Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ragging Bull

The Life of Lee Evens is turning out to be one of those books that is take my life to read it. Its not that I’m not enjoying it Lee, I do, its a wonderfully vivid story filled work of art that your art teacher should be proud of. I never get the chance to properly sit and well read. Apart from when I’m not well - and so I’ve been able to pick up were I left from and taken to another place for a short time. God knows how its going to end, and no mention of the gig you did in Wolvo with Jack Dee some 20 odd years ago.

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Monday, December 24, 2012

The Coven Christmas Eve Social Evening

Christmas Eve came, and with little else to do now we awaited the turn up of Les. Some ten minutes turned into about an hour and half. Not that this was a problem. My brother was round and we were playing on the PS3. When Les turned up we had a bit to eat.

It was then time for the tradition Christmas Eve Social Evening to start. We left he house and headed to the nearest public meeting building, otherwise know as The Rainbow.

Les texted Greenie and we got a couple of sociable drinks in.

We sat around milling over the pints until Greenie turned up and joined us. Not wanting to wait around here to long, as we had so much love to share we left to head to the next venue.

The Fox and Anchor.

Greenie got some drinks whilst me and Les went searching for some seats.

We found the only two available, and whilst they weren’t great seats they did have there benefits.

You could order at the bar from where we were sitting. I think that about covers it.

Where’s the Fox I pondered. The otheres must have been talking about footie I guess.

On offer was also Mulled wine and Mulled Cider. Now that brought back memories of the week before.

And so we had Martini Rosso with ice lemon and orange.. Nicely done and very festive.

At some point we all agreed we were ready for the long walk to the Four Ashes. Were we all really ready for the walk though.

Now I’m not sure if anyone had ever checked how log it takes to get from the Anchor to the Ashes but on this occasion it was facebooked.

And shockingly it took 37mintues!

Surely not? One thing was for sure. Beardy had missed right out on that one. Mind we needed not to forget to walk around the puddle and straight tot he toilets then.

Inside the Ashes it was smart and Festive enough.

We took the traditional corner up although now unable to fill it.

A couple of pints and two bags of scratchins Greenie was happy.

Not all the decorations here seemed so festive.

Les hears the Karaoke is coming at eight at which point he wants to leave. After all he doesn’t want to hear anyone sing any better than he can.

Beardy, Gaz and Sarah turn up whilst Greenie is given his marching orders to go home. Before we move on ourselves we have a Rosso and laugh to ourselves that it is probably still the bottle that they had to dust off from last year. Not such a long walk to the Harrows then.

Gaz seems impressed with the all together smarter Harrows. But doesn’t go for any real beer. For him and Sarah though did still have a tap for the Carling.

We chat merrily for god knows how long and I think I forgotten that really we are meant to finish in the Rainbow.

However someone remembers and so more exercise we get.

And at some point we decide to go home.

There is some tucker waiting for us when we get in, a festive fest and half. And whilst we eat I ponder what Santa will bring me but I would never have guessed….

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas at Jivan’s

Well eventually I got vertical. It wasn’t a nice feeling but it was time to go for tea with Beardy to Jivans. You can imagine my joy when there was a rather noisy crowd in there singing Christmas Carol’s all night. As the waitress put it, it was OK for the first ten minutes but they’ve been here an hour now.. Luckily for us they soon left us to the peace of the Christmas tune CD that's was on. Very Indian restaurant atmospheric. We had a few Cobras and then left to try out the New real Ale pub the Lychgate. All I can say was nice selection but for me on this day too crowded and too warm. All I really wanted was my bed.

Wanting to be Horizontal

With ahead like mine there’s nothing more soothing than sorting out some wedding photos and watching Finding Forrester. Been ages since I last watched this.

Friday, December 21, 2012

A Jollie good time

After a hefty breakfast we worked until 2pm when we were set free. And so off to the Swan and Mitre we went.

Where we played some killer, drank some Brew XI and get merry.

Things got out of hand and the bar lady came out and said “have some god dam respect”, to the naughty school kids. I don’t know how many we sunk here but when we left it was 7pm!

