Sunday, February 03, 2013

More retro gaming

Popped into Cannock this morning. It has a new Independent games store. So I checked it out and brought these:

Right I’ve never heard of it and took a punt as it was only 99p and I got another 99p games free with it. Surprisingly good graphics and well in depth game I think. The 15minutes I gave it wasn’t enough and it need playing properly. You’ll see in a minute why I did not have enough time to play it.

This was the other 99p game. Goes from simple to the ludicrously hard. This game is boring, it works as TV but a game its all over before you know it. And yes I did know some of the answers.

With all the power of the PS2 surely you can’t get the programming of Tetris wrong. Such a simple game which you would have thought that after ten minutes putting blocks on each other would have been enough. Took me back to the Sony Erricson T28 days. Got to say I spent and hour on just one game. Yep its good yep they got it right and yep I just wasted some of my life.


Now I obviously did not buy this for the game. Nope I got it for the front cover. Sod what the game is like. Its a racing car game so this could have been very miss especially at this price. However it is real good if you use the in car view. Challenging and well smart a nice surprise.

Well when I picked this up I didn’t notice what was actually on the disc. Believe it or not there are 29 games on here and they these!

Battle shark – YUK

Bubble bobble – Surely this could have been graphically improved?

Colony 7 – Shocking, just shocking an early early arcade game. shocking.

Continental Circus – N.P.Y

Electric Yo-Yo – N.P.Y.

Elevator Action – N.P.Y.

Exzisus – N.P.Y.

Gladiator – N.P.Y

Great Swordsman – N.P.Y.

Jungle hunt – N.P.Y.

New Zealand Story – N.P.Y.

The Ninja Kids – N.P.Y.

Operation Thunder bolt – N.P.Y

Operation Wolf – Oh My God this is pants did we really used to play this???

Phoenix – N.P.Y.

Plotting – N.P.Y

Plump Pop – N.P.Y.

Rainbow Islands – As good as it gets.

Rastan – N.P.Y.

Return of the invaders – N.P.Y.

Space Gun – N.P.Y.

Space invaders - N.P.Y.

Space invaders part 2 -N.P.Y.

Super Qix - N.P.Y.

Thunder fox - N.P.Y.

Tokio -N.P.Y.

Tube it - N.P.Y.

Voidfied - N.P.Y.

Zoo Keeper - N.P.Y.


N.P.Y mean not played yet. As you can see I need more time to play them!!!!!

This collect is Dubbed arcade classic that define a generation. Poor gits.

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