Which I'm glad about as these ones with the manky coating are doing my head in.

Here's the all important technical stuff.

And with it the bill. Although not only did the frames come half price I got a years free insurance. Although if you read the small print they're covered themselves quite well. I'd say its hard to claim unless you had them in a locked safe in your house!

And so they have taken my old glasses from me to reclean the lenses off and make them into shades to F.O.C.

Friday, July 23, 2010

In Big Brother there was a change in direction for the two people living in denileof each other.

Or perhaps it is just a game plan, with the new contenders that have entered.

Somehow though I guess not having watched it all

So Big Brother the last series remains exciting to watch and addictive.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I have got quiet used to using the ipod now. I tend to just leave it in shuffel and hallo.

its nice to here some of those random old songs you have forgotten about.


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