Saturday, July 30, 2011

Comfort food

Well it was n't good. The new gasket seems to have failed so having stripped the engine back to the block and pondered that nothing seems wrong, I got my brother and Beardy to come out for Beers and my brother a curry.

This is perhaps the first time we had ever been when there wasn;t a soul in there. We had our choice of table, so we had the biggest and orderr the usual.

I even sent Les a copy of the Englsih part of the menu to entrice him ev en though I knew I would be wasting my time.

We moved on to the Posada for a refreshing ale or two.

And theres always some to selct fromt he choice on offer here.

The longer we were in there the longer I wanted to stay. Then I noticed this sign. Is that possible?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Nasty Suprise

So this afternoon I finally got her back togeather for the turn of the key. It started effortlessly and at first smoked. I left it running for about an hour with the air con on to keep the RPM high. And so it was time for a test run. And test run one went fine. So I decided to go for a run to pick my grandad up.

Shortly after living home, there is a big bang and a huge puff of steam / smoke from the front of the bonnet. I thought he we go the head has regone. But no, on opening the bonnet illuminous green slim was disening in great amunts from the air con system. The words Bollocks came to mind. What Why Hell.

Due to where it has gone wrong its next to impossible to see whats gone wrong.

Hard to believe that in the engine compartment this is the only system that was touched at all! Its a real pain as the parts for the air con on this car are rare as rocking horse shit.

For now though I will be happy just to drive her - to the air con specalist that is.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Builders bum sunburn

MY Eunos has become very ill. Lots of smoke out of the back end and no water in its system. Very worrying and its probably killed the head gasket or worse. So today has started the long strip down of the engine bay.

Many hours later the cylinder head is off and we are down to the cylinder block where the pistons are. Here the gasket has been removed already.

And here we have the cylinder block which has all the valves cams etc in it, complete with inlet and outlet manifold.

And here we have the head gasket. I was hoping to see where the 16 year old gasket had failed. In the past on other cars it has been obvious but not on this occasion.

So before we go any further we check the cylinder head for distortion. It would appear luckily to be fine.

And so the surfaces are cleaned up.

And so is the head.

Here we have a Victor Reinz head gasket. Not a cheap one which I could have brought. I'm really hoping to only have to do this once.

Gasket in position on the cylinder block. Next is the hard part. To fit the cylinder head on top, without moving the gasket! For those that don't know the cylinder head with the inlet and outlet manifolds on is very very heavy.

I plug away at trying to get the car rebuilt and by the end of the day I have the cam belt back on. Shed loads to do for Sunday and then the big start up to see if it has cured the problem. Fingers crossed. Not only am I black but I can feel the sunburn on the top of my bum from leaning over the bonnet all day long!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Virgin Active

Since leaving Esporta and doing didle all exercise but eating as much junk as I was I have pilled the kilos on. 7 kilos in fact. So I've decided to do something about it and joined The Virgin Active Health Club. A gym to you and me.

Its the one near Star City by where I work and hence should mean I miss the traffic after work as a bouns if I excerise after work. There does seem to be so benefits to this Virgin Gym compared to Epsorta. You could get nick picky and say that all the light bukbs seem to be functioning here. But perhaps the fact I swim with 4 poeple in the pool instead of 10 confined to 2 lines due to children having swimming lessons is one of them. You can join any of the classes, and they're included in the monthly charge. Changing rooms are massive and cleaner. So are there any disadvantages. Well I won't be poping in at the weekend will I. And car parking seems to be rather problematic, which for the next 6 weeks I can only imagiune will be be worse whilst the kids are off schools and the parents bringing them here to be entertained.

As I thought getting home was much easier. I was back by 20 past.

And I have started to eat better at work. I have stopped going tot he cateen as although the cheif said he'd do me a salad I just cannot resist the chips with every meal. So a bag of rice it is with

a banna and an apple. How long this will last is anyones guess but I'm shatter from the swimming I've done so far.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Beardy was sick

Later on Saturday it was off to Brewood for a drink int he Swan and then a meal in the Mess

As I said in The Mess. My meal as always was rather tasty. I think I was lucky not to be tempted into the chilli steak which came with no chilli and the well done and less well done ones were all mixed up, which was only noticed once people had started eating.

So now my belly was fully again and I was fully hydrated we went over to the newly opened Lion Hotel.

Very nice and very cosy. I got a tab so that we could served at the table - only really allowed if you've eaten in the restuarant apparently, but she could see I was probably best past trying to carry 8 drinks over.

As Les would like to put it, we could have stayed there all night if it wasn't for the fact that they called time at 11pm and the bed's are £80 per person.

So it was over to the never closing Swan, which was rammed I was glad to see. Now you may think that this is were the night ended, but it didn't, in the early hours my dad came to take us all home. He took Les back to Penkridge and on the way back at Gailey Beardy decided he needed to be sick. Out of the car he got and ultimatly was sick. Then he would get back in saying he would walk it and sobber up. Ironiclly if he had walked straight home from Brewood it would have been less a distance it was now for him. I waved goodbye wandering would he ever make it home or would it take him 3 months like the last time some dropped him off not at his house. Green was no doubt a bit late getting home himself ;)

Another Day in Shopping Paradise

Went to Wolvo shopping. Nice and quiet really, but then it would be with so many shops closing down. Into Mothercare and played with the kids toys. God this store is so out of date. Get rid of the yellowish paint job please. We go around a few other shops and the notably new shop that has appeared where Blacks used to be. A music and DVD store were everything is amazingly cheap. No new up todate items though. From here we go for dinner

at the BlueBrick

And I have a very hearty chicken and chips. Erm I migt have eaten just a little too much.....

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

You should leave the past in the past

Yes more PS1 games. The collection is getting bigger by the day. And so Apocalypse what is it like? Actualy I can't remember. What I do remember though is Need for Speed and while the graphics are well dated the gameplay is just perfect.

Actuak soccer still top notch really and Ballerburg, well I'd never heard of it. And without readig the instructions which as a man I didn't, I found it impossible to play really.

GT racing - good god dieabolical and so is striker for that too.

Rayman rush, plurr and lemmings well you need to read the manual to work it out again.

Medal of Honor nderground I played and enjoyed. Not that I could get off level one mind! Soviet Strike may be good and it maybe not. You whizz around in a helicopter much like

Nuclear strike. Same as above if not really just more levels. Independance Day is a typic ET licence crap game

Which leaves Air Combat which was surprisingly good. Thats enough PS1 for now....

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

It seemed like only yesterday

I ordered ER Season 14 as nothing else was happening in my life apart from work my ass off and geting home to sit on the sofa and watch telly cuz I'm too tired to do anything else.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Going nowwhere again

Sunday and having serviced the old Eunos I thought I'd take it out for drive. A drive to where though?

Well I headed to the Welsh hills of course and to Lake Vyrnwy

I scoutlled around the lake bewteen the cyclists and walkers

Admiring the lake and the grey skies.

Before heading off into the wilderness of the hills and seeing the hidden waterfalls.

where it got much wetter.

Not that I put the top up.

Nothingness at its best


To snowdonia

And beyond until I get here...

Yep somewhere in nowhere otherwise known as


A few hours latter I was back home with a huge MX5 smile on my face.


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