Friday, September 30, 2011

A Mexican Mess

Left work Firday as quickly as possible, down to Starcity and into the gym for a session. All done I was home and in The Mess at Brewood for 7:45pm for a Mexican meal.

It made a nice change from a curry yet something with a bit of heat. We had Nachos to start with followed by Tuna Steak and Tachos and then for pud I had a Lime and Telquila Jelly wit Vanilla Ice cream while my brother had some Chilli Choclate tart. All washed down with plenty of Sol..

Following this we headed across the road for a few more beers in the Swan. Such a n ice night.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Only Fools And Horses

When I changed the fuel filter at the last service on the Skoda the battery went flat before the fuel system reprimed. Odd really. I had to get the battery charger out and gazump it. Now this reminded me that on two occasions last winter the car did not start due to the battery being flat on the icy days. And so it is obviously time that the 8 year old battery is tired. And with the exceptionally cold October coming it is time to consider changing it. And what a battery it is too. Anyway I asked a certain person at a certain right time what deal they could get on a battery and was told £50. That's dam good I thought but what battery am I getting for that? An Exide apparently. Well how much for a Varta battery then? A few moments later if its cash then £50 quid. So Fifty cash later I have a Varta battery that's worth £100ish. This isn't the cheap Varta one either its the silver unit with 750Amps.

And anyone with one of these VAG cars knows that the battery is a sod to get out and a sod to get in. Why? Well due to weight and and the position of it. Anyway once in position you notice the new battery is 1 inch shorter than the older tech battery that came out. This is in fact written in the instructions that come with the battery that a Vag car will need a new bracket. Well I just bent mine over to make the fitment nice and tight. Well I'm ready for the cold weather now.

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Upgrading to USB 2

My trusted 2003 Samsung P10 laptop has been invaluable for the Phathack and Phatnoise project. But there's something it hasn't got which would make transfering the music so much better.

While the laptop has a couple of USB ports what it doesn't have is any USB2 ports. So a PCMI card later and it now has two 2 USB.

In the slot it went, booted up XP and the device installed. Yep things are much better now.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The 120GB hard drive I ordered for the Phatnoise DMS upgrade turned up.

So I downloaded the instructions and phathack DMS tools software package and got busy.

I booted up the old XP laptop and got the software altering the DMS cartridge. Into the Phatbox it went and then out and back upstairs for the surgery.

The DMS plastic cartridge box was unscrewed open, the 20Gb drive removed and the new 120Gb put in place. It fitted perfectly. Closed it up and put it in the USB cradel and back to the phathack software to format the new bigger unit.

A while later and I mean a while later after all that formating and loading some new medi onto it here is a Phatanosie 120GB DMS! Happy times..

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I got there sooner than I thought I would

I knew I'd get there one day I just didn't know when. In fact #I got there sooner than I thought I would.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Being Evicted

For some reason my cat has decide to take a liking for my bed. Not that she has ever done so in the past. Se has lijed to sleep behind the head board but never on the bed.

However I get this feeling I'm being evicted.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The lights of China

I was kinda of bored so I ordered some more LED lights off that person in China. 3 days later by normal post they were here! Yep thats right normal post. No HDS or or whatlike. And so I thought I'd better do something with them and so into the Skoda Superb they went as lower ambient floor lighting,

And what a nice job I made of it too. Well its hard to think of what else to say.

Lovely footwell lights.

So you can admire your smelly feet or ultra expensive muddy shoes that are making a right mess of my beige carpet!!!!!

Anyway job done. What else can I think of doing to it.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Superb Skoda Service

Time to service the Skoda. Here is the air filter after 10,000 miles and the new one on the left.

And if you thought that was bad, or not then the cabin filter is blacker. Must be working then. I'd show you the oil filter but that is just jet black. A change of feul filter caused some restarting issue and then the coolant was changed so that the car can cope with -27deg C. All done then.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Liquid Leather

Well its been over a year since I brought some so I got some more.....

