Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ladyboys and Monkeys in Bangkok

I went and saw Hangover Part 2 at Cineworld. Now it must have been a while since I've been to Cineworld as there is no longer anyone at the sales desk to buy a ticket from. Nope another computer you have to press your grubby finger on, where a million others have and then catch another bug. If it was B&Q I would have dropped my goods on the floor and walked out. But hey with 2 miuntes to go I paid the £4.70 and got my ticket. Oldly my Fanta cost £3:20. No machine here just a frendliy geeky face to pur my drink into one of those flimsey beekers and as if for 30pence more I could have yet another litre of the stuff. Hell I want to watch some of the film not spend it in the boggs. I so I go to the auditurium to find tonight is the night that everyone wanted to come and watch this film. I foudna seat in just the right location, helf way up and by the isle so I could stretch my legs out and trip anyone going to that said toilet halfway through in the dark. So the film was good, funny and made me laugh. It's not great and its not ment to be. t's just ment to be a rerun of entertainment. And for those of you that were switched on would realise that something isn't quite right about the film. At the begining when they are in the hotel room in Bangkok and they are waking up, the electric ceiling fan is on. With that in mind you work out the story. I loved it and was glad I went - please don't make a 3rd rerun though.

Monday, May 30, 2011

A couple of hours in the fridge

Bored and with nothing to do, the Virgin internet down on a Bank Holiday weekend again I ponder what I could do other than watch tv. I looked at my snowboard and decided to take my MX5 for a run

To the Chill Factore. The car park was crowded. This wasn't looking good.

Inside I go to the cash desk and there's no problem getting on. Even better the 1 hours session I was going to have for £28 - minus my SUCK membership fee wasnot needed. The lad said tat today there is a special offere of 2 hours for £17. So I took it thinking I would be bord of the merry go round after an hour.

The slopes crowd changed over that 2 hours period. Sometiumes it was busy sometimes it was not. The first 30 minutes wasn't the best and in fact the first 2 runs on the Atoic Alibi made me ponder why I hadn't brought along my trusted Nitro Suprateam.

1 hours went by I got better and better with it and I enjoyed myself more and more. It brought back the passion I missed so much and made me want to be back on the mountains with the sun burning down and the fresh crisp air to breath deeply into my lungs. It was nice to have the 2 hours to play with so as not trying to cram as many runs in as possible in a short a short time. I was loving it. So much so that in the last ten miutes even though I could feel my legs really aching, especialy going up the lift, I started pushing it to get just on more run in.

When I left it felt good. Not leaving but the enjoyment of the last couple of hours. Yep it made my weekend whic ended on this high.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Duragloss wet finish polish

I got round to using that new polsh. And you know what. The wet look shine really did look wet!

Has your PS3 died? Not yet? Then replacment thermal compund could be your answer

Well I'm still pondering on why all these PS3's have died since Sony did the 3.61 update. Owning 3 of the things and with reference to my earlier post it has got me thinking. People are reporting that its not only the FATs that are dying but also some slims. As mentioned in my previous post all 3 of my PS3's are now eerily quiet when it comes to fan noise - even if I'm watching a DVD which used to make the fan speed up on all three of them. So you do have to question have the fan set points been changed at which they speed up. And in light that the newer the PS3 slim you have, the less electricity (power) they use, and thus most likely less waste heat they produce, this could have been inadvertently done as perhaps less cooling is required?

So what would the weak point be? As we know once the update was done on my PS3 'one' my main PS3 it died, I had been using this unit as my main unit extensively since July 2007.

Well my PS3 'two' died from the YLOD in February, mainly used for watching films but some game use as well. PS3 'two' was brought second hand, so its age is unkown to me. Noticeably my PS3 'three', a 80gb unit, which is hardly ever used anyway apart from DVD's or as a wirless mulitmedia center, as also a second hand unit.

When the update was issued I updated them all. Out of the 3 only one PS3 has died (my PS3 'one' a 60gb FAT) and this was very shortly after the 3.61 update. A coincidence I question? PS3 'two' and 'three' haven't died. So why should this be?

Well the PS3's obviously die with the YLOD death due to getting too hot and causing 'something' on the boards to fail. Many people believe and so do I, its the thermal cycling of the solder on the boards for the main proceesor chips. So after the updated and the eerie quientness of the fans lately, what was different about PS3 'one' and in-particular PS3 'two'?

Perhaps it is fact that I had replaced the thermal past on the chips on PS3 'two' during its repair. Now that I have repaired PS3 'one' and it has new thermal paste on it, it has not (yet) re-died and is still working on update 3.61 - even with extensive use during this short period. But do still have the eerie fan silence just like the others. The fans are working on all of them very gently but not like they used to. I also observed that on the two PS3's I've repaired, when they were taken apart the thermal paste that was left on either side of the chip / heat sink, looked in my opinion to have "vapourised" somewhat to what I expected to find. I know there's not meant to be loads of it but in fact there looked to be far too little of it left. Is the problem in fact that the thermal paste that was original used on these PS3 not up to the job and has aged beyond its usefulness? This could answer the fact that there is not enough conduction of heat transfer as the PS3's are getting older and thus fail.

