Saturday, February 16, 2013

Having a FAB Time

Well Saturday I wasn’t woken up thank god so I managed to get my 8 hours sleep I so desperately need. And when I do get up everyone is already down stairs dressed.

And my first cup of tea was so welcoming.

We played some video games and then moved onto some Table Top Games

I enjoyed paying with the counters.

As you can see I was dam good at this game.

I even had George scratching his head on how come he could not beat me!

Alan and Zoe left to cook up some tea and

so I played with the toys in the house. See this. I got to get one myself!

Wonderfully memorizing.

And then I played with the laser lights.

Totally wicked. We had to enjoy tea quickly though as

we had to catch a train into Manchester. Alan had got some tickets for the Dutch Uncles at the Gorilla. And so we got on the train…

And got off at Oxford street, suddenly it feels like I’m going back in time.

So so we are are in some underground railway line arches venue with the worlds largest fans over head trying to keep the crowd cool. As Alan and Zoe would put it we were subjected to the initial band although I preferred them to the Dutch Uncles.

Alan would not except this comment though?? and wouldn’t tell mewho the actual support band were,

And so the Dutch Uncles came on stage.

The music played

And this wasn't;t from Zoe’s camera it was from the the strobe lighting effects!

Luckily they were good enough not tot watch but to listen too whilst your eyes were closed.

It would appear Alan got us tickets for their last show on the tour. This was it, this was the encore.

We then left and headed to a pub ‘round the corner’ for a pint and some well retro gaming as that seemed to be this pubs theme.

Lets just our playing was not good. Must have been the position of the joystick.

Alan and Zoe took me on a walk around Manchester and then back to almost where started. And into the FAB Cafe we went. Here we have the DJ set which is based on the Star Trek command area. Blankes 7 was playing in the back ground…..

And on the dance floor all the good tunes were played.

And played and played. They even played some Depeche Mode, and I never asked them too.

It was one FAB Time.

But we all need to go to bed eventually.

Shocking two too late nights in a row….

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  1. The coves
    The lass o'gowrie

    Good to see you Nack



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