Thursday, December 29, 2011

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Well some of you may well know that I've been to Val Cenis to snowboard. And the pics are now ready to view. oooo lucky you.

The struggle

Now if I take it slow I should be able to meet the challenge.

Enjoying a spread eagle

In the spread having another carvers. Hope they have got turkey.

Easter at tescos

Tescos has an easter section already.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chomping away

Whilst most years you get tons of chocolates this year you could get a tin of sweets yum yum yummy. My teeth are begins to hurt. But at least my jaw bone is being exercised.

A surprise that wasn't a surprise that became a surprise. Isn't that surprising.e

Today my mom gave me a christmas present that not only she forgot about but so did I. Because before christmas I was struggling to think of something I wanted or indeed needed that would be suitable for a christmas gift. Anyway I was buying some ties whilst I was out shopping with her and suggested that she get me them for christmas. So it was hardly going to be a surprise on christmas day. However just like her I also forgot about them. So the most unsurprising gift became the most surprising gift or them all. What a surprise.

Got my feet up

Got my feetup at last.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Snowman

One of my favourite day this Christmas was Wednesday. Today The Greenie Family had got me a ticket with them to go and see the Snowman for Christmas. Not only was it a lovey day out with them but it was the most relaxing day I had had for ages and was just so nice to take it easy. Desides that I like the panto and going to the theatre is a real treat I never do. And so we got the train from Wolverhamton station. Once at Birmingham Sarah wanted to go for lunch at Cafe Rouge. I had never heard of it so I didn't know where it was. Well so I though, but it is actually based where the old Pizza hut used to be. The service was woeful, but the food when it came was delicouse. If Greenie only finaly got that coke he had ordered and had been reasked for ;).

We headed on down to Centinary Square with Greenie trying to do his back in again! Perhaps it didn't hurt enough the first time?

Sarah had seemingly sorted us out some dam near the front seats yeah row 2! I settled in my seat and relaxed for the show.

Having forgotten about the story of the Snowman it was enjoyable to see something a bit different and imaginary.

I even read the program which instrestling told you about the actors and actress's as well as about the fact the Snowman was originaly written for the Theatre in Birmingham and then went ot London and the rest of the world and has been selling out its shows in Birmingham ever since. The show ended in a gush of snow falling all over us :)

When we left it was dark. We went for a lovely warm coffee before finding a train to go home on. It was time for bed for me.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day

Boxing day and it was playing on my mind that it was the last true day to open any presents, that Alan and Zoe's present was still with me and that I really wasn't going to have another oppurtunity to get it to them this year. So I got in my car and set off up north where it supposidly grim. Well it was grim on the motorway with it being chocka and moving at 40 mph. I dropper the present off in the recyling bin and headed on home. On the positive side the motorway going north was now standing still due to a pile up, and then when nearly home so was southbound. Luckily I had entertainment and turned on the Skoda multimedia system and watched Only Fools and Horses, after all Christmas wouldn't be christmas with out Rodney and Del would it. In fact we were stationary that long I watch two eposiodes. This was a pain as I was meant to be around the Greenies. However there are times when you should consider yourself lucky as when we finaly got moving we passed a very somber looking family standing next to a completly burnt out shell of a car. Christmas was not looking good for them. Anyway I got round Greenies and guess what. Niether Les or Sarah were there?

We got the toys out and Sarah and Les appeared from the hospital some time later. Greenie keeps us beered up and the children play merrily away on the DS3D.

Toys are played with until the telly comes on and Sarah tantalises us with more food

Les takes control of one of the kidsas well as the remote control.

There are toys everywhere. Erm modern kids today have more than they know but probably don't realise.

But everyone should have a barring sheep

Baa baaa

How do you take the batteries out.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Thinking of Palm Trees

Whilst I have got a couple of tubs of Quality Street, what I had seen and really wanted instead was a tub of Swizzels Matlow Supper Stars All Time Favourites. All my fravourites in here, drum sticks, love hearts, Purple soap tasting things yuk, Duoble Dip and my very favourite refreshers. Erm reminds me of Palm trees.

3pm Queen Christmas Day Speech

3pm came and me and Les sat down to watch the Queen speech. Something I usualy mis but not on purpose and a fan of the Royals. Hell I want to be one so lets not get rid of them.

This years I liked especialy, She took us through her holiday snaps throughout the Common Wealth and I get the ery suspision she was trying to say Sod Bankrupt Euorpe, We have the and are part of the Common Wealth and we have the pound. In say this though I can't say I could name all the Common Wealth countries we are linked with? Yet the European ones I would. Is that right? Surely not. We have links with these countries for a reason and perhaps we cherrish this links a lot more. Heres to the Common Wealth and perhaps its time for me to visit some of these countreis and take my own snaps. Can you snowboard in any of them?