Could this also account for some newer slims dying too if an inferior batch of compound been used, not enough had been applied during manufacture or not applied in an appropiate manner?

The possibilities are endless and lets face it when you send a PS3 back for refurbishment, do Sony even acknowledge the statistics of what each fault each unit is failing due to or even the one you sent back? Of course not, apparently the YOLD can stand for a number of faults but Sony to date has not yet advised what these all are and how many are units are failing from what, I wonder why?

On this note if you've got an ageing PS3 60 FAT then perhaps your wisest move is to consider to have it taken apart and have the thermal compound replaced with some new stuff, that has a high transfer rating (this is usually not the cheap stuff).

I still love my PS3 60gb unit. And yes I still put PS2 games in it. So while I rant all I really want is a PS3 60gb that I can rely on day in day out. When things don't work like they should then I usualy take my money else where on repurchase. But in my opionon there is nothing out there that compares to the orginal PS3 60gb unit.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Odd but by good it makes washing your car a nice experience.

I spent a shed load on polish from Duragloss. The last lot work great and so I brought some to replace it. Mainly to make my MX5 gleem again and hence the swirl mark remover. All I have really got to do now is get of my arse and get polishing!

One day I might even purshase a tub of the car wash concentrates, they smell of lovel and I mean lovely cherris. Odd but by good it makes washing your car a nice experience.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Musical adapt

Bored with my music again I looked at the shelves of the music store and felt well where is all the music tallent today? So I brought this, mumford and Sons which I quiet like.

And this crap 'adaptly had a sticker on it The Breakthough ALbum of The Year'. Crpa, Crap Crap. Thats what it is......

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The future is slim there isn't going to be a choice. Just look how many faulty YLOD PS3 are on ebay. It says it all.

Watchdog did a little feature on the PS3 overheating issue, although they took a very safe route of a story and didn't touch on the fact some machines started dying after the update.

It has made me think though. Has the 3.61 update actually cut the fan speed down or altered the set point when the fan comes up to speed? Afterall previously if I put a DVD film (in-particular) into any of the three FAT PS3's I have, then the fan would always run at speed (an annoying background hum). It is now noticeable (or not) that when playing DVD films that this is now not the case, but earry silence. Could it be that the new PS3 slims use so little power compared to the old 60gb PS3 FAT models that some bright spark thought they could now get away with making the fan come on at a different setpoints as not so much waste heat is being produced? Combine that with the 60gb PS3 FAT models ageing thermal compounds not transfering the heat like when they were new and what would you expect the result to be? Yep over heating chips on the board and close down - YLOD.

It still puzzles me why the original PS3 design don't have the heat sink above the chips, as per physics heat rises so surely this would have been the best and correct design for them to function for many years. If you have a PS3 60gb FAT model you could consider that you would be better of placing the unit upside down, but then you would get the heat transfer off the power supply going up through the main board and then that end would probably get frazzled too. And while we are here on the PS3's I've resurrected (for now) it was also noticeable that some of the hard drive soldered connections had gone dry.

'I guess' that at the end of the day when the original PS3 came out they were technically ahead of their time and pushing the limits of what could be produced. Sony was apparently making a loss on them and the issue of thermal cycling was not considered to be a problem for 3+ years. As things have moved on the power consumption of the PS3 slim has come way down to around 60 watts and thus the PS3's thermal cycling problems are somewhat reduced from not so much waste heat being produced. The thing is though who in their right minds would rather have a crap cheap plasticaly looking PS3 slim in their home, which does not do all the things the original did. If you put them side by side and asked which I could have for free I'd always go for the PS3 60gb FAT model and pay the extra for the electricity.

Any way it looks like the future is slim there isn't going to be a choice. Just look how many faulty YLOD PS3 are on ebay. It says it all.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sea Monster

Jack Dees 'Thanks for Nothing' has got to quickest book I've ever read. 40 chapters, 321 pages, 68,354 words. The begining is well a bit boring but it is well written and witty if you like JD witt that is. The further into his life you delve the more you want to read, with some really amusing and touchable moments. I'm so glade I picked it up out of that charity store than pay the publisher direct for it ;)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ther's no looking back

Flicking through some of the many old games I now have and expanding collection, I put on a PS2 game. Hitman 2 Silent Assassin. Its incrediably good and the graphics must have been outstanding for its time. Better still there plenty of death ;)

Monday, May 23, 2011


Well the PS3 is running still and I've had it on a while as I have man cold, along with man headache and man backache or something. So the PS3 has been on while I watched a shed load of

ER. If fact I finished Season 13 discs and don't have season 14.

