Saturday, December 28, 2013

Eskimo Hunting

So if I get time I’ll write about the Eski-Mo hunting in France, its all about a lift pass they do at Val Cenis where by you can go to 5 remote ski areas, all of which are different and offer a good day out to each, with some variety of slope conditions, mountain views and challenging runs. The pictures are now on Flickr to see, click the picture above.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Last Minute Boxing Day

So today I have to pack, I should have packed a few days ago but we all know I’d leave it until now. Oddly one of my 3 pairs of new jeans has gone. Gone, gone gone. I can only take it I went to the pub on Christmas Eve wearing them and decided to take them off at the last pub before coming home and that's where they still are! So I pack in a stressful fashion. I don’t know why but I really don’t like packing, What do you take? I never really know why I get stressed about it, maybe its because I take some much when I know I should take less. I mean anything I never take I always take the attitude of I’ll just get it when I get there.

Anyway after packing I decide to head to Tesco to visit the Euro Booth, which turns out to be closed! Now that's what happens when you leave it until the last minute. As it happens, after a quick telephone call to my parents, it turns out they are also here but in the cafe! I go and join them for a relax and a healthy scone and cuppa.

Eventually I leave them to it and go and finsh packing the car. Once done I head round the Greenies for company of friends, tea and to play with the kids Its so nice because luckily Uncle Matt is there and the kids abuse him instead! And Sarah and Greenie look after us for the night in a great manner. Now that's what I like.

I get home around 8pm and its time for bed for me. Tomorrow is another day and a day I won’t be here….

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Seeing the Happiness

Christmas day and Santa has left loads of presents I wasn't expecting, Including Tom Bakers Biography, another Ben More and a book on how to take things apart but never put them back together in the name of art. A ski jacket that isn’t Green, a couple of board games and loads and loads of Swizzles Matlow sweets and more beer than anyone needs. Poade is eager to go to the Pub I get a couple of texts and reply “not this year”,  my uncle has been in hospital for some months now and to make his day nicer I’ve decided to go visit him. I can’t say I want to go there drunk or even slightly merry. However sometime later there is a ring of the door bell anyway! Matt and Maddy are standing there looking their glam selves and it looks like we are going to the pub – I’m so weak and enjoy their company. I somehow manage to contain myself from having anything other than a pint of shandy and a hour later I head off to the hospital in the hope to make someone else's Christmas a nicer one even if its only for a short time. And it does, Sometimes in life there’s nothing better than seeing the happiness on someone else's face. We finish the day with a really late evening Christmas Dinner not that I need to eat after all the food I’ve had over the last week or so. I go to bed knowing that in the morning I’ve got to do something I should have done already but just didn’t.

Him and Her and Me

Somehow I’ve managed not to see Him and Her the final series! To be honest have I seen them all anyway? There are four series? Really? Well I was looking through iPlayer and

All 5 Episodes of Him & Her The Wedding were on there. So I settled down and watched the lot. It was brilliant, absolutely gripping stuff right to the end. How soddingly well written and performed was this! I am so so glad I got to see them all and back to back as well. Brilliant, weird and wonderful……

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Merry Christmas

With all the present wrapped and them delivered to where they were meant to be, my brother had made it round it was time to start the Traditional Christmas Pub Run.

And so we headed into the center of the village and started as usual

in the Rainbow.

We sit down have a beer and Greenie turns up!

Next we head to the Anchor (Also know as the Fox)

Here we roast our nuts by the fire, when Gaz and Sara join us for a while.

Here it is all swap as Gaz, Sara and Greenie leave us and Beardy turns up just ready for the long walk to

The four Ashes. As quiet as we expected but always welcoming and cosy as it has always been.

We sit down and have a beer of course.

and they lit the fire for us.

Slowly the place fills up, I’m not joking as its Karaoke night (when isn’t it).

They open up a fresh Martini bottle for us and we have a Christmas drink before moving onto

The Harrows.

Here we order 4 Snowflakes before noticing they are 8.7%! Oh Oh Oh!!! Too late they she is on the third one!

To give you your due though it is a very nice drink!

We settle in and when I say settle in,

I mean for the night. We don’t even try to close the loop. Its too nice here and too horrible outside.

