Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Well as the sun was out and I had adjusted my gears to work correctly I got off my arse and on the saddle of my bike that is. I did the long route which was tiring.

And now as the nights are drawing in I got some bike lights from China.

I'm really pleased with the back one but the front one is

awaomely bright. Lets hope these protect me from those nutty speeding motorists.

And once home and exhausted I watch a few Big Bang Theorys.

Monday, August 30, 2010

DSC05715, originally uploaded by nackuk.

Its been a while since I have seen a good film. And this one I was very pleasantly surprised by. Called Remember Me, reminded me of a Donnie Darko kind of atmosphere. The end is queit apt to.

DSC05728, originally uploaded by nackuk.

Well for some reason the bulb and holder are in the skoda for both fog lamps, but they only wired one up. Ok I suppose if you don't drive abroad. Anyway I've wired them both up.

My tomatoe plant is doing really well now and

There are even some red ones!

In fact enough to pick.

They taste so lovely and home grown that they didn't last long.

The one in the Topsey Turvey in the back though still doesn't look well. I gave it some more water and it does have some tomatoes just not many. erm perhaps they will taste the best??

Saturday, August 28, 2010

With the roof box on the car and full I wanted to see if the sat nav still worked. Why, well the areial ends up under the box. We alll get in the car and head towards Manchester at a very slow rate. In fact we get off at sandbach for dinner. It was that or sit at standstill.

A while latter and the sat nav gets us there. It definetly took the long route though.

A few pounds lighter and a flick of the snowboard club card we are in.

and to my surprise the place is empty. They must all be on the M6 still.

Exciting stuff but I stayed with my mom until she felt well secure.

Once on the slope though it was good to see her happy and doing something she loves.

Which gave me a moment to have

a few goes form the top.

before you knew it the time was up and I washied I had longer. My mom though was exhusted.

We did some shopping before heading over to the Castle in the Sky

for tea.

There's nothing like a burger that bigger than you mouth for tea.

And so the day went by to night. I passed Alan's to drop off his bottle of Whisky and headed off home for a good nights sleep.

Friday, August 27, 2010

DSC05629, originally uploaded by nackuk.

At the end of Friday it was nice to see something good. A red tomatoe or two. Other than that I've had the back ache really badly all day today.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I head off with my brother down south.

to this house

in this street

to collect this set of alloys. The same as whats on the car but brand new with tyres.

The chap seemd confused as to why there was a snowboard and skis in the car but on the way up north we stopped off at Milton Keynes to

go in Nozza's fridge.

I'd forgot how much those drag lifts hurt. But the slopes was empty and the snow was good.

Got home at 11pm and had a sandwhich. At 11:10pm we had a power cut. Oh hum off to bed then.

With my new tyres on and

The speed gizmo set up

it was timne to go for a ride.

And as the sun was out and it has been a week

it was time to do a the longer circuit.

and so off I went

whizzing along

look at that speed

queit lanes

ah here comes the cananl bridge and

up we go - slow anyway

nearly at the top

and there is a nice veiw.

And so the long route is down here.

down the cannal

under what is a lot of bridges

grassy paths

I like it

another bridge

wonderful views

soft grass to amble along

all on my own

another bridge

harder path way

another bridge

pathway now wider

and not so wide

it just goes on and on

ah the fancy bridge

under the avenue

nice brick work

and on we go

not far now

another bridge under the Codsall road



a view of Brewood


another bridge near Brewwod Middle School

a few morred barges

pazz zing

another bridge next to the Bridge pub

Moor barges moored

away from Brewood

more scenery

and this is where I get off - Brewood holiday resort.

Down some lanes

or two

and whats this

This wasn't here before

I must make it part of the route

zippedy do

and out the otherside

down an alley

onto a road

and another

taking a right

nip down here and to the left into

hall farm road

to the bottom take a left and then

a right. I know I know

its a long up hill here

and up

this requires peddle power

still going up

and up

and up

straight across the road and up

and up

and level

missing the horse doings

and slowly going down

past dogging central

take a right and whizz along

dangerous junction

home straight

much like this orad marking

peddle power

not far now

as if

back home once I take a


thankgod for that I'm exhausted.


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