Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Having Xeon Lights is so much fun

I’m lucky enough to not experience a bulb in the front of my car dying yet, and being to top model (although no sunroof) means it has those ultra brilliant Xeon lights in them. How old the bulbs are I don’t know and luckily enough they have not blown a bulb yet. But the time has come to take advantage of an off for a pair of Osram bulbs for £112.00 each. Yes that's right, and what's more that's cheap. Suddenly I can hear you thinking I’m never going to check the Xeon lights option box ever again when buying a new car. Some places are selling these singularly for the same price. And OK you can get some even cheaper bulbs from china. Anyway at some point I’ll get the bumper off, get the light cluster out and change the bulbs, these are meant to be some 30% brighter too, so if you thought they were bright before then get ready to be dazzled on normal beam. I’ll obviously be keeping the odd ones for spares.

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