Monday, January 31, 2011

My surround sound systems rear speaker stopped working and while Itried to resolder the amps for the rear speakers like I had done for the front ones some time ago, these are just too hard to get out. So it was time to visit ebay and find a replacement. The Sony STR-DB930 being so good that I didn't want ot upgrade I just wanted the same again. There a bit thin on the ground although there are some STR 940, STR 840 and STR 830's around. So this one I was keen to win. I put a high high bid in being out and about up at Al and Zoes. And I won it. So Monday night I was down Swindon to collect it. Got home only to find that Les had been in Swindon earlier that day. Doh. Anyway up and running and sounding great!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I wake up in the morning ish. And there is evidence I went to bed in a hurry.

The nice club stamp on the hand and headache to go with it.

As the day goes by Alan suggest I might have a problem with ebaying and buying other peoples junk.

Which made me think what there Christmas present was like.

And so the shower head was set up and turned on.

And the magic started!

This could be better than a lava lamp!

And makes you want to shower in the dark!

oh so wicked.

Worth making a video of in fact!

Eventually it was time to go home. Good to see the old girl running so well.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday we got up late, well for me but it wass nice to have a lie in. Zoe had gone out and Alan got up and got me some breakfast come lunch!

We went down the road shopping in the shops of all places and then stopped for a cup of tea in the tea shop not far from his house. I remember this becuase I've never ever meet anyone so happy as the girl who served us. Me and Alan sat down in the shop window on a sofa and awaited our coffee. Some time past without us noticing but she did eventually bring them over. I could have stayed in the Funkey Monkey Coffee Company shop all afternoon. But there were other plans.

We went to the pub instead, first in stockport.

Then we got a train

which we met Zoe and Matt on and headed onto Manchester.

Where we went to the latest bar in town Port Street Beer House. It smelt of paint. But he beer was good.

Well after the first pint of Germany lager I had anyway.

We played poker

Wich was hard as we didn't have enough match sticks and Zoe wanted them all!

And then we played Zombie

but by gum the beer was good.

Even the furniture was good.

see the smile - that was the paint.

Evenrtualy we moved on to East is East and meet everyone. A quick serve curry house. Believe me the waiters are quick.

Then we went to Mojo's

Where they had this poster up.

After that we went to 2 yes two Chineese Karokie bars.

The second had a less sticky floor and there was space to move in.

The singer were better too.

I'm not sure Alan was too keen on this place though.

You see what I mean.

Some revival tacktits by Zoe.

It worked only for a short time.

Then he said something about a small fish??

Then she blew him a kiss

Waved a spell onto him

And he was her hero.

and thats how its done Nack.

And at around 4am they wanted to close so we left - nice shoes Alan, are they stuck to the floor?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Nipped to Stockport on Friday night to Alan and Zoe's.

We played on the PS3 and drank some Alans best home brew. I loved it. He said it had gone off. More please ;)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I thought I'd buy one of these from Tescos. A so I know where my Ipod is and B so it charged when I use it. I can't say Itrust the alarm clock radio yet. The control are so bad and well it is just plain user unfriendly. Hell it wasn't dear but it could have been so much better. On the bright side of things is the fact the display is dim unless the alarm goes off or the radio etc is on - which is great for me to sleep without the room being lite up.


The first Christmas presents I brought were in fact Les's and my moms. I got them each a multi cooker from Ideal World. No it wasn't the only things I ordered at the same time, of which they all came a within a few weeks due to the bad weather we were having. But the multi cookers, erm nope they never came. I of course rang Ideal World customer services and rang them and rang them and they did send me in the end not one but two lots of paper work to fill out. I got the gist that they didn't believe I hadn't had them but even the online courier information still showed they had never left the couriers. Anyway the last time I rang them they said they had sent the replacements the day before. Which is odd that when you look at the paper work that came with them, they weren't issued to be sent until the next day. There is definitely no chance of me ordering anything again for Christmas from Ideal World if this is what they call good service. Well some 60 days after ordering them they actually arrived in a big box.. So I nipped Les's around and my mom got hers out.

They don't look it here nor did they on TV but they are in fact very very very large electric frying pans. Here is Les's in action. I told him if he put it on the coffee table in the front room he could cut down on the washing up too.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Mx5 was firing right out of the blue. At low revs and just a bit hesitant. Pondered what it could be and though as I've had it for 5 years and they are ment to go through HT leads I try a new set of these first. So off I went ot MX5parts and brought some. The blurp by them:

High Performance 8mm ignition lead set.

Ignition leads are essential to the life of your MX-5. Automobile manufacturers incorporate three ignition wire technologies in their vehicles, either resistor wire leads with wire-wound resistors in the cable, carbon suppressed wire, or ignition wire with copper core where the suppression resistor is incorporated within the connectors. Faulty ignition wires can damage catalystic converters. Therefore when replacing wires you should always replace them with a quality wire set. This quality wire set guarantees ignition cycle precision, optimum engine performance and low fuel consumption - reflecting the quality of original equipment. These wires are made to our specification and utilize Beru connectors because they are the finest available. 40,000 volts, temperatures up to 500 deg.F, vibrations, salt water, road dust, cleaning agents……these are just a few of the continuous demands to which connectors are subject day-in , day-out.

Well they arn't the right length which if I'd bothered to read the reviews I would have noted and got a different set. How nice they look in yellow, and this was the best I could route them. On the plus side the car purrs now.....

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

DSC08613, originally uploaded by nackuk.

Got a couple of nice ties. One completly covered with frogs. But not Kermit.

Monday, January 24, 2011

DSC01148, originally uploaded by nackuk.

I had a flick through this. Some quite good ideas in here. Not good as in recipes. Just good serving ideas. Never brought though.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

With that TV in my bedroom I'm now cathcing up on some ER once more. ahhh.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

I was bored so I ordered some more lights and spent some time putting the on my Skoda Superb.

Obvisouly just what the motor needed.

Nice and blindingly bright.


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