Sunday, April 29, 2012

2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps

I have found on love film the TV section which has loads of TV series. Here is one of my favourites 2 pints of lager and a packet of crisps. And so having seen the first one I know why it was called this and also the size of Garys porn collection they go on about through out the series.

Software city

I was in wild we Wolvo today surprised to find of the 2 games one is still open but even more surprised that game station was also open. I brought Jericho for a fiver. We must be a city of game lovers. Can anyone remember the independent store that was open in the 80’s actually called Software City hidden originally down an alley where the scream pub is now situated. A den of magical activity for the geeks and nerds with their cassettes of games for every machine imaginable.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Its been a long wait

It has been a while since the last episode of the big bang theory, but at last a new one was out. And worth the wait as this episode about Howards bachelor party was humourous throughout.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Les’s PreBirthday Dinner

As the Quiz is at the Bradford Arms on a Thursday we were going to celebrate Les getting one year older and crankier the day before the big day. A group of us got together to find that the quiz master was ill and so there was not going to be a quiz after all. Although the last time we ate on the quiz night this does mean we can relax and take the meal slowly.

And here is my starter, the classic prawn cocktail presented beautifully.  Mind it did not stay looking like this for long once I had mixed all the ingredients together with the sauce.

And here is the mix grill I and a few others enjoyed.

including the birthday boy himself.

Greenie however had bigger thoughts still and had the mammoth steak and two eggs. He didn’t eat it all.

The meals were big, beautiful and tasted great. Hell I didn’t have room for pudding but I went for over indulgence. Mind we were told that the custard would have to be freshly prepared and would take 5-10 minutes. Hell I really needed longer to digest the main but please take your time. It was hard to go home. My belly really did feel like it was going to burst but with food like this it just hard to stop eating…….

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

PhatNoise Radio Setup

With my last Phatnoise purchase I also received a document I hadn’t had in the past. And this document explains a lot if you have a VAG, Volkswagen or Audio head unit as it explains what head unit is for what setup type in the settings. Obviously before I just guessed. And most likely wrongly to. See here are the import sheets of information.




Monday, April 23, 2012

Enjoy good food in the Barn

It was my dads birthday so we have been out to the Barnes for a meal. The Pate starters were huge and with so much pate the waitress went and got us more toast to go with it. And when the meals came she could see there wasn’t enough chips so went and sorted this out without us prompting her either.

Not only was the food good, plentiful, but the service was especially good tonight to with a great waitress.  When its like tis you always want to return.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Is it really made of Iron?

It was the Sunday after the Saturday and it was not very nice outside. Alan had been playing a PS1 game on my PS3 but insisted he wanted me to take him out. It looked dreary and cold and wet and I had a hangover. Eventually I perked up enough to decide now was the time to get in the MX5 put the hood down and show Alan some of the beautiful countryside we have around here. We headed East to the glourious mecca of Telford via the country lanes with the roof down and the clouds above us very very dark.

As we got near Telford Alan saw the signs for the Iron bridge. “Can we go there he exclaimed” like can excited school boy. I looked at him puzzled and questioned “have you never been there?” “No” he replied. Well your in for a treat then Alan. We park up.

“This isn’t the Iron bridge Nack.” “No Alan you are right, but the iron bridge was made of iron and this is where it all started. The making of iron, the start of the industrial revolution, where it led and as we know it today ending with the Longbridge and DVLA closure's. This is where the is life began”

And there is so much to see at Bedlam Furances.

A sign.

Some rubble – which your not allowed to touch or take any of it home Winking smile

And this is where the workers sat and had there lunch. “Right enough of this bollocks show me the bridge, you know the one made of iron” said Allan.

And so we crossed the river, via a bridge made of concrete to the car park for the Iron Bridge.

And the town itself

“Well here it is Alan and guess what, you can walk on it” said Nack

And there was no stopping him. He looked up the river to the west. And he looked up the river to the East. He seemed happy enough.

And so we crossed the bridge and sat down at Eleys, so not only could we people watch, admire the bridge from a distance but also

To have one of the World Famous pork pies and a cup of tea. Well truth be said I had one of Eley’s world famous pork pies. Alan had some veg in a light pastry outer baked to perfection in a quick heat oven. The pork pie was nice, lets face it some can be a jelly molded disgusting, but neither was it outstanding.

And so onto dessert, from the Wrold Famous Ice Cream shop next door, and that is all they sell. God knows how much of it they sell in the winte.

Alan admires the beaty of the iron works from the river bank.

whilst he can’t get enough of that ice cream.

We start to wander down the road to enjoy the views.

And what can you say this historic feature of iron looks just as good from afar.

I stumble on something. Something I was not expecting. Something which did not look like it should be but was. It was The Iron Bridge Brewaery, and after all their beer we drank yesterday it would be rude not to pay them a visit. And there again they had just closed… And so we went back to the car, took the hood down and headed south towards…

Bridge north. Now I took alan here because I knew he would not be able to resist..

A ride on the the lift tram thingy that Bridgenorth is famous for, as well as its quaint upper town. And I was right down we went.

Obvously once we were down I had to find something to show him so I did.

The caves and passage way entrances built into the cliff face. Very intresting.

Well Alan wanted to walk back up the cliff, however the tram funicular ticket was a return.

So we got back on it.

Alan so loved it!

Yep they don’t make them like this any more thank god.

Nack we are nearly at the top what next?

Well this path is called Castle way or something like that. And while it may have been a good idea to have a castle up here I’ve never know Bridgenorth to have a castle. Anyway we decide to follow it to see where it does go.

Well I didn’t relise there was a church up here but there is.

Now the staircase between the upper and lower town I did know about and if Alan wanted to go back down then he could, alone.

At the far end there is a statue and then the path goes around through 180 degrees and you can see the steam trains at the Severn Valley Railway Station. Another Thumbs up from Alan.

But wait for it. You know that castle. Well here it is. It does exist, well kind of. Its kind of probably why I didn’t know it existed either. Yep there it is right in front of your eyes. And so back into upper town and off with the top to scuttle back to Wolvo, only there’s no chance of catching the train Alan wants to. So I stop off at some other exciting mecca of South Staffordshire.

Yes Bratch Locks. The locks that are not a staircase, and don’t you forget it.

Alan studies them

And most likely somewhere he’ll never forget visiting either. I know how to show someone a good time Winking smile

Boats come in, water goes out, boat goes out. Wait for it, wait for it.

Alan I said wait for it.

Just a little while longer.

You see a boat.

Very nice boat it is too.

And with that we zip to Wolvo station where Alan departs for the warmer climate of Stockport. Bye Bye Alan I’m off to bed after all that.



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