Tuesday, January 31, 2012


The story on page 83 is one of my favorites so far. Just to confirm how the override live.

Monday, January 30, 2012

MX5 racing

I've enjoyed some virtual racing with the mx5 owners club on the PS3. It was well smart apart from my performance.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bed time stores

I've brought a new book to end the day with and to try and relax before shutting my eyes. The last book I enjoyed was Jack Dee's autobiography. So I that I would try another one and got Chris Event's. Although this would appear not to be his first.....


At last I have found lots of time to sit back with my PS3 to play Skyrim. It id so beautifully done someone must be very proud out there. There's no need to actually play the game. Just marvel at it.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Extending the Life As We Know It

This Hp 6901p battery would appear to only want to give me 4m minutes of juice. Not what I would call long enough. And hence I'd been on ebay to look for another. There was an option to change the 6 cell battery to a 9 cell battery taking the power from 44mAh to 7800mAh. And so I ordered a 9 cell one for 30 quid.

The battery cam so I lifted my laptop up and

undid the clips and slid out the battery.

What became apparnet was the fact that the bigger capacity battery was in fact bigger!

And thus protudes from the back somewhat!

In real life though it is livable with and only comes out as far as the power cord socket.

And now after following the batteries installation instructions of charging and discharging 3 times fully, I get areal 3 and half hours run time just like it says. Brilliant!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Defy glug

Ok so not only do they have Gorilla glass but they are also water proof. There are some brave souls out there with Deffy's. Me I'm not one of them.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Santa is eaten!

I got peckish and so

I nibbled at his head. The rest did not last longer either though!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

True death

Well the PS3 One died again and this time it would not resurect. So I've stripped it and binned it. I've kept the blue ray drives though in case one of the others faults. A sad day and maybe I'll replace it with a Slim but not just yet.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Not So King Repose

Having been to the Kings Repose Indian Restuarant in Featherston before you can imagine how excited I was to be returning once more to eat their deliouse food. However this visit was not the to be as per the last ones and was quiet frank shoddy service. Once in we were asked to go to the bar, and then they changed there minds and would bring the drinks to our table. Fine not a problem, after allit was quiet.

We were served one pint for 3 people though and until I aksed for the other 2 they were obviously not coming. They did. The orders were taken and restuarant filled up. Perhaps what we didn't releasie was just how full down stairs had become. Between the starters the main course was some wait...... and getting the waiters attention was somewhat problematic. They looked hurrid overwhlemed and not really intrested that whilst we were waiting we would like another drink, all 3 of us that is!

The food came eventually and what we waited for was well worth it and delicious, the currysw were great. The nans were just above average standard.

Eventualy we were thrown some dessert menus. And sometime later ased if we wanted anything. Sure 1 coffee, 1 coffe lequre and an ice cream off the menu. We were then asked if we would vacate our table and eat the ice cream downstairs. Nope if you want us to leave cancel the ice cream. Once down stairs there was nowhere to sit initialy as how can I put it, it was rather packed. The people they put at our dinning table though they did keep their seats for us. So what had been a great few eating occassions there in the past was a big dissapointment that didn't charm me into want to return for more of the same.

The night was finished off in the Anchor, were we savoured our beaverages in a relaxed and calm atmoshphere.

Brothers glasses.

My brother has new glasses but he was so tight he only got one set. Like breasts you should always get a second set.

Not lemon lush surprise

Unlike some my mom is behaving whilst we enjoy dinner at the Blue Brick. Yummy lettuce.

Iratating windows

Help its constantly updating. It's getting really irritating.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lapping it up

I was quizzing to buy a new laptop after looking for a HP 6810P on ebay for ages. However like most things I bid for I won't pay enough and these laptops go for £170. Something I was not willing to pay. Then one night I pop on Ebay and there is one going for £99 quid with 4 miuntes to go. I put my highest bid on yet and I get it for £117! A few days later it turns up and low and behold it is just like it was descibed, in new condition. It even came in the original box. Perhaps the only thing I'm dissapointed about is the battery life which is shockingly short.

A few many hours later it has software on and is being used to type this with Zoundry Raven. Mean while I'm tyring to cycle the battery to see if there is life in the old beast yet. So here is the HP 6910P with 4GB ram, Vista buisness and full microsoft softwaren, all on a small 75gb hard drive. Yikes! Got to say I think I perfer Vista to windows 7!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Another problem on its way?

Having no battery charger is a bit a problem having to try to remember to plug the phone in whenever I'm near a PC or PS3. I was so happy with the last charger that I've brought another from Super Cheap City on Ebay, but I'll always be plugging it in via a multiplug.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

James Bond in Blue

Sad I know but there nothing better than a good Bond movie. And so I have te first set of them now on Blue Ray. You seem to get 5 old moives and one modern one. I wonder if this will be the same for the rest of the packs when they come out. I was disspaointed that they weren't in their own boxes though, its a fold out affair and the bookletthat come with them is totaly pointless.

Monday, January 16, 2012

A few weeks back I brought this battery charger from Super Cheap City on Ebay. Not only can you charge a battery but you can also charge your phone using the USB port. Its really good or so I thought. Monday morning I woke up. It was still dark and I looked at the clock. erm 5am. Well I thought my phone could do with charging before I go to work so I pluged it in and then rolled over and went to sleep again. The next time I woke up the room was light. Not a good sign. I looked over at the alarn clocking thinking I had not set it but no the clock was not on. The bed side lamp would not come on either. I thought at first we had just had a power cut. I got my watch and though sod it I'm so late to go to work. Whilst getting up though I notice dthe lights all worked and that in fact it was only the plug sockets that had stopped working.

Well the last thing I plugged in was this charger. Low and behold it smelt bad like burning electronics. Erm not good. I unplugged the mulit socket it was plugged into and the circuit reset.

Later on I unscrewed the charger to see what had gone wrong. Didn't look bad at first.

Then turn the board over. Not so good.

Perhaps what is most surprising about this china charger is the fact there is no fuse in it! Thankgod I pluged it into a multiplug which had a fuse in the plug, which has blown. Erm I was well later for work.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

House series 2

House series 2 is now being watched whilst im in bed. I guess for some its a better option than big brother.

Unlocking the deffy potential

Ooh so I've done this. It is now rooted and booted running at 1200ghz. And the battery is turned down so it should last longer when doing nothing.  Amazing. Ginger bread next.

Enjoying The Barnes

Sunday and the Cluckers quizz team head over to The Barnes for a yearly meal.

We await patently for Les and the Greenies

And eventually they come. We search the menu and order.

As always my mom loves a good meal here.

And at the end of the night one has a full belly again!

Having dinner in the barns.

Well waiting for les and the greenies to turn up actuals.

Grand tourisom 5

And while the roof dries I will virtual drive.


I br been out in the cold cleaned the softtop and waterproofed it.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Well the figures are in and the cost of tolls and fuel to get to the alpes this year came to £120 for the tolls and £250 in fuel. £88 for the ferry. So that's £458 for 4 people in lovely skoda superb space.

Hotwheels service center.

Yep In the loft is my hotwheels service center from my childhood. Oh yeah im still there

Lofty places

Im in loft getting the boxes to put the christmas decorations away. Then I had a magic moment and threw half the stuff up here out. The suitcase up the corner is staying. But hey look what I have found.....

A quality breakfast

Well I thought id have something different for breakfast this morning. With so many chocolates to hand im trying to get my 5 a day from them. I've had orange,strawberry and nut and some milk so they not that bad for you. And if they had also been dark chocolate they wouldn't have been so fattening either.


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