Saturday, June 18, 2011

I wish I'd brought a Sony phone now!

Well this Nokia X3-02 phone was turning off randomly. Then it wouldn't want to switch on and would just flash its screen at me. Then just as I had got used to using it and had syched all the contacts etc the bloody thing randomly turned off again and taking the battery out and restarting just would not work. Nope this phone just flashes at me.:( Yet another internet purchase having to be returned.... I wish I'd brought a Sony now ah ah bloody ah

Friday, June 17, 2011

The PS3 slim future is here.

Like I said the future is slim and here it is. While I got the PS3 60GB unit working I have retired it to an easier life and now my main PS3 unit is a slim. I got the cheapest one I could which was from ASDA at £199.99 and then put a 500Gb hard drive in from Scan. Hopefully as my main PS3 is on 16 hours a day this should cut the energy bill down a bit.

And once the bigger drive was in I connected the two units up using the Ethernet lead and did the transfer option. All went well until the end when something happened I was not expecting. I understood that the PS£ the data came off got its hard rive wiped. But nope I ended up with two identical twin PS3's. Even Love film thinks its the same PS3!?? Anyway thats good new really so I've left it like it. Notably this machine is awesomely quiet and doesn't heat the room up like the old machine.

And while we are on technology I got a new phone. A nokia X3-02 just like Greenies. Now normally I wouldn't look at anything other than a Sony phone but after the piss take with the update 3.61 causing my machine to YLOD I ignored them and went for a Nokia. So its not made a well as the old C902. And there no flash. Ah but there is wireless internet on it when in my house. Perhaps this isn't so bad.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

more random PS1 games

A couple more random PS1 games. Now that I got a PS3 on the old Sony CRT Vega TV the games look so so so much better. Long live CRT. I need the original GTA to play the add on disk though. Note must stop buying these games. I have run out of storage room again!

M6 all 4 lanes stationary

The next morning I could have done with a lie in. And if I'd know before I set out that a lorry was going to dump its load across the M6 then I would have done. Instead the new lights were flashing and we weren't moving.

So the great expensive system that got put in now meant we had 4 lans of stationary traffic and no hard shoulder for the Emergency services to use. I reached junction 10 at 10am and got off and made a back way round to junction 9 where behold the motorway was empty - unlike my bladder.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another year another day.

Another year another day. Lesser cards each year :(

And once back from work I went out for a meal with a few people to make a lovely nice night to be togeather.

Amongst the prents was this Tee shirt which had the shocking logo of Who's the Daddy? I just want to make it clear its not me.

I also had this bike lock. Now do I really need a bike lock by any chance?

Sunday, June 12, 2011

MGTEK oh yeah

Fed up with the crap itunes for synching with your ipod. Me too so I'm going to give this a go instead. Funny old name though:

MGTEK dopisp

This Is NOT A Ticket

My This is NOT a ticket for the Glastonbury festival came today. So I may be getting excited about just how wet I might get soon, looking out of my window right now! It specificaly tells me to get on a certain coach in a certain place at a certain time. Only then may I get my ticket. I doesn't say how much you can take with you though. I dosing y expeses though.

Breakfast £5.00

Miday meal £10.

Evening meal £10

Snacking per day £10

10 pints of lager @ £4.50 a day £45

A cup of tea £2.50

An apple: £1

= £83.50 x 4 nights

lets call it £340 all togeather. Gee I could go snowboarding in frozen water for that?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Honest Hearts - Fresh material of more of the same

I have the Dead Money download and can't say I like it. But this is more like it. Fresh material of more of the same. Well thats what I want. Now lets get the guns out shoot some tribel poeple in the Mojave or where ever this is meant to be based

Friday, June 10, 2011

PS3 update so soon after the last?

Well after the trouble people have had with their PS3's since the 3.61 update Sony put out, can you believe they have issued another update so soon? Apparently not to fix what is casuing all those PS3 too get to warm and die though. Nope its for:

System stability during use of some PS3 software has been improved.

[Saved Data Utility (minis)] under [Game] has been changed to [Saved Data Utility (minis/PSP™)].

You can now back up saved data for PSP™ games by copying it to the PlayStation®3 Hard Disk Drive.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

AnotherSony PS3 to repaire

Here we have another PS3 to repaire. Thankgod not one of mine, but someones at work. All in bits now, I've given the motherboard a dam good warm up. Now just waiting for him to get some more themral paste. Not enough in the tube I had left over from my last one. Thats just the way these things go I guess. Will it work or will it not? We'll have to wait and see unitl Monday.....

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Nothing better to do? Then watch this

I thought I'd watch this Xfiles DVD. Its been a while since the TV series started and I enjoyed the early X-Files. Now I guess this would have been alright as a long episode but this a film doesn't crack it. Shame really but don't bother watching it unless you really have nothing better to do.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Back to the future or future to the back

Another selction of PS1 games flopped through the door. Now I've got to think of somewhere to keep them?

Notably I'd never heard of coolboarders 4 before and it is very slick :)

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Sony PS3 Update 3.61 Killed my PS3 did yours die?

PS3 Update 3.61 Killed my PS3 - facebook link

While the above facebook page is trying its hardest to get Sony open their closed eyes, it maybe that Sony are trying to ride this out. By now the majority of PS3 users will have updated to 3.61 and those PS3's that are going to have been subsetable to any changes made by it and would have died quickly after due to it and the increase in heattransfer required after the update will have done so by now. So by Sony holding out, the numbers of of PS3's dying due to the update will naturaly decrease back to approximatly the regular number per a week as it was before. Hey presto what has changed for Sony's failure rate......

It might well have helped if watchdog hadn't used the LA Noire game as the problem and just said that the PS3's are dying after the update, that way there would have been far more publicity sooner.

Afterall the first thing I thought when my PS3 died was GVJL it YLOD, thats what Sony PS3's are famous for the YLOD.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Retro gaming on the PS3

I've been retro gaming again. Oh yeas plaenty of PS1 games coming this way. I have got to ask though is did we really play on these and think wow?


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