Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weird things happen sometimes

Well can you believe it. After joining the gym near work and electing not to go at weekends, it looks like I will be able to go to the local Esporta again afterall.....

We are very pleased to be able to tell you that Virgin Active Health Clubs has reached an agreement to acquire Esporta Health Clubs.

The Esporta business operates 35 health and fitness clubs and 20 racquet clubs in the UK and has 159,000 members. The transaction is conditional on obtaining competition approval (which we fully expect to be granted) and consequently we hope to complete the acquisition in early July. The enlarged business will then have 124 clubs in the UK, in addition to Virgin Active's clubs in Italy, Spain, Portugal and South Africa.

This is great news for Virgin Active and our members. Not only will we have a much wider spread of clubs around the UK, but it also means that we can offer a wider range of activities in our clubs including indoor and outdoor tennis, squash, badminton and outdoor swimming.

You will now be part of a much bigger membership community. As a result we will be looking to put on more internal and intra club events as well as continuing to strive to deliver great service and outstanding value for money to all of our members. Being part of a bigger network will also give Virgin Active the opportunity to provide nationwide brand partnerships to our members.

We will be reviewing our reciprocal club access rights which for many of you will mean access to an even wider range of clubs and facilities. Once we have completed the acquisition we will be in contact with you again to let you have more details on our new reciprocal rights offering and what opportunities that affords to you.

We're always listening to what our members say about how we're doing. Through our innovative InTouch member feedback programme, we hear from over 75,000 of our members every year. That's how we focus on the things that are important to you. It has led to us making and continuing to plan considerable investments in areas such as showers and changing areas, gym equipment and exercise innovations, along with improvements in gym floor service and group exercise programming. Through this member interaction and feedback, we will be looking to get your views on our delivery of the benefits of this acquisition.

We very much hope that you will continue to enjoy your Virgin Active membership and that you are as excited as we are about the future of Virgin Active Health Clubs.

All the best on behalf of the Virgin Active team.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A City without Shops

Went up Wolvo today. What can I say, without TJ Hughes the place is realy empty now. Less of a shopping center and more of a shopping space. Just think, a City without shops. Well there is one or two and with that there is now only one Game store, Well I always wondered why they had two of the same stores on one street. Oddly the larger and better store closed! Needless to say I brought nothing from Game anyway and headed round to Gamestation and brought Brink. What was I thinking????

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ties to Music In a Field

When you have everything you need there is always room in the wardrobe for some more ties. I also got my hair cut.

Anyway for tea I head to Jivans with my brother and had the usual smashing meal followed by the Four Ashes Pulse festival.

A few ales here and a good chat with Gaz.

Eventually the music ended the crowds left and

and it was time to go home. Yep I may have had one beer to many.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bridge House Penkridge

Friday night I gave the gym a miss to go out with my brother and parents for a meal at the Bridge in Penkridge. Having been here before its always been pretty much mediocure. However that was a while ago and on this visit the staff were exceptional, the food presented real beautifuly, tasted great and was very plentiful. More over some good beers were avaiable. No I'd never had boffered telling anyone about it before. But after this vist it gets my very big thumbs up and would love to go again.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Never wanted to go to India

I've never thought about going to India. In fact I have thought about never going to India. Couldn't see the point really. Then I piocked this Rough Guide book up cheap and gave it a read. Now I understand why we all should go to India for a good month or so at least. Might need som esuntan lotion mind, and chlorine tablets, and a good supply of toothpaste and when you hire a car you get a driver with it and..........

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Belkin N V's Netgear GT

I saqw this Belkin N router and dongle for 20 coins on the web so I thought I'd get it and upgrade the network. So you can imagine my dissapointment when I found the signal was worse than my exisiting Netgear router. Then it occured to me that while it is just a G netgear router I did buy one at one point t replace my normal netgear router and that my unit is a GT. You can pick up 108mbps at the bottom of the garden with it. Oh hum well back to the Netgear GT unit and now I have a N donle. The router - well then can be recycled can't it ;)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Multicooker fun

Tonight I was having some fun with the multi cooker. Now how do I turn it on?

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday night and a get togeather at the Barnes in Cannock for a frightfully filling meal. I'm glade I'm not dieting at the weekend or there would be trouble???

Most of all though it was a nice get togeather on a Sunday night. Hope we do it again soon.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Green Lemons

You probably cannot tell here, but since picking the one proper lemon off the lemon tree I now have several green lemons slowly growing. Very slowly mind.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

3 having a wonderful time

Sunday and after a large and fantastic breakfast we head to the bus stop to catch a Sunday bus from the village. One comes so not so bad and we get to Wolvo. The bus passes Lazzeezes Kebab house and stops. Everyone but us gets off. At the golden triangle the bus turns around on the island! eh whats going on here its going to leave Wolverhampton without us getting off. I click the bell and the bus stops. The driver explains the council want a pound for each visit the bus makes to the new bus station at Wolverhampton.  So they don't go tot he bus station anymore. Hey what a great idea. Anyway this means more a walk. I take Alan and Zoe towards the station and then we go under it via the passage, round the back of the Fusion building site still and low level station to one of Wolverhamptons gems of a pub the Great Western. Now I know this is no Plough and Harrow so I should be safe taking them in here.

A fair few pints in the beer garden ad we are getting texts from Poade; are we in Birmingham yet. Good god no.

