Friday, March 23, 2012

Genuine Mazda Panasonic S46A24L battery

A parcel came in the post today and like most things I knew what it was. In fact I hadn’t even gone to work when the courier came round. You see I have got fed up with the Westco Gel battery being dead every time I go to use my MX5. Now the MX5 was fitted with a special small battery supplied by Panasonic. When I brought my aging MX5 in 2005 it still had its original Panasonic battery and it lasted a fair few years before dying. At the time with the Westco being a better buy and the Panasonic one not being readily available I went with that. However the Westco battery has in my opinion been pants. Its always been flat more often than charged up, even with one of the special Ctek chargers. So whewre did I buy the new battery from? Just click the photos for the link.

Anyways I stumped up the £154 pounds for the original specification replacement battery for the MX-5.  As it says on the tin and as per the original battery I hope to get the following from it “We still service some cars with their original Panasonic battery fitted, some over 20 years old..”

No point it being in the box so its….

out of the box and into the car…

So I put it in the boot and fully charged it with the Ctek charger first. Fingers crossed it will last for this money. Fitted in the tray correctly and the vent plug holes are obviously in the right position.  As a plus it started much much better than the Westco battery. Here’s to some happy driving……


  1. Hi which Ctek charger did you use to charge it and in which mode?


  2. I had a Ctek unit which I replaced with an Optimate 4. I got mine from MX5

    It does everything for you - no buttons to press just connect up. If you battery is very tired though and you want to try and rejuvintate it YOU HAVE TO DISCONNECT it from the car or it will not do its full program.



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