It has ment though that I have had time to get reading Jack Dees autobiography. Which has kept me entertained enough. I'm just past half way through the book, just past the photos! Apart from that the only other thing I have done is had my hair cut on Saturday afternoon, mind I had to stop her cutting my hair half way through for a coughing fit. Yep I bet that went down well. Nothing else to say right now head is spinning again. arrr

Friday, May 20, 2011

The End of the Big Bang Theory 4

While the PS£ was busy I put on the last episode of the Big Bang Theory

And it end as a real corker of a series.

Yep I think that expression says it all. Lets hope there's a season5 and its just as good as the rest. I'll miss it until next year ;( - The PS3 is still working away. I'm off to bed.

Where there's a PS3 60gb theres trouble in store.

Here we have board ready for the heat gun treatment. Maplins didn't have any formula 5. So I got the most expensive stuff they had on the shelf.

The borad got really well fluxed and the heat gun came out. The temperature was hot enough I could smell the board melting! With the chips all cooled I got the thermal compound out. This stuff is teribbly guwy. I got it every where at first but to stick to the chips. Yep the board is pastered in the stuff. Luckily the packet says non conducting - of electricity that is not heat! I clean it up the best I can and stick it togeather.

The good old PS2 emotion engne chip.

Well it powered up, but the wirelss network and joypads would not work. But it worked so in with the USB drive to back the data up...

Well it reckons its going to take 4 hours 30 minutes to back the stuff up. And that won't be everything??? And will it stay on for 4 and half hours without dieing again. Well nothing to loose and I leave it on.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Well I got this as it had Jonny Depp in it. I tend to like Depp films and in a way this one is no exception. or is mabe. The film I liked but the story was plain to easy to see and pan out. It could have been so much better done to have hidden the no hidden twist. Can't say I'd watch it again though apart to shout out I've been there and well stayed in that hotel.

Everyone who has had their PS3 breakdown this week post in here

On the PS3 forum uis this post now which I have joined. Mind not many have joined it. But then when was the last time you went on the PS3 technical forum? Click below to go to the web page.

Everyone who has had their PS3 breakdown this week post in here

"I think it could make it clearer how widespread this is if it is all posted in one thread. There have been loads of cases that I've seen this week but (apologies if I'm wrong) there has been no response from Sony.

Mine: 60gb original. Played fine up until the update and for a couple of hours after it. Shut it down, started it up the next night and within 10 minutes it was dead. Now it won't turn it. It just bleeps and flashes the red light at me. PES2011 still stuck in the drive."

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PS3s are overheating after 3.61 update

From MCV is this artical.....

UPDATED: Rockstar says that latest firmware is causing some older consoles to freeze or switch off

Sony's 3.61 firmware patch for PS3 - which was released as parts of its efforts to plug the gaps caused by the PSN breach - may be bricking older machines.

That's the claim of a customer services rep at developer Rockstar. The statement was made in reply to claims that users playing LA Noire on their consoles are suffering freezing issues.

"We have received some reports of PS3s overheating while playing L.A. Noire or beeping three times before shutting down/turning themselves off, mostly on older 60GB and 80GB fat models," a statement reads.

"Primary reports seem to be that updating to firmware 3.61 will cause PlayStations to overheat. There have been various reports of this on a few different games now, all reporting their PS3s turning off or 'Red Lighting' after having installed 3.61.

"This can range from games randomly freezing to PS3s turning off anywhere between 30 mins use to 2 hours. We have confirmed locally that multiple games (Rockstar and non-Rockstar) overheat or freeze only when 3.61 is installed.

"At this time we are recommending contacting Sony directly to report the overheating issue. However, this is not the end of our support; we are continuing to test L.A. Noire on all firmware versions and hardware models to isolate the issues and see what can be done. As always, we will update this article as soon as we have updates."

UPDATE: Rockstar has contacted MCV to stress that this is not an official statement from the company. It was posted by the customer support team with information sourced from the European PlayStation boards. The post has since been removed from the Rockstar site.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shelter was good then the rain came through

Well to help me relax from the torture of the death of PS3 ONE I sat back and watched Shelter. Whihc started off really well but what what what happened near the end. Anotehr thriller where the story collaspses on itself. As a bouns LoveFilm have emailed me to say as I used the PS3 to stream films inthe month prior to the PS3 network going down I will get a fiver off this month. Great...

PS3 Dies after update and networking being turnd on

While playing Little Big Plant with my brother the PS3 60gb ONE red lighted and went off. No its unbelievable, after the network came on and the update this morning the thing is buggered. And so we got it apart.

