Friday, February 15, 2013

Matts 30 and lovin it

Friday and I head up towards Stockport at 2:30pm, for the motorway only to get closed whilst they sort a lorry out that has overturned. In fact this prober ably beats my all time slowness for getting there as I arrive at 6:15pm gasping for a cup of tea.

We sit and relax for a while

And then the people start to turn up for pre outing drinks. We all head off down the road to go out for a birthday curry meal to celebrate Matts 30th Birthday. Here one of the girls orders a vindaloo, but unknowingly I have something hotter having tried her vindaloo. The chicken chilli is not just out of this world in flavour it is also out of this world in heat too. Not horribly but certainly makes you enjoy the larger. A garlic nan does the rounds that no body wants and I point out that the normal nan I ordered hasn’t come, it is sorted ot promptly and before you know it we are all awaiting Rosie to have her dessert before heading off down the road to…

Blossom’s. We were a merry little group I’d say. But eventually they closed and

off to Zoe and Alan's to finish the night off until 5am. As we can see here Matt had and Excellent 30th Birthday Winking smile

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