Sunday, February 24, 2013

Silent Hill oh no it all starts again

Well I’ve been playing Silent Hill on the PS3 (a PS one game) for 7 hours and 11 minutes before I finally finished it. And here is some of the ending. And this isn’t the only ending depending on what you’ve done, how well you’ve done, or if you are completing it for more than the first time. I will be honest and tell you I used a walk through which without I cannot see how I finished it the first time round on the PS1. Anyway I loved every moment of it, the graphics are slightly improved on the PS3 with its smoothing etc. So here is the final door.

And through begins the end of the story

Then we are back on the landing before going to the basement. Nothing good is ever going to happen in the basement but there is no other route, So you have to climb the incredibly long staircase down to the basement.   ahhhhh

Here meet up al the character and blood is then spilled.

and the story of what the game is about is told.

It was well worth getting here to get the explanation.

How is this I wonder?

And what is this red stuff being thrown around.

Oh no….

here comes the…..

final monster….

The first time he killed me but so close I tried again giggle.

And then it was all over… but was it, no it all starts again….

And this is how well I did the first time round.

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