Friday, November 30, 2012

The Plaza

While it was nice and cold in the center of England as I headed north Alan was right that it was thick soup foggy. Bye the time I got to Stoke the fog had fallen and the M^ traffic had stopped. I called ahead to say I would be late. I got off the motorway and plodded through the fog towards Stockport. I arrived at Alan and Zoes and parked up. Called a taxi and awaited outside their house in the bitting cold for it to come. And before you knew it was here. To the Plaza please, where you from he mutttered. Well I never I’ve just come from the station to drop a guy off who’s heading to Wolverhampton. Before you know it we are outside the Plaza and I’m heading over to an eldery doorman and asking if he has my ticket. Are you Mack he says? I'm not sure if he is testing me and correct him. Then yes I have your ticket. I’m directed to the stairs where Alan appears, leads me through the finest dinning room, where he goes to the bar whilst I go to empty my very now full bladder.

It was wonderous to once more experience the beautiful splendour of the Plaza and settle in my sprung seat to enjoy the black and white film of Scrooge with an Old Tom. Once we had enjoyed the film we walked across the town in the icy cold to the Railway Tavern, a part of town I had only ever been to once before, to eat at the Frankie and Bennies with my mom one dinner time. Before you knew it time was called and we headed out to walk home via a curry house. Can you believe it though whilst the curry house was open it was also closed! So we headed back to the house, collected my bag out of the car, went into the warmth and order a curry to be delivered. A few hours later it was delivered but well worth the wait. We watch some of his and hers and them climbed into bed.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Going for Gold

We all know that this is just a normal battery in a gold wrapper, but I could not resist so I got one. Its meant to have 2430mAh of power which is some what more than the 1750mAh of my standard Deffy battery. Will it actually give me a longer battery life. Well we will just have to wait and see. The instruction say discharge it in your device until 1 bar. Then charge it in your device until 100% than leave it charging for another 12 hours even if your device tells you to disconnect. So that's what I have done…….I ponder

Monday, November 26, 2012


After my Gym session I went up stairs to watch Gambit, staring Colin Firth and Alan Rickman. Due to the start time no time for a quick KFC straight upstairs get a ticket, along with a crickes £3:30 bag of Doritos and £3:30 fanta for tea. I was starving so when the trailers were on I munched and munched those Doritos. Mind I was sharing the auditorium with two other people. As for the film a humourous story, funny and light hearted comedy with a bit of lemon at the end.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bring Back Michael fish

There's not often I seem to get a whole day to play on the PS3 but this weekend the weather men and women seem to think we are getting 15 hours of torrential rain. I look outside and ponder bring back Michael Fish. And so I get to play the Ballads of Gay Tony. Which I point out I’m not good at.

I get stuck at one particular point which when my brother comes round I let him have a go and head off for a drink. By the time I’m back the place I’m stuck atfor hours on end he has done in minutes. He promptly points out there is an auto aim button. What??? And suddenly the whole game is so much simpler. And so I go for a sail on a luxury yacht.

A helicopter ride around the statue of Liberty

And get ready to jump off the tallest building.

with a parachute of course.

Now here to more of the story as it unfolds.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Coven’s Forth Beer Festival

It was that time of year again, yes time for the Forth Coven Beer Festival

Kind of Sub dubbed compared to most years, now where near as many beers or people for that matter. Perhaps they where all busy at home build arks.

Whilst we sit there I read the beers news. And shock horror the Lady Wulfruna has put in to change the name of the pub to wait for , wait for it, The Goose. Well who would have ever though that then?

The band come on and once more we enjoy the spender of Whalebones tunes


After two bags of Scratchins Greenie anounces I know when I’ve had enough, now whats next?

The beer tasting continues for some time.

Until Greenie anounces I’ve had enough now, as he smiles at us all nicely.

The band tries to make some announcement of the best beer.

Which obvously he has had far too much of.

And us, well we tried all the beer but one that was on.

And finally it was time to say good night and face the storm that had been forcast.

Burrow hill

Enjoying a burrow hill cider in my Paulaner beer glass

Lighting up the road.

My dad had put some osrom night  breaker plus bulbs in his car as he was do disappointed how bad his lights were compared to mine. This less to his being better than mine. So of I went and brought some. Fitted then this morning, what a pain in the butt. No wonder mine where good though, they already had some osrom bulbs in although not the night breaker plus type. Still considering replacing what must be the aging xeon head light bulbs but there £116 and I really would struggle to get at them to replace them having a look today.

Today I didn’t just wash myself

This morning I got and went for a wash. Then I thought whilst I’m here I’ll wash my phone too. And so I did.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

No regrets

Well maybe I didn’t feel so great in the morning. And then I slept all afternoon, before going out for Sunday dinner at the Spread Eagle.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


We wake up and head down to breakfast, where Les and my brother advise I might have a problem getting the shower temperature to be right where you can stand under it. It will either be scorching hot and freezing cold. We had our cooked breakfast, cereals and toast, before trying to conclude what we might do for the rest of the day.