Liquid leather. Having tried many products this as it claims is the best.

So on with the cleaner first and then the conditioner. ooo.

Leaving the leather so supple and lovely and smelly and none slippery smooth like leather goes.

There was even enough to do the two seater too.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Red Round Sweet and Juicy

At last some tomatoes to pick. Lovely and red, juicy too and taste so yummy. I do hope the loads of green ones rippen up before the frosts come. Apart from this I have been at home all day as I have not felt well at all. In fact my head is still hurting now. Perhaps I should close my eyes again and think of nice things like snow....

Sunday, September 18, 2011

No MX5 Day

Well with no MX5 on the drive I decide to go to the MX5 Owners Club Ralley in my Skoda.

I knew it would impress!

The weather held out so it was nice to swan around have a burger a cup of tea and

admire some cars.

This one is nice a unique.

It brought some attention. How did they do it?

A nice chrome film all over and so well done.

I walked around some more cars

This one though was probably the most impressive. An ebay special, the original owner was too old to use it and kept it in a garage. With only 12K on the clock it was a perfect example of a very old car.

I went in the MX5 Parts tent and for a change came out wiht nothing!

For most of the rest of the time I watched the competions that you could enter.

So were laughable but that is what mad eit enjoyable to watch.

I even meet our local area co-ordinators whom now meet in Penkridge!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Away from reality

Boredom strikes again so while in Cannock I bought a couple of games. I ponder if I'll even play them? Well here is Deadspace II. I have Deadspace 1 which I don't play. I like the game but it was too clumsy for my liking.

And also some more death and glore with Call Of Duty World of War.


So after scouring Ebay for months one has at last come up for sale. No photos or anything I took the plung at the stupid price they wanted. Would it be worth it? And I guess some of you are thinking what the hell is it? Well its a Phatnoise, or to some a Phatbox. Either way they are the same thing.

Well now you know what it is. What does it do?

The PhatBox is a digital music player that can interface with a few car stereos. Inparticular VW and Audi unit and thus Skoda and Seat too. It can play unprotected WMA, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, and AAC (with optional AAC plugin). The PhatBox emulates a 6 CD Changer so it is fully controlled through the existing disc and track buttons on your head unit. Feedback is provided in the form of text to speech announcements through a system called SSA (Simple Stereo Architecture). This allows you to browse by playlist, album, artist, or genre and skip through discs by first-letter. Each P/A/A/G appears as a disc and each songs within the selected category appears as a track. Kenwood also branded the Kenwood-compatible PhatBox as the Kenwood Music Keg.

After all that its like an old old Ipod that replaces your 6 CD changer and can store a maximum of 30,000 songs across 9999 simulated discs. That would be if the storage device was big enough to hold that many of them. So they came out around 2000 and since 2007 are no longer supported. Which is a pain.

Anyway mine was a full kit coming with: DMS storage cartridge 20GB!, Phatanoise unit, lead to connect it to the existing CD changer cable, DMS cradle and software. Obviously running windows 7 this is a bit worrying. But the Phatnoise media software installed and it did install the cradle automatically. So that was a nice surprise.

Here is the DMS cartridge in the cradle. Red light on and no green light. Anyway boot it up told the software to look for the music network server and it spent about 8 hours looking through it!

Anyway to the car and in the boot. Out with the 6 CD changer.

And in with the Phatbix. Now all the instructions say it will not fit in a VW Passat without modifications to the cupboard door. Well in my Skoda superb it fitted right in where the CD player was and

Even whent he cartridge is in

The door shuts fine. Can't believe it. So lets turn the system on now its in the back.

Oh my god it works Endless music.Well nearly. Only 20Gb's worth actually.

So its goodbye to all these CD floating around the carboot. And now I have this working it will be time to Phathack the unit to a 160GB DMS. First I need a PATA 120GB2.5 laptop harddrive to put in the cartridge and then some down right dirty file moving to be done following the following web sites:

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