Sunday, March 31, 2013

Games Day


Maybe one day I’ll wake up before Mid day round here, or maybe I’m just to comfy in bed. I get up and Zoe says its nearly time to go to the Blossoms for dinner. I have a bowl of cornflakes which I think I wanted more for the milk refreshment more than anything and then settle down to watch Dr Who which Alan saw Saturday but we did not. Zoe rang the Blossoms to hold our table as we had”more important things” to do right now. Round at the blossoms as I was to inform them I was going to drink the whole bar instead of tea on this visit as I did not have to drive home latter.

Dinner is going to be a while which leaves plenty of time to get out one of Zoe’s new games.

Tsurso of the seas. The game is set up. The instructions read and then

came the starter. Oh yummy yum yum even though I wasn't particularly hungry.

Mind the chilly sauce that came with it was particularly wonderful

All gone it was back to playing the game in easy style, without the dragons.

Eventually Zoe killed me off Sad smile. To be fair there wasn’t any other choice!

Next game and lets just say I got a lot better.

Then dinner came, some nice lamb. Well for me Smile

And another pint across the bar.

So after the main course we play another new game. Lord of the Rings board game. Now there was 3 boards and a lot of instructions. I can see this game was not going to be good. We had to stop reading the instructions, well Zoe did whilst me and Alan just got a glazed look in our eyes.

Dessert took our minds of it for a time tough

Luckily it all came together nicely and was in fact an interesting game where by you have to play together co-operatively. Now this was a really nice change to things.

Of course though I wanted the power of the ring. Now in the instructions it does states it is very hard to win the game and on our first go we did great but didn’t complete it, we died! Oh so the instructions were right after playing it for all this time!

Matt turns up and we get out Citadels.

Yes I love this game about as much as in Mega Traveller yesterday.

And we end the evening with a couple of games of Guillotine. Before Zoe announces we should go home as she has got a treat for me.

We dig around the spare room and somewhere she tells me that hidden away is her old Atari 2600 and some games. All we have to do is find it! And here are the games……..

We start with Pole Position but something is amiss, we aren't going fast enough and there's meant two be 2 gears.

After a read on the web to change up a gear push the joystick down, how obvious.

That's easier now.

Next a two player game

Yep Nack is good at this Eddy Langfiner.

Next is a game where we get competitive, Galaxias.

The first score

Then the next

Score getting higher all the time.

who will be the winner

Shucks Zoe wins.

Onto pitfall.

Never go down the dungeon.

It just goes on and on……

Then its the famous ET game that sent Atari into the financial abyss.

Alan is smiling but not because it is good.

It is because he keeps ending up in the pits, So well hard its well tragic.

We move swiftly onto Air Sea Battle

Which Alan finds easier to play if he turns the controller though 90 degrees?!?!?

Then missile command

Roon Rope

Ah the Smurfs

Zoƫ's good at this

And remembers the butterfly screen like it was yesterday.

Then Mafia

And then Yars Revenge, which is meant to be one of the best games available on this system.

And the term does Nack ever learn? Well of course not you’ve just seen me play the Smurfs really badly.

Its a German title something Boy – which translates to Post Boy. But as far as I can tell there no posting involved?

We end the night with Zaxxon followed by the classic Centipede

Which I’m fab at.

Before you know it though we’re all in bed and its way past midnight…….


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