Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Big Sandwhich Debate

So which is the best tasting. The square cut sandwiches or the triangluarscut sandwiches.

The finished Artical

Here we have the finihsed cam cover. Its for my brothers MX5 and like the head light vent I did him he will probably after all my effort never fit it.

Friday, November 25, 2011

3rd Coven Beer Festival

It was that time of year again for the annual Coven Beer Festival. Not the greatest festival about but evey year it gets better and busier.

And so the beer was flowing, the band was playing and people were dancing.

Yep thats right the band were playing and

People were dancing!

Mind the band was playing rather loudly, but what a session they put on for us. They were great.

And so I recorded a few of the beers I tried with Hogslaying being my favourit, I think

Thursday, November 24, 2011

They call me Mr Green

With the engine and cooling system working I decided it was time to see if the air con could now be fixed. After all this time last year I bought a new and the last one of the 1.8 MX5 air condensors so we might as well try. So with a bit of suction there was a comment well it holds a vacuum so let put some gas in to a erm theres a size able leak somewhere. Anyway the leak was foudn and it wasn't that new condensor thankgod. And so it was repaired. Luckily I had lef tthe second hand ebay set up I had stumbled across in the boot which he took the seal from to fix it.

So Friday morning not only did I have my top down, but I also had the air con on as well!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Half a Life and a bit

I have brought a couple more games for my PS3. Make a change to PS1 games anyway. The Orange box which to me is Half Life 2. I think its called the Orange box though as there are about 5 games on this game disk! Anyway I'm enjoying Half Life 2.

And here we have Silent Hill Home Coming. Good graphics, usual silent hill finesse. But it's just bore of the same. Bland bland bland. Don't do another unless you can put some sparkle into it.

Now this I was surprised at. And yep I quite like going horse back in the Wild West. A unexpected thumbs up to.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Good bye Coven Methodist

Its a sad day for some in Coven. Here is the Methodist Hall being Knocked down after some 100 old years of standing. I can't understand how the planning department have let it be knocked down for what is bound to be 2 way overpriced bunglows and a house.

Going, going, going

Not a lot left

I can remeber going to Nursery here, Sunday school, the 6:40 club and the 7:40 club. Erm that progress for you giggle

Sunday, November 20, 2011

MR Tickles new girlfriend

I nip upto to Stockport to Alan and Zoe. But when I get there they arn't in. I was going to nip into there local but there was no need aparently they were 'just' 5 minutes round the corner.

Well I havn't seen Alan or Zoe in some time, and since then they have moved the front room around. But that is maninly to do with......

The fact Mr Tickle has got himself a bird and needed a bigger sofa. We had a chineese, played some games, and Kaz and Jerds came round.

We eventually went to that local for one. Which turned into a few and a call to Jerds of you better come home your working tommorrow don't forget.

Alan like the sofa so much he decided that's where he was going to sleep for the night.

The next day I got up at 1:45pm. Some lie in. Had a nice relasinx afternoon with their PS3 and some tea. It was so nice to relax.

Red hot

I have been toying wit my MX5 again but can you tell what?

Does it help if we zoom in?

So this is it. I have painted the exhuast heat shield with Halfords heat resistant paint.

Red hot or what? Well I like it.

It wasn't the only thing I'd done though. With the cold weather coming I altered the screen wash pipe route too.

Routing it around the heater pipes so that it will defrost the screen wash line quicker when cold.

Time will tell if this helps though.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Another Phatanoise`

Another phatnoise box, but this one is not for me. My dad liked the one I had so much, or more the idea of having all your music with you in the car that I got him one. Showing him how to put the music on it and using it is another thing.

So out with the crappy 6 CD changer and

a straight swap in with the phatanoise box. It worked straight away but then I spent a fair few hours tinkering with it, to Phathack it. In fact I'm not really sure weather it ever is or is not phathacked. Hoever I have put the larger cartridge in from my machine and it works, so I'm taking it, that it has done it. And so onto showing my dad how to use it.....

Sunday, November 13, 2011

MX5 radiator Change

Sunday morning my head didn't hurt that much, the sun was shining and so I thought it would be the perfect oppurtunity to get some fresh air, get the tools out and swap the radiator on the Eunos Roadster as it was leaking along the top core.

Now I was a bit worrid about how to do it, due to the fact the air conditioning is attached to it. Now its not explained in the Rod Graingers Manual but there is some info in the Hayes manual for a change.

So remove air pipe, the fan wiring, the air con fan wiring and the breather hose from the top of the radiator. Remove the undertray. Then either side of the radiator at the top there is a bolt to remove.

You cannot see the bolt on this photo so pretty pointless but down the side of the radiator they lie and you will need a socket wrench to undo them.

At the bottom of the raidiator there is a drain plug for the collant. So use it to let the coolant out!

Next remove the coolant hose from the top of the radiaor

With thetwo bolts removed the raiaotr will be free at the top.

Next remove the bottom raidiator hose.

Next the air conitioning pipeowrk requires to be removed from the raidiator. This is held onto the raidiator in two places with bolts.

These bolts are one of the four bolts holding the fan in place for the two fans.

Remove with a spanner

and this one as well.

Move the brackets out of place and the pipework.

This should now leave the raiator free to be lifted out of position.

And here is the raidiator removed.

As we can see here the air con is left in place and is not connected to the radiaitor.

The air condensor is fitted directly onto the body of the car.

New radiator from MX5 parts. An exact copy and match. But needs the fittings and fans mving across.

The fans simply unbolt and then bolt in place on the new radiator.

Here is one of the two moutning pins that need to be moved across. To take off the original radiator you need to remove the circlips with a small flat bladed screw driver.

And put them somewhere safe.

And the bolt hole rubber mounts need removing from the old radiator


Push the metal washer out

Then pull out the rubber ring sidewards.

Give it a good tug.

Then simply slip them back in on the new radiator.

Enusrue they are in the correct position and

put the metal ring in place.

Now put the pins in the new radiator and push the circlips in place as shown above

All done it now as the haynes manual says installation is reverse of removal.

Once installed, top up with water and antifreeze, and if possible do this with the front end raised to remove air locks quicker. Run the engine until warm. Allow to cool and retop up. All done and time for a cup of tea.


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