Christmas Day Drink

Christmas day Matt and MAddie come round to go to the Rainbow for a Christmas Day Drink. I cannot say I felt like it. In fact I texted him to say I had gone back to bed, which I had! They came round anyway and pulled me from my bed. I got int he shower cleaned myself up and was ready to join them for a refreshingly chilly walk to the pub, Les came along too although he seemed to have the same enthusisasthim as me. As I said thought the cold air helped.

Les enjoyed every moment of being in that pub. But it was god to see some faces you don't see for ages. And lets not forget that date that Robbo wants to do the Circle Line Pub Crawl in London in late March, now shall we?

Christmas Day Presents

Well Santa has been and obviously thinks I've been a good boy this year. Yah.

I even have a board game this year yeah.

Although I'm not sure what Les is saying by getting me this for Christmas?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Christmas Eve Coven Pub Crawl

Its Christmas Eve and with all the presents wrapped its time to keep the COven Christmas Eve Pub Crawl Dream Alive.

Les reassures my mom that we will not drink exsseviely. Do we ever? and what would be the point of it anyway. We'll just have enough to stop our blood freezing as its cold out there. So Beardy (AKA Fatboy), Les (AKA as Thin Boy) and myself head to the Rainbow for our first pint. Here I call Greenie to tell him we are here and he is trying to persuade the children to go to bed or Santa will not come. We are not alone in this pub but we are not staying either. Christmas Rosso all round anyone?

At the Anchor (AKA Fox and Anchor) Greenie has made it right behind us. We head on in and

we are definetly not alone, the place is full, very full.

After a few pints it is time for another Christmas Rosso. Not usre why but Beardy does not appear to know what he is meant to be ordering. ho ho

He comes back with 4 glasses of the right stuff and comments that it tastes like Ribeana?

We leave the Anchor for the long walk ahead, to burn of some calories.

Luckily there have been put in place some more public convenienes on the way.

We reach the Four Ashes and inside is my brother.

A log fire and well noone else. You'd think we are alone in here...

But no a bar man does exist and pops in to serve us.

Greenie is concerned that he has had too much to drink, it is a long walk home and he still has to dress as Santa.

Before he departs though he gets a round of Christmas Rosso in and then departs. In his place comes Sarh and Gaz. So at the 4 Ashes we loose 1 gain 3 bodies. And so we move on.

Yep the Harrows is open, although you would not know it and guess what, although there is a bar man we are alone! So a pint here and a Rosso.

Once we have left the Harrow it is back to the Rainbow to close the loop. We've got aour wrist bands on and the place is full. As I suspected though there is no one at the door and anyone can get in but only people with wrist bands can order drinks. The place is much empter though than last year ie you can be in the building! Eventualy it is time to go home. Les and Beardy went a while ago. In fact Beardy grabbed his pint and left some time ago. And when I get home everyone is asleep awaiting Santa to visit.

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Last Day of Work

Well I've been extremely busy atr work and this last week not particularly well whilst being there apart from Tuesday. So you can imagine that I was very happy to be well enough to go out with my work colleges on the last day of work. We finished at 2pm and headed on down to the Swan and Mitre in Aston before catching the train into the Center of Brum. We headed to the Weathspoons which was packed and after an hour of standing up I asked if anyone would like to sit down. There obviously hadn't been anywhere to site down otherwise we would have been. Well I said I'll go and talk to these girls over here on this table. I have a magic effect of they will leave and we will have a table. And so ten minutes latter we were all sat around 'our' table. More food and beer was brought and eventually we headed up Broad Street.

At around 10pm I decided to catch a train home. Once back in homeland I went via Jivans, and considered the fact that I proberably didn't want to smell of Curry on Christmas Eve and so had one of there large chicken Tikka Sizzelers. Oh my it was loveeeeeeely. aghhh.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Why would you repaire a another PS3 repair

I now have a fair few parts and another non working PS3. That is 3 in total. At last a part came to repair one of those PS3, another is scrap so it is stripped for parts and there is another which requires the motherbooard and blue ray drive board pairing (a problem which can be fixed though eventually when I get r) I had brought for someones christmas present ,whom I hoped will appreciate the fact that whilst it is second hand, that I have repaired it with my own hands and got it working especialy for them.

And so the complete strip down began. Errr this one is messy inside. But as the seller said no YOLD repair on it. When I put back togeather I have used the most expensive thermal dimond compound available. This should keep it working for a while. And now for the ultimate test to leave LA Noire running for a day on it. Fingers crossed and yes red hot heat iscoming out the back. Excellant.

My first anfroid post.

The title days it all

Christmas tree 2011

Christmas tree 2011, originally uploaded by nackuk.

Christmas tree 2011 up at last and well worth the wait

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


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