Saturday, February 09, 2013

1st to see will buy

Today I’ve been to Rainbow Hill, been a while since I’d been here. And I called into a car dealer to this this car.

“This has to be without doubt the best value for money car we have ever had!!!! This skoda superb has covered just 49,000 miles from new and comes fitted with every possible extra you can thin of! including full colour screen sat nav and bluetooth phone system,electric heated memory front seats,heated rear seats,climate control and sunroof,parking sensors and upgraded alloys! It has the reliable 130 bhp 1.9 diesel engine and smooth auto box,it really must be seen and driven and the first to see will buy guaranteed!!!! “

A low mile Skoda Superb Duper 1.9Td Elegance Auto, with sun roof. Apart form the colour inside, which I was happy to compromise with dark colour inside the car was fine and I now want an auto as I’m getting lazy in my older years Winking smile.

The Service schedule showed this car had been pampered every year even though it had been nowhere. Apart from the pollen filter area. This

looked like it hadn’t been ever touched, with tones of grim up there. Inside there was the usual musty smell that meant one thing – dampess…… When it came to raising the passenger seat and putting my hand under the feet air vent to touch the underlay of the carpet, it was another no go car. Unfortunately it was suffering the usual VAG problem from these designs of the era in that the under carpet on the passenger side was damp, thus the electrics and whilst everything electrically was still functioning at this stage, I thought let some other sucker have it. Bad enough it messing with the Convenience module and the wire node joints but also the autobox ECU at risk. So once again it was a no go car. I didn’t even bother test driving it. Perhaps one day an auto beige with sun roof will come up with no miles on. Or perhaps I should dream on.  Anyway they need to change there advertisement as if I was the first to see I didn’t buy.

So latter I went to the Skoda dealer in Burntwood followed by some lunch in the Barnes. What a nice day and I’ve saved a bob or two.

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