Monday, May 30, 2011

A couple of hours in the fridge

Bored and with nothing to do, the Virgin internet down on a Bank Holiday weekend again I ponder what I could do other than watch tv. I looked at my snowboard and decided to take my MX5 for a run

To the Chill Factore. The car park was crowded. This wasn't looking good.

Inside I go to the cash desk and there's no problem getting on. Even better the 1 hours session I was going to have for £28 - minus my SUCK membership fee wasnot needed. The lad said tat today there is a special offere of 2 hours for £17. So I took it thinking I would be bord of the merry go round after an hour.

The slopes crowd changed over that 2 hours period. Sometiumes it was busy sometimes it was not. The first 30 minutes wasn't the best and in fact the first 2 runs on the Atoic Alibi made me ponder why I hadn't brought along my trusted Nitro Suprateam.

1 hours went by I got better and better with it and I enjoyed myself more and more. It brought back the passion I missed so much and made me want to be back on the mountains with the sun burning down and the fresh crisp air to breath deeply into my lungs. It was nice to have the 2 hours to play with so as not trying to cram as many runs in as possible in a short a short time. I was loving it. So much so that in the last ten miutes even though I could feel my legs really aching, especialy going up the lift, I started pushing it to get just on more run in.

When I left it felt good. Not leaving but the enjoyment of the last couple of hours. Yep it made my weekend whic ended on this high.

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