Well there was only one thing for it it on such a nice autumn day. A walk around the Chester walls with a drink at each drinking establishment we come to.

We set off all a bit nervous about how hung over we were from last night.

We set off on the pictures walk.

Enjoying the refreshing air. For some reason though I appear to be the only person whom is out walking in just a tee shirt.

We walk along the stretch next to canal.

You see it down there.

And at last the first drinking establishment.

A tea house as it happens. And so we have a pot of tea all round. And no ordinary tea either, although I forget what the tea was it was made with English tea leaves.

Reading the literature I feel somewhat mislead. The English tea leaves are blended with so from India. In fact by 80%! Nether the less the tea is so refreshing its what my body needed.

Now this place you need to remember. We will come back to it later, but lets just say I was here at this moment for what goes in must come out. ie I went to he toilet.


We start our walk again and very very very quickly come to the first gate and low and behold our first pub. We all look at each other. Gulp so soon? We head into the L.A. bar (Liverpool Arms) and decide that Martini is the way to go, straight no ice no slice. Do they have Martini, at first she is not sure and then finds a bottle out claiming that they had never sold any before. We chatted with the bar lady for a while before leaving for the cool day outside once more.

We soon stumble on a viewing point on the wall, to which you get a good view of a main road and not much else.

Beardy is clearly enjoying the walk a lot more since that Martini.

We stop to admire another bit of historic wall.

Whilst I dream of chu chu’s. But non come.

We follow the wall round where the wall becomes a road side path. What kind of wall is this?

And then before you know it the next gate and a the pub next to the race course the Watergate Inn.

Here we get the Martini Rosso’s in and enjoy whilst watching celebrity Family fortunes. Not that I saw one celebrity. Les reassured me there was at least two and the rest of there unknown family. They could have just been anyone to me.

We leave the pub and follow the path around the racecourse and to the river next to the coach park.

We follow the river around to the bridge and the next gate.

Here the pub is real nice inside and they do some wonderful food. The Martini’s come with ice and a slice here to.

Not long and we are back out walking again. Following the riverside.

As we head inland the next pub turns up, the famous Albion.

I’m not at all sure they want us in here mind….

We go in anyway and although it says no pub crawlers on the front door, we ask if they do Martini’s. Now they obviously didn’t sell many as they had to go in search of the bottle. But Martini’s were brought to us as requested.

So this is the place the lady in the L.A. bar was trying to explain to us, as the light twinkles behind him.

We leave the pub and head through the wall and into the Roman Gardens. How nice I’ve never been in Rome Gardens before.

And the floor tiling has lasted well too.

Well that was one grand experience.

Which lead to another in the Off The Wall Pub.

Here we had Martini’s but also decided it was time to eat. So we had Beardys favourite meal each, yep thats right Fish and Chips all round. Now I did note that it did say fish and chips and not what sort of fish. The fish that came was super huge but was most definitely not cod or haddock. Which is pretty much what I expect for £4!

No soberer, off we went, Les took us via an NCP car park to get back to the wall for some reason, perhaps all this walking was getting to him and he wanted his car.

The wall now went down the back of the buildings, an ugly area which had been done with the least thought possible.

Although god sent me a sign to remind me I now needed a cash machine.

Luckily we had made it round to the high street.

So a quick stop and my wallet was refuelled.

Round the corner and we came to the Indigo bar. Reminded me of some band name or other.

And whistle there Les took a phone call from work, saying something I’m not going to be much help I’ve drank too much, I think your on your own for this one.

Martinis drank we walk back to the wall for the last leg.

I wished I’d done this years ago.

And I know the other thought the same too.

We love walking so much

Well everyone apart from Beardy that is.

And so the walk was over. Now what shall we do now.

Now I’m not sure how it happened. Perhaps because it was on the way back to the hotel, but somehow we ended up in the Kash bar.

Spank still was not on yet.

And so after a couple of blonde bombshells my brother got me a bottle of Spank.

We played pool.

Which to Beardy was truly unbelievable.

And Les kept an eye on the football. Eventually though we had to head back to the hotel to get changed.

Now none of us knew where the comedy club was that we were going to tonight. And we did like so many people do and got in a taxi and meet Gaz and Sarah in a pub. Before you know it was time to change venues, and the comedy club was right below that tea shop!

If there’s one thing Fatboy likes is a good bit of comedy. Which is more than could be said for the dinner that was put in front of him. Did he eat any of it?

Unbelievable exclaimed Gaz. Some of us moved onto a late bar, some of us didn’t. I got my chillified 2am Kebab and taxi back, should I have really stayed out so late? Hell yes I enjoyed it to the end.


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