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Replacing the gearbox oil in a Skoda Superb


The gearbox oil in the Skoda Superb 1.9TD 2003 is meant to be ok for the life of the car or so the manual says. Of course that depends on what you expect the life of your car to be or infact what the car manufacture did. Like engine oil but not as severe the oil gets hot and cold over and over, and so I’m guessing it degrades too. Like a lot of cars out there mine has done over 100K and thats enough for me to change the gearbox oil, to keep it in tip top condition for at least another 100K miles, and so here we go on how I did it. To do it properly you should do it so the car is flat so that all the oil drains out. That I can’t do as it will be on ramps, so I’m going to empty it and then measure the amount that comes out and then refill it by the same amount. It should only have 2.5 Litres in max.

Things you will need:


Flat blade Screw Driver

10mm socket

VW security drain plug spline socket ( I got mine off ebay for £5 delivered)

2.5 Litres of the correct gearbox oil as specified by VW/VAG. ( I used FEBI SAE 75 GL-4 21829 - it is dear which I also got from an ebay supplier)

2 jugs (1 litres jobs, 2 for a pound at the pound store)

1m of PVC tube

A small funnel


The most boring bit of this and every car now is taking the bottom engine cover off. To get at the gearbox you only need to take the rear section off. Here I’m taking all the cover off as I’m going to do the timing belt next.


Remove the rear most left screw

Remove the rear most right screw

Remove the midway middle screw

Remove the midway left screw

Remove the midway right screw.

Remove the rear section.

Now I carried on removing the rest due to further maintenance but there is no need if only doing the gearbox oil.

Remove the screw from the left hand wheel arch.

Remove the screw from the right hand wheel arch.

Remove the bolt from front the center.

Remove the screw from the front right

Remove the screw for the left front.

From under the car the gearbox can be seen.

On the under side of the gearbox is the drain plug. Do not remove yet.

Looking from the bottom of the up the passenger side of the gearbox you will see a fill plug next to the drive shaft. It is important to remove this plug before you drain in case you can’t get it out. Yep that would be a problem having drain the oil and not being able to fill it.

Now the gearbox drain and filler plugs on this car are VW security spline plugs.


To undo them you will require a VW gearbox plug socket available from ebay.

Undo the fill plug and remove.

You may have to move the car slightly to rotate the drive shaft to allow the socket to fit to the plug.

Get something to catch the gearbox oil in and position it under the gearbox plug.

Remove the gearbox drain plug.

And catch the oil.

Allow the gearbox oil to drain.

Once drain, insert the drain plug plug.

Get the jugs ready for pouring into.

Transfer the gear oil to jugs and measure the quantity that came out. Mine came out at exactly 2 litres. The second car I did straight after came out with 2.1Litres.

Notice how dark it is.


To fill the gearbox I go a length of hose. routed it from, the rear of the engine area down the side of the engine.

From below pushed the hose into the gearbox fill hole.

Insert small funnel into hose.

Pour new oil into funnel. (goes without saying really).

Notice how light coloured it is. ONLY put the amount in that came out.

Let the pipe run empty.

Remove the pipe.

Replace the fill plug. Check the drain plug and fill plug are tight. Put the cover back on the bottom of the car and its all done.

All done – happy drivin.

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  1. Can the same steps can be followed on a skoda superb 2011 TSI 1.8 AT.



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