We get it stripped down and get the thermal paste out Formula 5 silver compound. It sure looked like the old thermal paste had given up! And so it got put back togeather and well it worked for another 3 hours then died. Not wanting to turn back on at all. Erm well time for a reflow. Not enough thermal compound left to do it again I add it to the shopping list and bring in PS3 80 THREE. I hope I can get the old bird going so I can get those game saves off it.

Did it GVDL

I put the PS3 on to have a play at the old Fallout 3 and guess what before it would let me use the machine it needed to do a system update. Did this mean the network was up and running? Did it GVDL.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hell I just could not swallow any more

Saturday morning I head up Cannock. It would seem I have shunned Wolvo as a shopping destination. I get these colourful ties and

after a quick shopping spree around the pound shop we head over to the Barnes for dinner. Phew one full belly and its over to my brothers and then Asda to do the weekly shopping. I really prefer shopping at Tesco these days. Asda is so well crowded with tight Alie and a darkness that you don't get in the Tesco. Back at hoe I eat some chilli nuts and watch the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory.

And for tea we head up Wolvo. OK I do still go here. Jivans was full so we headed round the block to have a pint. That was if we could find a pub that was still open. We headed into the quiet Weatherspoons. As per usual I get the first round in and have a pint of Somerset cider that goes straight to my head. weee.

So when we head round to Jivan theres a table, we sit down, 3 pints and some popadoms are put down in front of us straight away, and I then peruse the menu. We order the usual apart from Beardy who actually orderes a curry! Absolutely delicious.

It would appear that we seem to be the only people who drink their fine Cobra here. Everyone else seems to bring there own booze? Can't see why. How ever the waitress did ask why we weren't;t drinking the usual quantity of beer? Hell I just could not swallow any more. And so with a full belly, a tissy tongue and a fuzzy head I head off to bed.

Friday, May 13, 2011

I spy with my little eye

Friday night was a nice night so I decided to go for a walk to the Fox and Anchor, mainly know as the The anchor. Where the fox came from I don't know.

Beers they had was the usual Tiger and Timothy Taylor. So we tried the other Batemans beer, erck. And so it was onto Timothy for me and Tiger growl for Beardy Boy. I also ate some Burts, a packet of cheesey ones and some salt and vinegar flavor to.

It was a sweet night out that came to an end all to quickly. I while I had only 3 pints I felt totally sloshed for the walk home.

The Tesco Direct Experience.

With my original Sony W270 now dead, I looked around for the next model. And after seeing what was on offer decided that what I really wanted was the same as what I'd got. So the hunt for an out of date camera started, mainly on Ebay. And there was several refurb units to buy. So I went for one from Tesco outlet on ebay. Thought I would be safer than anyone else. And so the parcel came with 2 days.

And here it is. I powered the camera up and to my dismay who ever had refurbished it must have forgotten to test it afterwards! Hell the lens would not come out on start up properly and it would error. Well this is not the first experience of this I've had with a Sony DSC W270. Nope if you recall the first one I purchased from Amazon had the same problem! Any way I contacted them by Ebay. No quick reply and so at the end of dinner time the next day I called them. And how helpful they were. Another would be sent out today and on Friday they would send a courier to collect the faulty unit.

And as the Tesco representative said the new camera came the next day.

And it worked and on Friday they did collect the old one. So all I got to say is thankyou Tesco for making a disappointing intial online purchase a faultless situation after all.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Moving to REIS

That time of year comes when you have insure your car. This year I was looking at cutting costs from Footmanjames's £470 quote as I seem to only average just over 5500miles a year in it, and with fuel costs so high I'm using less all the time. And so I tired REIS which was I was shocked by the quote they gave me as it was far better and are thus changing to them. Yep for a agreed value of £4000 & no more than 7000miles I now pay £257 although I need to get breakdown cover elsewhere. And as part of the terms and conditions they want a recent photo of the motor, proof of club membership, copy of drivers licence and no claims proof. You devoted wolves fans should be pleased I have took my business there as it is actually insured by Chaucer.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The other half

If I had the spare money right now and the room to keep this I would probably have pressed the buy it now button with this low priced Eunos Roadster VR Combination A off ebay. If just to polish it and keep it next to my Eunos Roadster VR Combination B. Its not a bargan as reading the description it obvously needs some love and attention and money to make it spanking but at that price you cannot moan and it would give you something to play with. Dandycars are selling these VR's when they have them for around 4K with this milage on. ermmmmm.

Selling some stuff

Well I've got stuff I dont want soits time to shift some of it on ebay. First up is this games set

Then there these

and also these. But I have so much more. Do I really need to 2 N64's? In fact do I need any?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Notebook

Enjoying the film Dear John so not only did I get Dear Jone to add to my Blue Ray collection but I also got

the very note worth Notebook. Excellent romantic film if thats what your into. If not stay well away. As per Dear John well slushy and great throughout with one of those obvious twists that doesn't ruin the film as I imagine it meant to be obvious.


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