Saturday, January 26, 2013

Can it replace the Defy

Well my supposedly replacement for the Motorola defy may or may not be here – the Motorola Razri. It came today. Now charged and android app liberated. Thing is I can’t use it yet as it needs a micro sim and my sim cutter hasn’t arrived, so its just a glorified tablet at present. Well it is the smallest of the big phones and this one has intel inside. But it is big. Not that much bigger than the defy but big it is. Perhaps it is because of that full front screen which makes it big. And its been on and been used on the web and camera for over 24 hours and still has 67% battery. The camera is fast though even if the phone is off, and you do not need to turn it on to use it either, brill. I can’t see it working in the gym though like my rugged small defy. It is slick though, very slick. Will it replace my defy. I fear not but things move on I guess…..Shifty

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