Sunday, January 27, 2013

Brightening the darkness

Today was the first nice day to be outdoors so I picked up those new bulbs I brought and took the front bumper off the car.

Here is headlight unit number one, with the ballast unit for HID’s making the thousands of volts required sitting on the bottom of the unit (actualy the silver thing at the top left on this photo).

Behind the bulb flap you find the ignitor for the bulb. A 30 degree twist and this comes of the bulb so you can get at them to change them.

Here is the old one on the left. As you can see its got a hazy ring in the mid point. How long these have been fitted I don’t know. So its good to see them with something not right after sending all that money.

And the same is apparent with the other one too. I ponder if they will be brighter in the dark?

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