Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I get home and Lovefilm have sent me my first blue Ray disc.

I am most excited when unwrapping it.

And while I have already seen From Paris With Love I havn't seen it in Blue Ray clarity. Pump-up the amp and enjoy.

I got up this morning. Not only is it dark sill but there is some white stuff out there.

Luckily I've started covringtewindscreenlaly so I don't haveto spend ag scrapping the front windscreen.

henIsay old I man jst minus 5 deg C.

As I leave thedrive I ponder what the journey into work will be like.

Monday, November 29, 2010

My brother recomended another film - Dorian Grey. So I watched it, Ok ish I guess. Watched it all the way through mind.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Well after having so many conedosrs and returning them I eventually tried to purchase an expensive one from MX5 partrs to fit., But after weeks they still havn't got me one. So I've cancelled the order and placed it Autolink who have just the one instock. Bye bye £300 quid.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday night and afterwork I got home and got ready for the 2nd Coen Beer Festival.

Possible the second most exciting function that happens in Coven every year.

Green and a few others were already there. And I am amazed at who many bags of scratchins Greenie got through on the night. I though I ate unhealthilly but I'm not the worst. He also had some Grey peas and a pok bap.

And whilst we were only drinking halfs it made far more sense to use pint glasses. Believe me it just felt better.

They even went to the expense of putting on a band that played some dam good tunes all night.

Les only moaned about the thought of having baked beans on his cornfalks and bake bean juice for a drink.

And he even showed me which Nokia model phone he has but to be hoest its too late. I've already put an order in for a new phone - which is on its way from Hong Kong.

So here are the beers I had and how I rated them. My Top beer was by Slatter brewery in Stafford and the Brew - Artic. I gave it a mighty nine. Please note I had this pint early on so my judgemment was at its best then. A good night and I enjoed it but

at the end of the night. What goes in must come out.

Well they say snow is ion its way.

One thing is for sure, when I went outside this morning...

It certainly was cold.

And I went in the Skoda instead.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Shiber my timbers its ere. Way too much TV veiwing coming up I guess.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Well my brother said I wouldn't like this film but he was wrong. Its about the birth of Facebook hence I'm guessing why he said it and to which to be frank when you randomly choice to watch something without reading about it first you could be in for a couple of hours bordem.

If your into fast actioned films then this isn't for you, theres no shooting, explosions or killing. Its about being sued. By your best mate, who you pissed off and two people you said you would program a website for but then improve the idea and build it for yourself for your own means and being first out there.

In the end he was well loaded which is so odd considering he never did it for the money and was not a money person. Yet he didn't want to share it with his best mate whom he pissed on. Rightly though I wouldn't have wanted to have paid the other two off. This film could have been so boring but it has been well made and will add it to the now slowly growing BlueRay collection when iI can get my hands on a copy.

As I was driving down the M6 past Junction 9 I thought I'd pop into the new Decathalon shop that everyones excited about. I don't really get why as there's been one at Merry Hill since at least 2005.

Well I wnet ot see about some new snowboarding gloves. I tried on many pairs and came away with these Reusch ones with the wrsit supports built in. A good prcie they were too.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A radio statin that is made just for me. Well ok not just for me but everyone who loves 80's music.

Or if you really think things got better in the nineties then this is for you

camgorge.jpg.thumb.jpg, originally uploaded by nackuk.

It looks like Les Contamines is much deeper in the white stuff though.

MCam02, originally uploaded by nackuk.

It's snowed there at last. I was begining to wonder if it ever would!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Well what a choice and in the end of plumbed for LoveFilm. Selected the trail and then lets see how well it works on the PS3 here with a Virgin so slow connection. Lovefilm recommend at least 2mb.

Easy to use and navigatge and I selected a film to watch.

And it played fine. Well I guess Vrigin havn't put a go slow on this connection yet. And all seemed fine until the film ended. Then Lovefilm beleived I'd cancelled my subscruption and didn't want to play ball anymore. Went onto the web site of my PC and hello it didn't want to let me log on. Going to my email confirmation and clicking a link I got to a page that allowed me to change my password and all worked fine on the PC and on my PS3 again.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday morning and off I popped to Elsemereport. Now I could have goe via the A41 or the M6. I choose the M^ and wished I had gone up the A41. On the way back I went home on the A41, but wished I hadn't as some of it is completely closed off. Anyway in the middle of nowhere I pull into a pub. Sign says good food, but have you seen one that say bad food?

The pub looks closed but a buther delivery man is just shutting up his van. I ask if the pub is open and apparently it is. And he tells me the food is good, homemade none of that micro wayed / boil in the bag crap. But then he did say it was his meat they are selling cooked so he wouldn't say any different. In fact inside the pub was so much more welcoming and cosy than the uninviting outside. It also looked shut as the only people in there was me and my mom! Anyway the service was nice and welcoming and the food was fantastic. But then the chef did only have two poeple to cook for intialy. Some more poeple did come in and if your in the area perhaps you should give the Calverley Arms a try.

Later on and I mean much latter on that night a Cobra can only mean one thing.

A late tea of curry in Jivans. Well I was full from dinner time.

While my brother had the usual I had to let the waitress know I definetly wanted a bhooona for a change. Erm nice and red.

It obvousdly gave my brother bad wind.

A fair few beers later I was plastered and ready for bed actually.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thats it, season 11 over I've watched the lot and Carter has left in the last eposide. So I've er just brought season 12. Well I don't just want to play New Vages, I need a bit of variety!

After 24 days that Alloy wheel has sold with more watchers than a fresh pint of lager sitting on a bar and no one near it.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Its an exciting time on the PS3. Nope I'm not talking about the 24th November. No its the fact that....

MUBI and

Love film are now on the PS3. What a choice.

I might well go for the Love Film deal. Perhaps when I've finished watching ER.


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