Wednesday, May 30, 2012

MX5 hood catches


I was thinking what more could be done to the MX5 and thus went on Ebay.

A few minutes later I had brought these from Autoworks.Automotive. The description is as follows:

“Designed specifically for the Mazda MX5 models, including Mk1, Mk2 models including import roadster and Eunos Models. This is a replacement item for the original roof handle found just above the sun visors. Simply remove old black handle and replace with this item.
These are not merely chrome covers but a whole new engineered replacement part, cast out of alloy then triple chrome plated for a mirror finish. These handles are engineered to last. They are beatifically crafted and would compliment our chrome fuel cap covers and roll bars perfectly. Also can be used for the Hardtop top and side handles.
Come with new pins and cir-clips. Easy DIY fitment. Price is for the pair. Both sides.”

this is how the car looked without them. You can see now these are going to change your life so money well worth spending.

Well the old ones were simple enough to get off. You just have to make sure you do not let the circlips fly off. On each holder there are 6 to undo. Two on the outer pins and 2 on the inner pin. Once off you can see (well on mine) that they are not quite the same design. Following the instructions I peel of the old adhesive pad which then you will need to attached to the new ones with some glue. I then put on the new cups using the small circlips supplied. OK easy enough. They were however very loose fitting. So I took the small new circlips off and tried the old ones. These gave a much tighter fit. But to get them on in the first place is a right bugger. They will fit, but only just. After this I checked they locked ok and adjusted the adjuster on each catch.

And now the car is blingged.

I told you it was life changing.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

3 in Scarborough–Tuesday the day we go to..

Well was that receptionist girl right? I woke up to a very warm room and light blaring through the curtain. I have a look…

Oh my god yes she was right. The heat wave was here.

Breakfast is served up in our great kitchen, after all since the shed in a field we have come on a bit.

We get ready to do a dam good cycle to Whitby.

Oh course I’m up for it Alan.

We have a pit stop before leaving the Blue Dolphin holiday Park for some drinks and for me to put my chain on.

We leave the holiday park and low and behold my chain comes off again. And then again. And then again. At this point I stop but Alan and Zoe have disappeared. There is obviously a fault. I do a temporary fix which doesn’t get me all my gears but gets me moving.

I catch them up as they have decided to stop and wait for me. At the bottom of a big hill. No wonder they didn’t return.

At some point we need to stop so I can try and fix this situation with the gears I declare.

Alan would appear to not be in such good mood anymore.

We get past Cayton Bay and guess what

Bloody chain again.

Alan exclaims to Zoe something like “ who come on a cycling holiday but doesn’t service their bike first. I’m going to kill him”

I feel the love.

Across the bay we can see Scarborough in the distance.

Alan reminds Nack that he knows nothing about bike mechanics. Luckily I do but I could do with stopping somewhere for half an hour to fix it.

We are moving again and are off to Scarborough sea front.

Ontop of the cliff we overlook the sea front of Scarborough.

Alan is still not a happy chap.

We head down the cliff path whizzing down at speeds you shouldn't.

And briefly stop to admire the beautiful seafront beach

with its cooling breeze.

We cycle slowly down the front

Zoe advising to me that Alan and herself had eaten at Willy’s Cafe last time they were here.

I noted the Rock shop.

Whilst Alan noted the Public conveniences and the Oceans Pantry.

We ride once more forward around the head land

With its wide path and tidal barrier.

We follow it around the the castle mound

and onwards

In the far distance you can see the White out line of the Sealife Center and Scalby Mills.

Onwards until some requires a pit stop for the toilet.

And so whilst we stop I

Take the time to strip down my gears and redo them. I see the issue and with my trusted pants tool kit I get to work putting them right.

Yippy we are on the move once more. Then just round the corner we find this sculpture and

stop to investigate it.

I have a feeling Zoe wants one for her back garden.

We have fun doing a photo shoot of every part

at every angle.

As you can see though someone has made some effort here.

And eventually a passer by takes our photo with us all on the bench. At a slight angle.

Whilst stopped we take in the scenery

with the castle standing proud above Scarborough itself.

We cycle to the end of the seafront round and then continue along the promenade.

The Sealife Center slowly growing in size as we get nearer.

The gears are now functioning nicely.

and eventually we reach the Sealife Center.

We stop once more to admire the old chair lift that has been left in dissarray,

And quiet frankly anyone who built a chair lift on the sea front needs there head looking at.

No doubt the sea salt water and spray were a constant problem.

And we move on

Goodbye Scarborough.

Hello Scalby Mills. And at Scalby Mills there’s not just a Sea Life Center.

Theres also a seafront pub.

And thus we stop.

To enjoy a

refreshing brew and the sea air.

Savoury the flavour. A half each, hey we don’t want to be falling off four bikes at this point.

Here we have a couple of people and a dog enjoying the sea puddles.

Luckily the sewage pipe looks intacked.

We leave Scalby Mills up the steep road and then down some residenital streets. And here would have been a classical moment with my camera. One half pint of beer and Alan falls off his bike! His pride damaged he gets back on and starts peddling once more.

The houses disappear and we are on the Cedar Track at last. a disused railway line.

And here is the first sign post between here and Whiby.

Here we go then.