We got our things together and went to the station to head to Brum Central.

Were we played on the train sit by a stranger. Tezza hoped there would be more like this girl in town. I’m not sure how good he was focusing at this point but she sure wasn’t interested.

A few hours past and I didn’t use my camera at all, we went to the Shakespeare and then the Briyrose, until that was I went to the bar, 3 Carling’s, 2 Guiness and what he wants. Is he with you? Yes, We're not not serving him. Okay 3 Carling and 2 Guinness then and a pint of such for me. No we not going to serve you either. Eh Great. Well for me the night ended there and probably for the best. Off I went to the station, found the chap who gives me cheap tickets and headed of to find a VirGin express to Paradise.

Decisions, Decisions and I decided as I was going to Jivans tomorrow night I would try not to go in tonight. I have a bad feeling I’m going to have a sore head….

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last Chance

Nipped round the Poades before the world is going to end. Poade though had other things on his mind and was trying to kill as many people as possible. He tried to teach me to as well but that Xbox controller is just so weird in the hand.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The worlds sharpest knife

Alan and Zoe have me addicted to him and her. I'm  just puzzled by it, and the acting its so out of this world its amazing.

The Magic Shelves

Those shelves I brought from Edgley a couple of weekends back. Are up in place.

The thing is there almost full already!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

T, Tee and more Tea

I woke up and checked my phone, yep the battery was virtually flat and the last comment I made on twitter was “It feels like I’m sleeping with a dyson?” Looking around I actually very nearly was, a yellow one. I have a much needed shower and head downstairs.

For some tea refreshment and some cornflakes with milk, lots of milk. We play a bit of PS3 and await dinner time which was not far away, and neither was the venue.

Off we went down the road to meet Matt and Rosie for a Blossoms Sunday dinner. Not many alcoholic drinks were ordered. In fact the biggest pot of tea came ever.

Zoe got a game out Sobek, which took a lot of rereading the rules, as apparently Alan and Zoe had played it before, but I’m guessing here either once or under the influence of something other than tea.

Now this game I liked nearly as much as the Sunday dinner we had (no photo for some reason guessing it was gone quick!) Note photo added later.

Zoe went to great lengths to explain how to play the game. At some point though I knew I’d pick it up later and fell asleep….

Anyway Sobek was actually a really really good game that not only did I like a lot but was good at, somehow, although I didn’t win, somehow. Needles to say that Matt decided that going to the tipp before it closed was far more important than hanging around the pub?

And so we left the pub in the dark! Headed around Alan and Zoë's to watch Snow White and the Severn Dwarfs whilst eat veggie pizza. All in all a very very nice weekend. It was a shame to go home but as I was to find out my body needed some real proper sleep.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Winter Wassale 2012

I arrive to find a not so merry Alan and Zoe, something about over doing last night and them not actually being up long. Thankgod they felt just like me! Steph, Matt and Keith were in the mood though. I sat in the corner being fed Chinese and making a mad hat to wear.

We go to the Blossoms for pint as the taxis are going to be a while, but then we get there so are the taxi’s and so its straight off to Stockport Market place for The Wassal Beer Festival

Oddly though Alan seems to have not brought enough tickets??? He allows us to go in while he waits until the organiser arrives to sort him out another.

We get started once every one is in and we have  bench to sit on.

The beers flow.

And the knights seem to win the costume competition.

So the official photographer get some piccs

Never the merrier.

Someone makes the suggestion that perhaps we shouldn’t go home just yet. And so its over to the Vaults.

Nack don’t have the strongbow what ever you doooooooooo.

There's a band on. It is awesome. I believe anyway.

And the they do an on cur.

Alan decides enough is enough and calls a taxi, no I need a taxi now, you don’t understand he’s had two pints of strongbow and is out of control.

And before you know it …….

We are sitting in Alan and Zoë's living room enjoying His and Hers, for some reason starting half way through, then from the beginning and then I’m being told Nack I think its bed time mate.


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