Wednesday, February 29, 2012

House season 3

House season 3 is back on track unlike the last episode of the last series. Great to watch after slumping on the sofa following the gym.

Replacing the PS3

I finally stumbled on a PS3 on Ebay that had a broken blue ray drive. It has arrived today and would appear to be genuine as the warranty sticker is in place and untouched. When I threw the old unit out with despair I took out all the blue ray drives do I have a few of these spare. I do have a new problem though in that it will not let me buy anything on the store as I already have 5  playstations registered, and so Sony would like me deactivate one of them first. and to deactivate you need to go into the account menu on the PS3 in question. Problem is Sony those machines died from ylod so please explain how i'm meant to do this when they're all in bits in some land fill site???????

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

House season 2 completed

Its took a while but I have got round to finishing House Season 2. The last episode where he gets shot I'd really pants though and I could have fallen asleep. This does mean though that I have an excuse to go and see Mr and Mrs Poade to return this set.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Another day another videpac

Another videopac has arrived. Number 29 the dam busters. I can see the missing ones are going to be hard to find now.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

More media

Popped into ASDA and came out with more to listen to. Tracey Chapman and the famous single Fast Car and a whole bunch of Queen. All to be followed with Kevin Costner’s very slow and very long film Dances with Wolves – an all time classic to fall asleep to.

Ever expanding collection

As I said the other day the collection is rowing at a steady pace at the moment. These came today and are in first class condition. Great. Mind shocking pics of the game shrek horror.

Pick Axe Pete looks well er looks diabolical.

Yes shocking!

and there is no video for flipper so that will be exciting…..

The Yellow One

Today came the yellow one. A yellow Mathmos Jet lava lamp which compared to most is hard or goes for more money than is worth paying on ebay.  This one did not and it is now here and plugged up with the plug I got from Stockports market on Sunday. Nice to be prepared for once.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Videopac lover

I've had a surge on some games for my Philips g7000. Here are billiards and space monster. Maybe I'll get the unit out at the weekend.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Re entry re burn

My re burning to mp3 is nearly over. Only another 50 CDs to go. mainly compilations, the artists though i'm now up to U thankgod.

Nothing exciting

Whilst there is nothing exciting happening in this post I just thought I'd show you what I got whilst out shopping with Alan and Zoe. A few CDs which add to my most awesome collection, giggle.

Who you going to phone

With the Muppet magic in the air, there is only one thing for it. Pyscho ring tone has gone and I’ve put on a muppet tune. Note Lets start the show but Mah Na Mah Na.

So who you gonna call and drive the public around moi mad????

Going going gone

Well after a worrying moment or two there the Motorola Defy, went from £35 quid to £76 quid to £120 odd quid. Very next day it was packed and sent out via Royal Mail Special Delivery. Someone out there got a dam good phone. And as it went for as much as I brought it I through in a charger for it too. Yep one of those ones from China Winking smile

Monday, February 20, 2012

Scott Amplifiers

With the heavy snowfall on the Christmas holiday I thought I’d better get some of these for the next jaunt. The Scott Amplifiers are great as my brother has some. Tried them out and they are a treat / godsend in bad weather. Mind I didn’t stop there…..

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Sunday Pair

Sunday morning I am awoken by Alan, right during a deep sleep with the Muppets. Now you may think this got me out of the bed on the wrong side, but Alan greeted me with the smell of a bacon and egg sandwich and no molegrips to be seen thankgod.

It looked nice outside and this fooled me into agreeing to go to the Farmers market in the town centre. So off we went on one of his walks which started in a direction I recognised. Once in the Market we went to the hardware store and brought some hardware. Myself, a 13amp fuse, A new plug, which the nice lady did say would already be in the the plug, a multisocket, a metal polishing disc etc. I also brought a blue slush puppy. It was after this moment that I learned why Alan was so keen to come to the farmers market. Alan has a a favourite store here and a new friend. And this explains the mole grips to me. Obviously he has been to the hardware store before and then gone to this new favourite store of his. Picture this, whilst I’m standing there slurping on my blue slush puppy Alan was talking some serious talk about beer off all kinds and living in Canada to drink more beer. We were at the High Peaks Beer Company Store, with literally loads of beer from everywhere. Hell if it isn’t Alans favourite store it could soon be mine. Now Alan pondered why I did not buy any bottle of beer, but I knew in the back of my head what was coming.

Alan took me to a shop in the town center for a hot lovely lovely lovey chocolate. ah nice. It even had a chocolate frog on top. Then Alan said we would go home the scenic route. Very scenic, a route I’ll never be able to repeat. But it was a nice day and it was a nice walk. He took me to Veron Park to see this fountain and

to ask me why they had called the mill in the background Pear Mill.

I considered that it was most likely where they had stored the pears a few years back.

We admired the dribbling water icy flowing over the granite statue before coming to our senses and realising how cold it was.

We walked tot he far side of the park and up some stairs where we were greeted by a tea shop.

And so we had Tea Al a Fresco enjoying the suns rays and the views of the park.

