Friday, January 25, 2013

The Black Hole

With the weather people not knowing what the weather was going to be truly I spoke with Fatboy and we agreed we were both bored and would go to the pub. Fatboy was apparently already in his pjamas and ready for bed! We walked through the real nasty cold slushy rainy weather to The Harrows.

Here there was a few Ales on and many ciders. For me though this Stout was the best and I really liked it – Dorothy Goodbodies. Yeah I’ll have another.

This did however effect the quality of my pool playing and well Fatboy won both games.

So we tried darts, but this I was no better at and Fatboy once again beat me at this too. It didn’t matter though, it was a good time, with good beers. Oh why is the post called the black hole. Well there’s no signal here is there?

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