The path starts off nice enough at first.

but there are places where I am glade for the full suspension on my bike.

This is country bliss cycling.

And another marker to give us an idea of progress.

We cycle some shaded areas which with the sun now burning away is welcoming.

We whizz along merrily.

And another post.

Here we can have a pitstop at the nearby


Zoe ponders if there is a signal here.

Alan can’t get one either.

An so we have a pint and some dessert. Yummy

Which disappears promptly

We have to ponder hard if we even want to get back on our bikes.

But yes we get on then and head off northbound with the path getting much rougher in places.

But nothing beats a ride like this.

And whilst there are no ig hills we are steadily climbing all the time.

Through a gate and

through an old station

Then the path gets much worse.

And continues to do so.

We leave the trees and shade behind.

Stop at a signal post and check where we are.

And the path becomes much more cinderary.

Teh in the distance we arrive at the highest point on the Cinder Trail

We arrive at the highest resort in Northern England.

And with reaching this peak we stop for a rest.

We have arrived at Ravenscar, the town that never actually got built.

We wonder off to see what if anything there is to see.

We lock the bikes up and

head over to the tea rooms.

Here we get 3 mugs of tea and the chap is happy for us to leave with them as long as we return them later.

And so with tea in hand we go exploring the town that isn’t.

The local residence seem to be sheep


So Alan you brought me all this way to see sheep then?

Why you would pick this place as a resort is beyond me and everyone lese. Somewhere down there, many many meters away is sealevel.

We wonder along the cliff path.

Enjoying the lush green grass more than the sheep.

But a pleasant enough day for it.

We head toward more nothingness.

And find it

There nothing quiet like nothing

Epecialy with all this grass around.

Then there was something.

Something so exciting Alan hung onto Zoe as she edged to the cliff edge.

What was it she could see? Was it the cliff edge or the sea?

Mean while Alan takes a photo of his tea mug.

Well I’m guessing he could have actually took a photo of the bay and in the distance a view of Robin Hood’s Bay.

We walk away from all the excitement and

head upwards up a road.

Sheep aren't the only residence here after all.

This cows are here to. Nice horns.

Well this way is the Cleveland Way and Robin Hoods Bay

We wonder the area

Looking for more nothing and finding it.

Look another marker post.

Another view

of the bay baked in sun.

Here Robin Hood’s Bay could be seen a little better.

And we even find a national trust sign for Ravenscar.

Alan is looking for a public convenience but find this.

And then this. The other end of the disused railway tunnel.

We wanted to go exploring but one there was too many bugs around and two there was a locked gate on the front of it.

And so we made our way back up to the road without houses and headed back to the tea rooms to give our mugs back.

Once mug less and a couple of post cards in our hands we go and get our bikes.

There is a vote to turn back and not head any further to Whitby as time is pushing by and there still a distance to go. Mad as I am I was still up for it but going back would turn out to be the sensible option.

And so we head back towards Scarborough. Of course as we were at the highest point this did mean that it was down hill all the way back.

And so we went much faster…

Zipping past the old railway station, that's in an even more obscure location than the Ravenscar one.

Alan peddles away as fast as he can, for some reason, believing me and Zoe would be right on his back wheel.

He waited patently at the gate though.

We pass the gate and onwards

Enjoying the open track.


And back to the outskirts of Scarborough itself.

Then we have to stop.

Zoe’s tyre is flat. Although Zoe’s tyres do come off the wheels incredibly easily. Or as Alan points out too easily, thats not how they should be.

The mechanics are at hand. And while it looks like I didn’t give a hand when it came to having the wheel off I’m not well practised at repairing of punctures and so left to those who are.

Will it stay up I ponder?

And off we shoot following Alan who is following his nav on his phone.

We shoot through the outskirts and spot in the distance

a windmill in the center of town.

And so we go to find it, going round and round in circles.

We find the main road and head over the infamous Scarborough bridge.

See the famous bridge

This is the top of it.

And this is the bottom of it.

And here we go. Now from here on I tyre somewhat and keeping up with Alan and Zoe becomes a struggle. Yep the person who was willing to go all the way is now struggling to make it back.

We plod through the nice area

And we leave the Welcome of Scarborough itself to find our way home.

We look over the bay towards the Blue Dolphin holiday park.

The waves beneath us are now high, weren’t we cycling along there this morning?

and right over there in the distance you can see the white of the caravan park.

And so we set on our way for the last leg of the journey.

One of the many nice hotels we could have stayed out but didn’t.

We zip by them all

Keep it up Nack we are nearly there.

And so we head onto the country lanes, one big issue though.

that is coming up soon.

The rest of the way back is hilly

We get to Cayton bay.

The sea is in here too.

We whizz down hill along the cycle path

and from here in it is up hill to the holiday park

I take a steady pace while Alan and Zoe head off way ahead of me.

Which somehow reminds me of the Norfolk holiday.

A few meters more and

I’m home.

Alan is waiting for me with a sandwich in his hand tutting still about the gears and saying how he wished he had the full suspensions works for days like this.

I have a well deserved rest and cup of tea whilst

Alan show me how my tracks has worked on my Defy +. How exciting.

Then the beer is cracked open and the pizza is cooked up.

Before we end a great day playing some board games.


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