Eventually though the landlord wants us to come back but to do that we must leave. So off to home to see if Santa will come…..

Raised By Wolves

You want to watch a sitcom that is meant to be based in Wolverhampton. This is exactly how I was raised. No doubt about. Check it out and think oh my – living dolls.

Monday, December 23, 2013

The last day

Today is the last day of work, I set out as usual but today the roads were soo quiet it was nice to drive in.

I was the first person in, I enjoyed the fairy lights for a short while before.

eating the breakfast leftovers in the canteen.

We were allowed to leave at 2pm and so went last minute Christmas shopping, one of the things I desperately wanted to get was my mom a 22” silver necklace, a real pain to try and get hold of but I found one yay that will make her day Winking smile.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Richest Girl In The World.

I get up, I think I’m the first person up for a change. I head into the kitchen and see Zoe must have been expecting me. There is a tin with “my name on it”. It appears though Zara (with a Zed and not Xsara) has been up and already left. I have a breakfast tea and look for the red berry  Special K.

I never found them as I think they didn’t exist, never mind though, the box of Golden Grahams was still here from the time I had come before! I had them, I had two bowls of them!

I put the PS3 on and started to play “The Last of Us”. The rest of the house was dead so I thought I start playing from the beginning as Zoe had had me playing it yesterday from midway. Slowly faces arrived and shared tea and the “Last of Us Experience” Evenutally though I got to where I’d been with Zoe the day before and thats where we ended, to take our eyes off the screen and to

play socially nice with each other, with The Really Nasty Horse Racing Game.

I swear there is some very devious game playing going on here. Zoe somehow becomes the riches girl in the world. And Nack the poorest!

We switch games to something Nack has brought with him. A game you have to build before you can play –13 Dead End Drive. A game of getting rich quick by getting out of the house whilst your picture is in the portrait and killing off your opponents before the inspector reaches the house.

All too soon though I was tired and it was time for me to sadly leave all the fun and people behind and to wish them a Merry Merry Christmas.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Curry

Saturday and when I finally wake up its time to head up to Stockport to Alan and Zoe and their overly large Christmas tree, which I’m reassured was measured for the perfect fit!

The whole gang turns up and it is time to out for a Christmas Curry, yeah I haven't eaten enough and its not even Christmas day yet! I don’t have my usual, nope Jerds has that for me, and my chilli chicken starter didn’t taste that hot to me, but everyone else thought it certainly was.

After dinner we head back and play Mascarde’s, a ingenious group game of trying to remember and work out who is who. Jerds was incredibly good at this game, so I wasn’t alone in messing up. At some point we went to bed, I can’t remember when though????


Well this is it. This is the 80,0000 photo I have uploaded to flickr. And that isn’t me.


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Friday, December 20, 2013


Get to work and its a day of overindulgence starting at breakfast.

Thankgod I had that swim last night.

We do some work and then at dinner time it is a dash up the road for an all you can eat Wing Wah!

But where is everyone??

The food rolls in ah yummy.

All salt and bone thankgod.

And that's not Tetelys, more work to yet be done.

We finish at 5pm and a group of us head down to the Swan and Mitre, Then a quick train ride into Brum. We go to the Bachas Bar, Then the Shakespeare and then…

Rosie O Brian’s where Bennie's friend Rosie joins us.

And finally The Old Joint Stock, always nice to finish here. Bernie gets in some shorts and then some more and I was trying to remain somewhat sobberish, which then just flies out of the window. I head eventually to the station realising that I’m now quite drunk.

I patiently wait for the train that's never turning up that is displayed as “on time” here but the platform and time keep changing. I decide to get the Shrewsbury one instead.

I’m on it and I think the whole of the the north heading Birmingham travellers all suddenly thought the same as me. Who did they all fit on the train? As we head to Wolvo I decide to stay on and hopefully get off at Codsall – also meaning I won’t go into my favourite balti house! I then considered that it would have been wise to have checked this out as Telford is some distance away from home?? I’m bosting for the toilet so head off and go. When I come out and hang by the train exit door there’s a chap also standing there “saying I hope this train stops here, its an awfully long one, longer than the station!” Luckily it did stop at Bilbrook and it did stop at Codsall – here I got off.


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