But it does prompt us to leave. And so we head to the station for a train to Brum.

And from Brum we go to Brindley Place.

We meet Maddie, Matt and Maddie at all Bar One and have a quick drink before

Going to Pizza Express for tea.

There no way I'm going to be able to eat all this ;)

But it all soon leaves the table via our stomaches.

Matt and Maddie dessert us and I take Alan and Zoe for a canal walk towards the Gas Basin. The pub I was taking them too seems shut. But thats no hardship. There a little cafe Bistro that serves real Ale so that means we settle down next the cannal side.

It starts getting dark and chilly

So we visit Tesco Express for some plasters for Zoe and head through the shopless Mail box. Although there are several restaurants that would be nice to try here. Out of the Mail Box and under the Ring Road with the Chineese lanterns, towards New Street Station.

We catch a Viring Express back to Paradise and I take Alan and Zoe to the LAdy Wulfruna. Which I had never heard off and told Alan it did not exist. Well it does but we all know it as the Goose. Even thoug its no longer called the Goose any more - it is called the Lady Wulfurna.

Alan and Zoe play pool while I play on the pin ball machine.

We later sit down after I try to loose my coat. And although I wasn't;t trying I really and truly did loose at cards.

The dealer must be fixing things. Eventaully we go home. We go to where the bus stop used to collect us. Have you got the point yet. Anyway the bus came down the road but it did not stop for us. Nope the bloomin bis stop has moved to opposite Lazzeeses! Can you believe it. Perhaps I should start to use the bus more?

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The worst spot to the best spot, we all like spots.

I collect Alan and Zoe from the station who have come to Wolvo to admire the smashed windows after the riots. After I get some shoes, a walk around the town including the charity shops Alan and Zoe want to go to a real pub. So I decide to take them to a pub I have not been to for some 12 years. And that 12 years ago was when me and Big-L were trying to do every pub in the ring road of Wolverhampton. And in those days there were many many pubs. Anyway as Zoe La Brow put it The Plough and Harrow in Worcester Street has set her a new standard in pubs. She thought she new an awful one put this put a new light on it. And while I was at the bar Alan came back and said there's a beer garden I think we should sit out there. Is there really a beer garden Alan?

I personally wouldn't have called it a beer garden though. So over the last 12 years the Plough and Harrow may now have a face book page but over the last 12 years it has gone down ill somewhat. Christ we even had a great meal here all those years back!!!!!! Erm thinking about it Les was sick about an hour latter?

Refreshed in was Strongbow doesn't we headed back tot he shopping area and into Forbidden Planet. Alan and Zoe were very happy here. Too happy infact. I looked around, once, maybe twice, maybe eight or nine times pondering

Why people would buy some of this stuff let alone market it. I did of course like the chewy head. But do you really want a prince of Persia figure?? And here in the above picture is John Lennon really in the right place?

time moved on somewhat and we went home got changed I called Hilton Cabs on 01902 733 333. As he drove us to the Kings Repose he admired our choice of venues and kept telling us how we would love it here. Well I've been before and hence why I'm bringing Alan and Zoe.

We had drink downstairs, wow it was busy here. We ordered and then went upstairs when the food came! yeippe.

Alan loved his vegetarian dish

Zoe thought it was out of this world. Good news I hit them with a terrible pub the only way is up from here.

Before you new it though we had been well fed and watered and it was time to leave.

It was too nice a night to call it day so off we went to the Anchor where we talked engines and all the internal works.

Well we got the jist that it was closing time when there was no one else in the pub, but 3 staff having a chat opposite and the rest of the pub was in the dark. And so we had a tour of the village in the dark!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

A real Sunday Dinner in the Four Ashes

Sunday and when it started raining me and my dad went for Sunday lunch at the Four Ashes. I was full after this lot!

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Saturday shopping

Saturday and I did some shopping. On the Palystation Store. I brought three games. Sega Rally - Ya

Another part for FallOut 3 New Vagas, maybe ya but I don't know yet and Smah cars Yay Yay.

Then I watched the sun go down.

Friday, August 05, 2011

I must stop it now

I have no more room left for PS1 games, I have more than when I first had a PS1. Hell I don't even play them. I just seem to collect them.

Chess I can beat so that can't be good. Lego Racers is ok

It was nice to go back to Spice world though. I wish I had the albums.

Fear effect 2 I didn't play long enough to start enjoying it.

Alone In The Dark Jack is Back - What the hell?

Alone In The Dark Teh NEw Nightmare is well good. Wow

Wing Commander is good apart from when you have to play. Then its boring. The film story is good though

And Red Alert is Red Alert. Great. now I really have got to stop buying games.

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Vindictive life guard

So I've done 50 lengths when I decide I'm shaged and need a rest. SO while I'm getting my breath back over pops the life guard and asks if I want ot have a go at the leaderboard 40 meter breathstroke challange! Erm I'm shattered here if you had not noticed. I ask how many meters a length is, which is 20m. So thats hjust 2 lengths then? Anyway I say I was going to do another 10 lengths so OK I'd give it a go. I gave it everything I had left in me and well came 7th at 36.94 seconds. Not bad really considering I had just warmed up!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Seeing the wood

Its been a long while since I have seen the wood of my desk. Proberably December as I have been very busy this year so far. Not that I had time to clean up. It was more a neccesity. So it all got filed very quickly ;). Hell I didn't know what was on there anymore anymore.


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