Monday, February 28, 2011

Heat rises upwards in PS3's just like the sun in the sky

And so following the repair of the Sony STR 9830 surround sound system caused by 'gone off' soldered joints due to thermal cycling we now have the PS3 in bits. Here it is totally stripped down. Now I've seen the youtube videos and it all looks too easy to do, so weather I'll be a ble to fix this we'll just have to wait and see. If not then I've got some spares for my other PS3 when it eventually and inevitably breaks down.

This is the main mother board. And infact the way the PS3 is constructed it is the top of the board.

And this is the bottom of the mother board. See the two main chips with the thermal past on in the center. This is apparently where the problem usually resides due to thermal cycling of the soldered joints.

Now it occurs to me that Sony think they can out do mother nature here. And I'm sure they used all the latest simulation technology when coming up with the PS3's cooling system. However heat does like to rise that's how god intended it to be. So by mounting the mother board upside down and you positioning the PS3 in the horizontal position, surely all the chips pins at the top get very hot. ie heat rises. Having built a fair few PC I can say that up to now I've never seen one yet that has its CPU heat sink and fan mounted upside down. I have however seen many mounted on its side and if you look at my PC tower unit now, you will find it is on its side. So personally I'm a bit lost a wandering why do this orientation. I personally would never considering it when building a powerful PC. I can grasp the idea of the copper cooling tubes sucking the heat away from he chips and the large surface area the heat sink is trying to provide along with the fan. But at the end of the day heat wants to go up not down, so why isn't it on top? So I can see two choices if you have PS3. If you want to use you PS3 in the horizontal position then place it upside down. Or put it on its side with the fan exhaust facing upwards.

Enough ramabling and onto the repair.

Heat gun - check.

Thermal silver heat compound - check.

solder flux - er no so I'd better order it.

And so for the moment Project PS3 the cooler version has come to a halt and I'm off to ebay to see if I can find a justcool twin turbo fan drive.

I don't know who did the soldering on the circuit boards but they had might good hands to do all these joints;)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

DSC08989, originally uploaded by nackuk.

Well I was in the mood for some Chris Rea and so picked this up to listen to while I spend so much time reading this blogg.

So we all thought it was over. But in fact its not. Its just about to get bigger.

And I couldn't resist so I got it. Now just to find some more time.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

DSC08984, originally uploaded by nackuk.

Yep I'm still loving the Big Bang Theory. Can't get enough of it. And epsoid 17 is keeping it alive and kciking. the best show still.

DSC08988, originally uploaded by nackuk.

Well I finally got round to finding time to strip the Sony STR DB8930 down. As a recap the read sound had stopped working and while I tried to resolder the amp chips from the top its did not help. Anway with the rear amp circuit board out a removed the old matt grey looking solder from the amps and then resoldered them neatly. But his wasn't the only problem. One of the chip had near enough become completety de-soldered. So I solded the legs back in apart from one which was so bad I wired the leg to the next junction. I put it all back togeather and plugged it in. I connected a speaker on the back and put the unitinto test mode. I then put the speaker on each speaker output in turn and was happy it was all working again. But what the hell do I wan two for?

The 24 hour rainbow. Anyway we went shopping today and guess whats on sale already....

Thats right Easter Eggs for cats!

They will sell anything to dumb people these days. I guess the dumb deserve it. Next they'll do them dogs too!

Can you believe it I helped the NCR get Hover Dam and that being that it was the end of Fall Out New Vega!

Yep I did it. And now I guess to back track a little and try for a different ending. You get a story depending on what you did during the game.

Got to say I thought the game was a little short compared to Fall Out 3. Just think how long it took me to do the original game compared to this one. What will I do with my life now?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Here is the new hard drive for the laptop. A 160gb unit to swap for the 20gb installed. 20gb who the hell would ever put a 20gb in a laptop. I guess that was state of the art at the time. I could have obviously gone for a bigger one but with some old machines they have a limit of what they will accept and this should do the trick as the 20 gb one is full. Now to clone at some point. At least I know getting the hard drive into the laptop is simple!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The next film came so quickly and it has to be better than that last movie. Yes the incredible Frozen directed by Adam Green.

Now you have to prepare yourself for the fact of instead of watching one person in a coffin for 2 hours you are going to be watching a film about 3 people stranded on a chair lift. Doesn't sound exciting unless obviously like me you like watching people die slowly from the comfort of a sofa.

Its a grasping story which apart from some holes in the story which aren't expalined - ah em why out of 3 of them have they NOT took a mobile phone with them????? Anyway past that it is an incredible film about emotion and the inevitable.

Well I thought it was going to be an incredibly exciting ending until the PS3 Froze.

The nice blue and green lights changed to red and that was that. Yep the one of 3 playstations I have has died. And you know which one it is? Its the one in the horizontal position! So I don't get tot see the end of the film and how the __$£ do you get the disc out now!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Having told my brother that the wirless card in the Samsung P10 is in fact just a mini PCI card he said he would find one on ebay that I could replace the one in the laptop with to get 54mbps. Nost necessaryily a samsung one but the Atheros 802.11G+ might just work perhaps in the old p10.

And so it came in the psot one day.

Having not took a laptop apart before I can confirm that I wouldn't again other than to replace a hard drive which is a simple task. To get to the mini PCI wirless card is a hell of a trick let alone to get it out and unwire it from the arieal leads, get the new one in and put the areial leads back on and then put the keyboard ribbon cable in its socket. Eventually though it was done and put back togeather.