But to this day I still wonder why that mill is called Pear Mill

In davenport

Having s cup of tea before bed in 125 Davenport

The Magnet

For the nights entertainment we went to the Magnet, a pub with some 24 beers on offer. So you can imagine it was not only busy but also busy with people being busy drinking. While Brendan had gone home Matt also joined, followed by Scott and another Matt, one of which like to talk about Skoda’s, MX5 Mk1’s and cooking oil. I do not knwo where the night was going but it was all going way to quickly….

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Davenport pizza

Yes the speciality of Davenport is pizza and that's what we are having for tea.

The Muppets Manchester Premier

Saturday morning and I’m up way too early and nowhere near enough sleep. That plus my credit card company rang me at 9:30am to check on fraudulent activity on my card. A cup of tea and I was ready for some local shopping and

some game playing on the PS3. That was before we were going to venture out to Manchester city center.

Here we went to Alans favourite comic store, record shop and then onto Burger King as he had made me wait all through this to go to the toilet. On my return Zoe was now munching through a BK meal.

We went to the Cinema where we meat Brendan, Rosie and Helen. The decision on what we were going to see had already been made but what was it…

Some of us were more excited about this than others and the excitement was just tooooo much.

Seating time at last and we were in the dark room. A dark room full of happiness and joy. Wonderful song, thoughts and optimism. This was all too much for Alan who seemed to not get quiet into the spirit of things.

We left the cinema all giddy and high, apart from one of us whom decide we must walk the streets of Manchester once more to disorientate me. Alan brings us to The Gas Lamp Bar. Which he described to me as ‘its like having a drink in an underground toilet’. Great I thought!

Although I can’t remember the last time there was a chandelier in the toilets of the underground.

We have a bevie here and then go for a further walk to another bar where we have beer and fries before heading on a train back to Stockport.

Stockport breakfast

In Alan and Zoe's kitchen we have some breakfast things and mole grips.....err m

Friday, February 17, 2012

Going to Stockport for Dinner

Well I asked Alan if he fancied a beer. HE said yes and that I’d better be round for 7pm. This was somewhat not accomplished when the M6 stopped (yet again). Anyway just under 1 hour late Alan gives me a quick coke and we are out of the door, as Rosie is cooking us up a 3 course meal.


We arrive at Rosie's not knowing how Alan had said er Nack will be joining us or that I have now made them late, god I know how to make myself popular. Brendan is also here and Alan and Brendan start talking very geeky about things and people of cult TV series etc. To the point where it begins to feel like I’m in an episode of the Big Bang Theory. Best of all is that I must be Penny as I’m totally on a different blonde level to them.

I come to my senses when I realise I don’t have boobs and the 3 course dinner is served up. We start with a exquisite goats cheese tart, yummy, Ghoulash, yummy and……..

considering I’m not a chocolate lover a died for sueflay. Plus bubbbbbbly to go with. Unfortunately for Alan and Zoe, Rosie has set the new standard for Friday night tea when I now pop round Alan and Zoes…smile…

Following dinner, a bubbly we get out Rosie's new board game ~The Settlers of Catan. A German award winning board game based on taking over settlements and trade, or as Brendan had said ‘now isn’t that interesting. only Germans would be interested in that’. The game though did turn out to be a lot easier to play than the instructions seemed to make out. In fact it was most enjoyable and one has to question where the time went. Ek it past my bed time…..


The next book i'm going to have a bash at its Alan sugar's. I trust this is going to be as inspirational as Chris's.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Someone Turn The Oven Back On There’s……

Today I have disappointingly finished Chris Evan’s Memoires of a Fruit Cake. I wish the story could have gone on and on, and I guess in a way it does as he has not croaked it yet. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this book as apart from his BBC2 Breakfast show I’ve never been a big fan of his – a bit odd why I brought it then I guess. The book is superbly written in a wonderful and engrossing style which is even better than his now radio broadcasting. It is open and shows you just how much of a normal human being he truly is rather than what you may take as a hyper ego celebrity of which I thought. Heart warming, sensitive, stupid and fun the book shares some poiniment moments of his life and has made me feel that I now know him as a friend even though I’ve never meet, but oh so much want to now.

And so as I have started on his last book I will undoubted buy his first. I cannot recommend this book enough and is one I will surely keep in my collection of objects to never get rid off. Thanks for Sharing Chris.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Moving in

At last I'm watching some House again. Haven't watched an episode for ages.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Still on the rice

I'm still eating rice at dinner to keep my calories in check and fast in take down. Nice and filling usually followed by a banana and some comfort  apples.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Bed time stories

My reading is going well after last Weeks draught. Now on page 206 and enjoying it immensly.

The dark

I was reading some more if Chris Evens' book in bed last night, when I got to the part about the darkest night of his life. Then we had a power cut and it was mine instead.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

One must go

Well now that I have a defy plus the original defy is now on Ebay. Some one will get a great phone real cheap. I only had it a short time but I loved you defy. Good luck ebayers.


Not only did I get the cold play album, but I also picked up some other classic albums whilst in replay. And that's why I love that music shop.


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