Saturday, July 28, 2012

Without Gavin & Stacey There Would Be No…


After a long day of the games, I thought it may well be enjoyable to go out for a pint. Les and Beardy agreed and joined me at the Littleton Arms. After a couple of pints outside we went indoors and sat opposite the big screen, much to Les’s annoyance. On the Screen was the Olympics which he was doing his best not to get involved in, in any manner. Now this seemed strange to me him being such a big lover of all sports you can watch on TV no matter how uninteresting the sporting activity. Never the less he tried his best not to watch any of it until he said lets change pub then.

And so to the horse and Jockey it was were after a couple more pints, a bloke who left his teeth at the bar, someone shouted is that you Nack? IT was of course the one and Only Smithy. God it was good see him…….

Phat hacking

Whilst I got my phatnoise unit working in my MX5 I could never get the unit to Phat Hack. In the end I used my original drive that I had with my unit for the Skoda, and the phathack worked instantly. Erm. And so I got a new 120GB IDE hard drive and put it in the cartridge. Made a DMS using phat Hack tools and put some music on it. It The phatNoise unit recognised the drive instantly. Now to just add a few thousand music files it it. That will take, erm all tomorrow I guess!

Because I don’t smoke

My cigarette socket on my MX5 stopped working. Argg what a pain in the ass. Well I thought it would just be the fuse, but hello the fuses descriptions are all in Japanese. After a bit of searching books I decide on which fuse is the one and pull it. And the stereo system goes off. Obversily not blow then or not that one. I set out and pull each fuse out one by one checking which is blown. It turns out out though non of them???

A rumble through the internet forums and not much help there as my fuse box doesn’t match any others that have been put on the internet. Great. Then I try a different mutilmeter. Yay guess what, there is power there afterall. Its the socket thats knackered.

Off to Mx5 parts and the next day a new socket and lighter come.

This is the old socket a bit oxidized inside.

And so I fit it and great. Now I can use all those accessories again. Yippee.

New socket in place I can now use those accessories again, just in time for long journeys.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Let The Games Begin


Friday night and the 2012 Olympic games begin in Britain. We all watch eagerly in diss-belief that they even managed to build the Olympic village in time yet even be ready for the opening ceremony. Surely it would be pants compared to the Olympic beginning ceremony.

And it started in a wired and wonderful English way.

All green and nice unlike London itself.

Then the bell was rang

And Mr Bond sprang into action

To go and collect the Queen, weather she wanted to come or not.

She put a brave face on and headed off with Mr Bond.

The ceremony waited in baited breath whether she or Beckham would take the main seat.

And then our loyal Queen appeared and took her seat, the weather being so much nice than on her birthday surely this would make a nice night out.

The flag was raised.

Hymns were sung, the sports , music and comedy heroes were brought out

The pantomine had started without a hitch

The history of the Great British Olympics began.

And the Queen thought on sod it, the Common Wealth Games budget must be increased to out do this tosh….

Not just sunshine.

With the sun out I have about eight of the one hundred sun flower pants actually growing in the garden. And this is the first and very fast growing one that has flowered.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Nice night for a polish

With the summer here at last and the evenings so nice, I got the polish out, maybe even for the first time this year. Some hard work later and she's a beautiful dark lush green once more. Standback and admire.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


I'm sitting in the sun enjoying some belvoir fruit farms organic ginger beer. Just right apart from the shed loads of organic sugar it contains.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stones throw

Being that the sun has come out I took my mom out for a day at Stone, with its nice if a bit quiet High Street full of charity shops and not much else. After some shopping we head into Pasta di Piazza. Inside the place looks nice enough but outback is certainly weathered and needs redoing out – shame given the weather now and it would have been nice to have been outside. I guess a for smokers only shabby area now. Even looks like they used to have a big water feature at the back. The food that was served was lovely, noted it was very quite but then it was around 3pm on a Saturday, not high time for most restaurants which lead to a nice relaxing meal. Negative thoughts were the drinks were dear.


Friday, July 20, 2012

The Steve Bull Restaurant

Friday night and the gang are getting together for a night out. We meet at the Dog and Gun before heading over to the old restaurant above the Tettenhall Post Office. It has been some time since I’ve been here, previously known as Ristorante Romagna, and now it is owned by some ex footballer.

Which football fans been fickle most likely means it has reduced the potential customer range to mainly locals. Not that this is obvious until you are in there and see the Wolves themes. It new name is Bravaccio’s.

With a lovely fresh interior we are lounged in the relaxing bar area. Here the Peroni flowed along with some of the best ever tasting olives I have ever come across and if for nothing else you should visit just for these.

If for nothing else though it was great to be round a table enjoying yourself with all your mates wishing the night would never end.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sometimes you have to say goodbye wheather you want to or not..

After a dam good 20 years the beloved and loyal cat had become unable to walk on her back legs any more. After a week of them getting much worse and knowing that when I took her to the vet, that she would most likely not be coming back I take a deep breath and put her in her box. Unlike most visits to the vet this time she sat in her box without any attempt to escape. And as we had guessed once at the vets it was time to say goodbye. The house feels so empty now without the furball being around tapping you with her little white feet for some fuss. 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Finished the skoda

I've finished the big service on the Skoda at last. All seems fine after a quick test drive, and the gearbox oil change has also worked wonders on mine too. It well be nice to have the most boring car in the world you sit in on that m6.

All seems fine after a quick test drive, and the gearbox oil change has also worked wonders on mine too. It well be nice to have the most boring car in the world you sit in on that m6.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fitting an ARC


Its not often you see an Arc, especially with an air box, and super especially for a 1.8 MX5. So when one came up on ebay I put a stupid bid in and guess what. I was the stupidest. Some of you are going to be thinking not only is he mad but what is the arc.

So what do you get. A shiney, very light weight box to replace the plastic across pipe. This is meant to help provide a greater amount of air to the engine when y9ou decide to accelerate.

An air box with foam filter to allow free movement of air through it.

A bigger box to allow more air flow.

And that hole is where you need to mount the Mass Air Flow Sensor.

So I guess now it was time to fit it.

Here it is fitted after a load of messing around trying to get the air box in the right position. My headlamp lid with air vent should at least allow cool air to get to it.

If nothing else the shininess under bonnet bling is looking good. The M.A.F.S. wiring is worryingly close to the exhaust manifold.

And I was concerned that the box may not fit with the front strut race but it did.

Once positioned correctly I’ve put some rubber on the bonnet bracing frame where it will obviously rub on the air box when the engine is running,

And to be quiet frank whilst I have an aftermarket exhaust on I was not expecting any difference from an induction system and hence I’ve never bother fitting one. But having fitted it and taken the car out I am very surprised by the change, the car feels more fluid in wanting to accelerate. And of course to go with the exhaust noise at the rear I now have induction noise at the front. Some one get me some ear muffs. And of course this morning the first thing I did was to contacted my insurance company to advise of the modification.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Skoda Superb Timing belt

  Here we have how I changed my Skoda Superb 2003 1.9TD timing belt and includes changing the water pump and alternator pulley. I’m not a professional mechanic, just someone who enjoys working on their own cars. This is part 2 and continues from part 1 taking the front of the car off.

1.0 Removing the Fan and drive belts

2.0 Removing the part to get at the timing belt


3.0 Removing the Timing Belt


4.0 Removing and replacing the water pump

5.0 Installing the new timing belt





6.0 Removing and Installing the new alternator pulley











7.0 Installing the new drive belts









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