Sunday, January 27, 2013

Brightening the darkness

Today was the first nice day to be outdoors so I picked up those new bulbs I brought and took the front bumper off the car.

Here is headlight unit number one, with the ballast unit for HID’s making the thousands of volts required sitting on the bottom of the unit (actualy the silver thing at the top left on this photo).

Behind the bulb flap you find the ignitor for the bulb. A 30 degree twist and this comes of the bulb so you can get at them to change them.

Here is the old one on the left. As you can see its got a hazy ring in the mid point. How long these have been fitted I don’t know. So its good to see them with something not right after sending all that money.

And the same is apparent with the other one too. I ponder if they will be brighter in the dark?

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wet Wolvo

Saturday night and we went to Wolvo for a curry at Jivans. The usual waitress girl wasn’t there and for a change we got to linger over the menu. We had to ask for the popadoms and our instant largers only came once ordered. In fact the bloke serving was great but in a funny way in you could see him trying his best to try and run the place smoothly. Even the food wasn’t right that came giggle but it was all sorted in the end.

From Jivans we headed to the Possada. Notably they are having a refurb. The bar man gave us some ideas of what wasn’t actually happening.

We read the Goodbeer guide and laughed at the inapt reviews that were in there.

I draw on the windows

and relaxed. A lovely night……

Can it replace the Defy

Well my supposedly replacement for the Motorola defy may or may not be here – the Motorola Razri. It came today. Now charged and android app liberated. Thing is I can’t use it yet as it needs a micro sim and my sim cutter hasn’t arrived, so its just a glorified tablet at present. Well it is the smallest of the big phones and this one has intel inside. But it is big. Not that much bigger than the defy but big it is. Perhaps it is because of that full front screen which makes it big. And its been on and been used on the web and camera for over 24 hours and still has 67% battery. The camera is fast though even if the phone is off, and you do not need to turn it on to use it either, brill. I can’t see it working in the gym though like my rugged small defy. It is slick though, very slick. Will it replace my defy. I fear not but things move on I guess…..Shifty

Eating at The Harrows

I had been meaning to go to The Harrows for some food ever since it opened for food. The menu not extensive but looks good. So I brought my mom out for lunch on Saturday and we ate from the lunch time menu.

I had home made chicken and mushroom pie,  and it was a very large portion even if it doesn’t look it here. Simply delicious pea’s and most importantly the chips were impressive to. So good that I’d be happy to come back here and have another meal with chips.

My mom had gammon and egg’s wonderfully presented and it tasted as good, I know I tried it Winking smile. They do other stuff thats dearer in in the evening, for lunch though these cost a fiver each and were well worth it. I’ll be going again soon no doubt.


Friday, January 25, 2013

The Black Hole

With the weather people not knowing what the weather was going to be truly I spoke with Fatboy and we agreed we were both bored and would go to the pub. Fatboy was apparently already in his pjamas and ready for bed! We walked through the real nasty cold slushy rainy weather to The Harrows.

Here there was a few Ales on and many ciders. For me though this Stout was the best and I really liked it – Dorothy Goodbodies. Yeah I’ll have another.

This did however effect the quality of my pool playing and well Fatboy won both games.

So we tried darts, but this I was no better at and Fatboy once again beat me at this too. It didn’t matter though, it was a good time, with good beers. Oh why is the post called the black hole. Well there’s no signal here is there?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Its official Man Flu Exists

Well someone was reading the Sun at dinner time so I picked up the more intellectual Mirror which has articles in you can read instead of just looking at the pictures. And they had this great article in it!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Colin McRae 2 on the PS1

Today Colin Mcrae 2 for the PS1 came through the door. I eagerly put this on and think to myself, ah I remember this. And yep I’m dam good at it too still.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Having Xeon Lights is so much fun

I’m lucky enough to not experience a bulb in the front of my car dying yet, and being to top model (although no sunroof) means it has those ultra brilliant Xeon lights in them. How old the bulbs are I don’t know and luckily enough they have not blown a bulb yet. But the time has come to take advantage of an off for a pair of Osram bulbs for £112.00 each. Yes that's right, and what's more that's cheap. Suddenly I can hear you thinking I’m never going to check the Xeon lights option box ever again when buying a new car. Some places are selling these singularly for the same price. And OK you can get some even cheaper bulbs from china. Anyway at some point I’ll get the bumper off, get the light cluster out and change the bulbs, these are meant to be some 30% brighter too, so if you thought they were bright before then get ready to be dazzled on normal beam. I’ll obviously be keeping the odd ones for spares.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Colin Mcrae

I was playing PS1 Colin Mcrae the original on the PS1 the other day and then I thought I wonder what the last version was for the PS2. In fact I popped in Colin Mcrae Rally 2005 and wow what had they achieved. Slick graphics and the gameplay is good but hard hard hard. This is in fact one of the best PS2 games I had ever played – or missed out on when I had one originally


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Replacing the Dragons

Well the time has come to replace my dragon goggles as the lenses are now scratched somewhat. Having brought them back in the time when they were relatively an unknown new brand they didn’t cost me an arm and a leg, like now if I want to buy some. So I popped into Decathlon on the way home to find out ot my surprise that the cold weather snap must have sent lots of people in search of ski and snowboarding socks and thermal. The place was empt compared to when I had been before.

These goggles though took my fancy and so I brought them. An OTG type where you can change the lense easily to. That would be if there were some other lenses on sale to buy. Perhaps they’ve had a rush on those too!

Burton Hail Snowbaording Boots For Sale

Well I’m having to sell my newish Burton Hail Snowboarding boots on Ebay as I brought them them in size 8 instead of size 8.5 like the ones I already had. They’re okay for my one foot but not the other which is obviously half a size longer. So on ebay they go and I have to come to terms with the fact someone is going to get a bargain out there. Hope they get some fun times with them as they're in spanking good condition. Click above photo for the ebay link.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Retro Gamer

Today Retro Gamers has come in the post. Thankgod as I’m dying from boredom and I’m now feeling so so so much better.

Friday, January 18, 2013

May I Have Your Attention Please

Okay so while I’ve been under the weather and staying in I’ve started a new book in the now queue of books I have to read. Another Auto biography and probably the last apart from Wogans which I want to read. This is obviously going to end with Gavin and Stacey but it has been nice to be reminded of the forgettable other things he had been in in the past.

Let it Snow

Well I have not been well again. Yes another illness this year. Anyway I haven’t written anything because I have been mostly in bed. However it has been snowing and it started something like….

this. I know most exciting.

A few hours later it was like this

And then a few hours later still it was like this. I suppose at least I have missed the mayhem of going and coming back from work.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First post card of the year

It would appear that my first postcard of the year has come, and amazingly its from Alan and Zoe and there break up norf for New Years Eve. Erm from the card did they not have running water?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Writers image

On the boat I got myself a pen. One that hopefully I won’t chew and will allow me hours and hours of post card writing whilst looking camp at the bar.

Getting the cat back

My mom and dad went to get the cat from the cattery today. Although she has missed my mom and dad she does not seem to have missed me. Well I guess I wasn’t even in when she came home. She does seem glade to be back though and is now on my bed.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Val Cenis 2013

So this year we have returned to Lanslebourg in the Val Cenis ski area once more. This year there had been plenty of snow and to end the holiday it snowed and they had now piste beastied the pistes which meant Friday morning was like a dream to ski the runs. In fact Friday was prober ably the snowboarding I had ever experienced, it was truly awesome. Click the above picture for all the photos.

Sunday, January 06, 2013


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