Friday, March 30, 2012

Phatnoise installation part 1

I have decided to push ahead with the phatnoise installation on my MX5 and removing the Kenwood minidisc head unit I’m using now. So knowing how good or bad the Skoda Symphony unit is I plumbed for one of these off ebay. Got it and low and behold it is locked. I contacted the seller to see if they had the code but they seemed to rigidly believe it did not need one. Never the less they said they would sort something out with me if I was not happy. I wasn’t to fussed I just didn’t want to pay to have it decoded if they knew the code. Anyway I wanted to keep the tape player to make it less desirable being in an open top car.

And so off to DND services where it was turned round as advertised in 48 hours.

Now back with a code it is time to prepare the unit for installation.

And with all the wires and cables apart from the CD one coming from China any time soon – one hopes, we await to get it up and running

Duragloss Cherry Smelling Car Wash

Having given my MX5 a dam good scrub the other day I needed some more duragloss 105 polish. I noticed that Shinearama also sold a largish but not the largest tub of there lovely cheer smelling. Mega dear but that must be for that wonderful aroma it smells of. I kid you not


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Another ending

House session 4 has now been veiwed. While they had to change the formula some what I still much prefer the old characters. Of course one of the magic moments of this series was with cut throat bitch...superb. No more of those though.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Qeust For The Rings

Today something very exciting came in the post. Here we have The Quest For the Rings for the Philips G7000. Holy moly the dearest cartridge so far and here is why.

Its in a nice box, always makes a difference.

It also comes with the game board and wonderful instruction book and counters, all of which need to be used thoughout the video game.

An exceptional example and should be a prized.

I wonder how it plays?

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Another day another philips G7000 game,n here we have gun fighter, the original GTA?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Tori Amos

I felt like listening to some Tori Amos, so after watching her live on love film I went and brought some extra listening material. I might well have gone over the top.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Great weather for a five

Not only have I been enjoying the sun but I have scrubbed up the five to give her a blast all week as the sun is going to shine shine shine. Love it…..

Bring on the lights

I had nothing better to do with my life so I brought some better LED lights and made o whole grill light up. Sad but neat eh Winking smile

Filling the back Catalogue

Popped into the music store too and got some back catalogue CDs. I was hoping to see the new Madonna album but perhaps its not out yet?

When will I wear them

I've had nice shopping jolly in very quiet Wolvo. Looked at loads of ties but didn't see anything outstanding, so I brought some new cufflinks instead. Perhaps I'll start collecting theses instead.

Wolverhampton skyline

Im enjoying some lunch with my mom in cafe zest, enjoying the Wolverhampton skyline on this warm sunny day.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wonder where I am?

I think the picture will tell you i've been to Jivans again and enjoyed dam good food and beer.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Genuine Mazda Panasonic S46A24L battery

A parcel came in the post today and like most things I knew what it was. In fact I hadn’t even gone to work when the courier came round. You see I have got fed up with the Westco Gel battery being dead every time I go to use my MX5. Now the MX5 was fitted with a special small battery supplied by Panasonic. When I brought my aging MX5 in 2005 it still had its original Panasonic battery and it lasted a fair few years before dying. At the time with the Westco being a better buy and the Panasonic one not being readily available I went with that. However the Westco battery has in my opinion been pants. Its always been flat more often than charged up, even with one of the special Ctek chargers. So whewre did I buy the new battery from? Just click the photos for the link.

Anyways I stumped up the £154 pounds for the original specification replacement battery for the MX-5.  As it says on the tin and as per the original battery I hope to get the following from it “We still service some cars with their original Panasonic battery fitted, some over 20 years old..”

No point it being in the box so its….

out of the box and into the car…

So I put it in the boot and fully charged it with the Ctek charger first. Fingers crossed it will last for this money. Fitted in the tray correctly and the vent plug holes are obviously in the right position.  As a plus it started much much better than the Westco battery. Here’s to some happy driving……

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The struggle begins Tags:

More games in the post for the G7000. Looking on ebay its going to be a struggle from here on to complete the collection.

House season 4

Well i'm pleased to say that season 4 has started in an exciting manner. While the old cast are not in it from the start they do appear here and there. Some good story writing going on here.

Over And Out

I have completed watching season 3 of house and worryingly most of the cast have quit or been fired by Dr House. What will the next season have in stall for us.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Human Centiped 2

I'm sure Les told me this was a good film, and while the original was this second film is tosh. The best bit is where he kills his mom and then gets his neighbour round. If you decide to watch this just fast forward to this bit and don't waste your life watching the rest.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mr Nice

Back at home its nice to see Les has looked after my cat well. She is even still talking to me!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Just go with it

Just go with it, a film I thought wouldn't be great but has amused me thought. It is what it its and nothing more, and i'm glad to have seen it.

Pet shop girls

Yes I've got some more to, and whilst I still listen to the pet shop boys a lot, well their old tracks I actually only have them on vynal unbelievable I here we are up to date in CD format.

The kings

Muse was not the only artist I brought some CDs of either. Nope i've brought these too, to add to my kings of Lyon collection. I must be a music mood I've certainly stopped reading.


I've been to the music store again and i've updated my muse collection to where it should be. All I have to do more is find time to listen to them.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

The Possada experience

Its been a while done I've been in here. Beer a good as ever. Dark rooms dark atmosphere, missed the place. Don't usually get to venture out of jivans but tonight we went for tea earlier than normal, and got a table straight away.

Berdys new glasses

Berdy has some new glasses. In fact he has two pairs he's been to spec savers. Any way I prefer them to his old ones although I haven't seen the second pair.

There is nothing quite like .......

A divine mouth watering jivans experience. Where is Phil Turner I haven't seen him in here for a long long time?????

Friday, March 02, 2012

Friday breakfast treat

Having been to the gym every night this week I treated myself this morning to a big breakfast in the canteen. I even got to work mega early to every ones and my surprise.


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