Sunday, October 31, 2010

Although Deadmanjones had told me not to in his experience I had to give it a go. Just think trying to download a HD movie on a Sunday on a Virgin connection.

Oh joy. And so at 9:45 i purchase this film I've unheard of.

I so selfishly take all the bandwidth all day............

and to my suprise it has download 5GB by 7:19pm --- the same night! That willplease Virgin no end. And they probably cap my internet speed for the rest of the month ;)

And so I sat down and enjoyed a film. I'm not going to say good film and I would have probalbly been better off playing operation anchorage. But thats life. Odd how it worked better than Deadmanjones go with it???

Well after some wireing work I finally got that rear veiw camera working. Pointless though really.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Well its reopened.....

and once I got home there was just time to make it worth going.

So me and Beardy did. It was kinda quiet until me and Beardy got in there.

The good news is though they had some Purity. Mad Goose and it was nice.

Then a Hobsons Bitter and

then an Abbots ale.

Followed by a visit to the gents. Erm even though those windows are open the Gents still have that lingering Rainbow Gents smell from the original fit out.

We finish with a purit once more and a brisk midnight walk home.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I've been good so far. I've turned it on and installed it. And I've got out of the first building. But I'm still completing all of Fallout 3 before I go any further. My life is so sad...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

I thought I'd fit one of these. A pain in the arse to wire from the back of the car to the front but eventually it was nearly complete.

You can't see it? Well its this thing here.

A reversing camera. Still some witing to do yet though..

I have been doing overtime since Fallout 3 The Game Of The Year Addition came. I have been trying to finsh Point Look Out as promptly as possible.

And I finally did it. Woo hoo.

But once back at the wasteland I had to return to the Drunwhich building and visit the depths. Now do I do Mothership Zeta or Point Anchorage or move onto the New Vega.......

Monday, October 18, 2010

Edge of Darkness

DSC07458, originally uploaded by nackuk.

Watched this last night. And can say it was really good. Hadn't heard of it so I didn't know what to expect. Thumbs up.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Well Sega must have read on here that I brought a Sega Master System recently to just play Sonic the Hedgehog. And now suddenly they have released a HD version of it on the PS3. Its just the same as it was in 2D all those years ago. Ad it so much better than the crappy new £D version! Yay Sega. er what do I do with the Master System now then?

I decide its time to harvest the green tomatoes from the tomatoe plant in the back garden.

And so there you go. All the tomoatoes off that plant. And with the frosts coming I thought it would be wise to get them off the plants inthe front too.

Besides I think the plant in the front is well giving up slowly.

Lots of green tomatoes one chilli and a brow bannana.

I come in from the cold and have a nice dippy egg breakfast. yummy.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Well I didn't think they would have made a forth season after the last one but yes season 4 of the Big Bang Theory is being aried. Yippe.

Although the eposides seem a bit short. Or am I enjoying them too much?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Well I took my PC apart and put in the new drive. I didn't even need to take the old one one out. The mother board can take loads of intenral drives! So I just connected up a SATA cable and power lead and copied the old hard drive to the new one. I chang ethe new drive to boot drive and HELLO - I seem to still have a 160GB drive. Sodding thing has particianed the drive to be a 160GB.

And so I download a nother peice f software from EASEUS and bizham a 500GB drive now exisits. All I got to do now is get Elsawin to work again.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

While most perople are desperatly trying to tget their mitts on F1 2010, I have opted to buy F1 2006 after trying the new game and thinking nah. Yep the game had more features but I think the old game is better to play. Ad now its cheaper rather than being £30 for a second hand copy! phew.

Can you Adam and Eve it. Just as I'm getting well into Point Look Out my disc has died. dam thing won't start without getting andf error message. There's a couple of light scratches on there and I've tried to polish them out but no avail. It seems I have worn out my Fall Out 3 disc. OH bum and I was so trying to finish it before New Vagas comes through the door.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some how my C drive has become over full. Well it is a tiny one as I never store items on my C drive. I think the Elsawin VAG manual takes up a lot of space. Anyway out with the old soon and in with the new. 500Gb £37 delivered next day wow they are cheap now. 1T was only £44!

Monday, October 11, 2010

No long now until Fallout NewVegas is out. So I thought I'd better get round to finishing collecting all the possible bobbleheads in Fallout 3 and then moving onto Point Lookout. So here is the collection apart from the one from Raven's Rock which I missed and you can not get to once you have missed. And no I'm not starting again.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bored and nothing to do I consider taking my board for a run and so head up to Manchester Its busy here but luckily someone is leaving so I get a parking spot pretty quickly.

Inside it is ramed in the builkding but the slope is not.

I ask for a 1.5 hour session to start at 2pm and get a SCUK discount.

I get changed and I'm rareing to go.

The dlopr is quiet enough and just like normal my boots ache after ten minutes, leaving my feet in agony. But soon the enphoria is there and I could board till I drop.

The Chav lettering stays on but it gets all snowed up.

Exhausted and tired I head back to the car. Looks like the heat wave is here in Manchester. It wasn't ment to get this far up the country.

Remember that Technika 10" Digital photo frame I had from Tesco's and recently had it replace under warranty. Well the crashing problem is solved - well worked around. Although I resize the picutres to 1024 X 800 to get more on the memory card and also the unit doesn't have to process them down, the unit still can not cope with changing the picture as often as the options let you. So although it has thye option to change every 5 seconds and to change every 10 seconds, the best it can do in reality is to change every 15 seconds. After that its a mighty every minute. I guess this is the problem my old one had too making it crash. Anyway its been running fine for 5 days now, slowly going throught the 1000's of pictures I've put on it changing every 15 seconds.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Considering that we are ment to be having a 3 day mini heat wave and are in day 2 of it, it is still cloudy outside, no sign of the sun and it must be about 4 deg C outside! Has Micheal Fish come out of retiement or something.

I put on one of my ski jackets and walk to the pub with beer drinking mate Beardy.

We have a few pints of UBU before

they run dry of that and so then onto Tiger until they run out of that to.

And so we make do with Timothy Taylor for the res tof the night.


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