After much messing about to find a driver that would run the card it fired up and pizaz it was connected at some 108mbps. Task done.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nothing to do? Bored of Fall Out 3 New Vags? Then waste some money on retro gaming. I downloaded Dragons Lair for the PS3. Guess what its as beautiful as the original arcade game but hey to play it just as dire as in the 80's! I gave it a rating of 1 but it's still rated highly in the playstation store.

Then I brought a package of Atari games. I was hoping they would be from a woody. But no they are arcade ports. So here's asteroids.

Then this one called something else but to you and me its fancy asteroids.

Then theres Tanks command - please ensure you change eth econtrols to actually make this playable. I kid you not, once you change the controls you will find you can actually move in the direction you want to!

Yes well colourful crap.

And a breakout thats next to impossible to play unless you slow the bat down. Then you cannot keep up with the ball. The list of games actually goes on - but I won't...

Monday, February 21, 2011

While I was at my favourite Aldi store in Cannock today I picked up one of these. Yep the packaging got me. Could I realy grow such a plant with so many chillies on or will it be miss advertising?

I brought one to see. Afterall chilli plants are one of the easiest to grow, I know I've tried without success!

Just read that blurrb.

I open the packet, put the soil in the basket along with the seeds and water.

Now just got to think of somewhere warm and light where the frost won't get at it. Ah here will do nicely.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I get the Aldi Movie snacks ready and sit down on the sofa....

And get ready to watch Eat Pray Love.....

Luckily the snacks are good even if this film is not. I struggle through the endless hours it seems to go on for. Hell just avoid this movie.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

And so there was Cobra to be drunk. Which could really only mean one thing

We were sitting in Jivans having a curry. The waitress even remembered that she gave me the wrong meal last time and to keep things simple I had my usual.

Even Beardy had a curry so it wasn't the usual order after all. Many more beers latter Beardy reckoned he had collapsed in the toilet. If he had he hadn't been that long. Or was the beer playing tricks on me. Anyway he wouldn't drink anymore beer. Personally I think the spices in the curry reached the parts of him no other substance ever has.

Here is a wiring diagram for the VW multimedia unit and rearview camera that I connected to my MFD DX Skoda sat nav. Notably Autobulbs now do reasonablly priced rear veiw cameras too now.

Friday, February 18, 2011

DSC08851, originally uploaded by nackuk.

Having heard some Kings Of Leon and asked some who's this to someonew recently, I was suprised to find out that the music was Kings of Leon, So while I was out I brought their Beware Of The Times Ablum. God this was awful. Nothing like the music I heard the other day which sound so exelent????

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Latest blueray film from lovefilm to come through the door is Buried. A film about someone trapped in a coffin for 90 minutes or longer. No this is one of those films where if I had gone to see it at a cinema I would have left half way through. But in fact it gets so much more intresting after the first half that I was glad to have persaverred and thoguht how good it was in the end. In fact on film at home I would rate it as a must watch. After all the next oppurnity I get to be in a coffin I probalbly will not appreciate it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I found the following on the internet which ment I may be able to use my very old laptop without a dongle thing sticking out of the back to connect wirelessly. I so my Samsung P10 laptop won't connect to WPA wireless security with SEW-2001M adapter

The standard Samsung driver on the P10 laptop using Windows XP didn't have an option to specify a WPA password to connect to a wireless access point, it was WEP only. It would see the network name but when you connected it didn't even prompt for a password, just went off for a think and came back saying the connection had reset and it was refreshing the network name list.

If you looked in the advanced properties and manually tried to create a wireless profile it only had Open, Shared and WEP as security options.

I uncovered a Samsung driver that updated from the original 7.42 to 7.6 but that was still way back when in 2002 and still no WPA support. There didn't seem to be anything newer and the only support download Samsung offered was a picture editor (way to go Samsung!). I did spot a mention linking the SEW-2001M to an Agere chipset so I followed that line of thought and Googled this site

latest Agere driver for Samsung SEW-2001M

ignore the most recent v8.22 driver - doesn't work with the Samsung - but jump straight to downloading the 7.82 driver. That one works and includes WPA encryption support :-)

To install, extract all the files from the downloaded ZIP file and put them somewhere handy like the desktop or make a C:\DRIVERS directory. Then go into Control Panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager. Expand the network adapters and right-click on the Samsung wireless adapter, choose Update driver and point it to the earlier desktop/directory where you extracted the files to.

And just like before it would see the internet but not work. But by forcing the laptop to use the imported driver things changed!

And so the internet connected and we were endowered with 11.0Mbps? Yep the wireless cards for these are 11Mbps! Good god after all that messing around I get 11Mbps. Surprisingly though it seems to be enough to cope with surfing so a new life has dawned.

Now there are a few other things wrong with this laptop and it should be condemed but I'm going to resurected it now the wirless is working. Next I borught 1Gb of memory from ebay for £34 quid. It came I stuck it in and hoped for some magic on the performance....

I booted the old baby up and qatched as it saw the memory but the best was yet to come..

Yep it booted up windows really quickly unlike before.

And with this memory on it runs programs really quickly too. Well not bad for an old machine.

So the other problems are a small and very full 20gb hard drive! So a new large one of thos is on its way. The battery tends to fall out slightly which isn't a great problem if it was not for the fact the power lead does not stay in position and thus the unit powers down. So a new batter could be done with.

Whios ch is a shame because the battery seems to hold a good charge for a few hours. The DVD ROM drive does not work and the fan on the left is noisy. So one has to question have I lost my marbles or is it giving me something to look for on ebay?


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