Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Scott Amplifier day

We wake up and where's the sun gone? For todfay experdition click on the text below.

I think you might be interested in this track: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msa=0&msid=206636201117357774410.0004d783d3f5e51f062ae Created by Google My Tracks on Android. Name: 05/03/2013 09:19 Activity type: - Description: - Total distance: 48.91 km (30.4 mi) Total time: 4:20:17 Moving time: 4:15:11 Average speed: 11.27 km/h (7.0 mi/h) Average moving speed: 11.50 km/h (7.1 mi/h) Max speed: 60.00 km/h (37.3 mi/h) Average pace: 5.32 min/km (8.6 min/mi) Average moving pace: 5.22 min/km (8.4 min/mi) Fastest pace: 1.00 min/km (1.6 min/mile) Max elevation: 2640 m (8662 ft) Min elevation: 1545 m (5068 ft) Elevation gain: 4720 m (15485 ft) Max grade: 148 % Min grade: -62 % Recorded: 05/03/2013 09:19

I get my snowboard out and put the sticker on I got last night.

Erm the Lanslebourg one is damaged Sad smile

Outside it is definitely a Scott Amplifier goggle day. Some what you see on these photos is probably a bit lighter than the real day light as the camera tries to compensate. I on the other hand can see more light than you are seeing here. So out of the back door and up the nearest chairlift to our apartment. I can’t actually reach any other lift on my snowboard without getting off it so we always go up this lift first.

At the top it is miserable as below. We head back on down and I decide that if its going to be miserable we might as well be miserable in Le Villard.

So down to the base area of La Toussuire we go

To go up the six man chair lift.

Things look grim.

Ah sdome light creeps through the crowds

Not so warm as the other days either, my Nackuk logo is frozen up

At the top I read the map again.

Somewhere around here is meant to be a red run down the Le Villard valley, but more importantly the chairlift back up to?

Not around here, bloomin piste maps.

I find a direction arrow for the red run, but where is the chairlift back. I don’t want to go down this steep red if there is no way back.

Ah there it is and to get back you actually have to go further away from La Toussuire and rework your way back.

We ski down to the run and the top of the lift station.

Oh balls

Its closed so that scarpers that plan.

Well I ponder the actions for the day I think that we may as well go over to Saint Sorlin and as it faces the sun hope the light is better here.

We head towards Saint Sorlin across the top of the mountain

From here we have to go up one more lift to get over the mountain. We go to get on the chair lift we are four a breast me and three skiers the one next to me being my brother. One of the skier shad a back pack on which your not allowed to have on for a lift and must hold it to the front. Not this guy and as he looked around heis bag pushed my brother over and as the chiar lift swooped to pick us up I now had only half a chair. Thinking that the skier would shuffle back up a bit all would be aright. But the the tossers including my brother did not. This meant that there was no enough room for me to stay on and had to jump off. Yep very exciting, Well I landed head first in a lump my snowboard being whacked and turned over by the next chairlift, twisting my ankle round to a position it should not have got to. In agony I get my board unclipped and scramble out of the way and rest. The lift man wants to help me on the next chair but I’m in pain and so sit around for a while. When I do eventually get up the lift man is happy for me to push in right at the front but I have other ideas and want to walk to the back of the que to move my forward foot. It is a long way back to La Toussuire and just as far to the Base of Saint Sorlin. I consider that by the time I’ve ridden the chair lift up my anckle will have had time to rest.

With no pressure on it I was OK. Its when I got off and meet my brother at the top that I became worried. As soon as I moved my foot into a certain position it would become real painful. I considered the day I got bad bad cramp in Les Gets and hoped it would just get better if I continued to use it. There was no choice but to go down from here and head toward Saint Sorlin. We decided to stop at the next mountain restaurant and rest.

So we went down the slope and then to the top peak on a chairlift.

Here we could head back or head down to Saint Sorlion and where there was a restaurant.

I plumbed to keep going and stop at the restaurant. It was afterall a blue run and there was some exploring to be done.

Are you doing okay asked the skier????

At least the sun was making an appearance and it was quiet over here.

A few rest stops on the way down

And in the distance there was the restaurant.

Here at last.

I went indoors and sat down in the warmth. Ah that was good.

We had tea each and I had Fries with extra salt on them. Perhaps though the best thing to come out of this was the discovery of the very best toliets I’ve ever been to at any mountain restaurant. Worth stopping here just for the toilets.

Well time to move on.

We nip a bit further down and onto this lift to take us up the moutain for Saint Sorlins main runs.

Flex the ankle flex the ankle.

Well I try to head down a blue which turns into an icy red ;( pants.

Which luckily ends at a green run which goes all the way down to the bottom and Saint Sorlin.

We nip in and out of the ski schools.

Ignore the signs and keeping going down.

And here we are at the base lift area for the Saint Sorlin.

Are you doin alright. Yep I’m doin alright. Lets get back up on those slopes.

So up we go

and down we go

Whilst we were here I thought it would be good to check out the beginners area to see if it was suitable for my mom. yes it was and better still it had a travelator for her.

Then off we went again to explore some more of the runs.

But I' just wasn’t excited by the slopes over her.

Nice and easy yes, exciting no.

Then we found one. Yep this red was exciting, it was in fact nerve racking, in fact its best not to go through the fence.

Before it joins the blue and a relaxing rest of the run for the rest of the way down.

It would appear that running with a bad foot was working, it was becoming less painful, perhaps the boot support was helping.

It was time to start heading back

And so up the mountain we went where it was now snowing.

And the visibility was getting poor.

A bet you didn’t belive me eh. The floor is there somewhere.

I followed a group of snowboarders who were also struggling, easier to follow someone though just like driving in the fog.

See them struggle

As we get lower the visibility improves ad we are flying once more.

Not far now there is La Toussuire

On the back straight once more

we take a left soon

ah theres the hotel.


and heres the back door.

Off with the snowboard

And out of the boots

Having worn my brother out I take my mom for a swim downstairs.

Back up stairs and relax from my swim I take out my contact lenses and

We go down stairs to the restaurant for a snack

We all have a crepe each before

heading into the village to do a bit of shopping and then

going indoors for a beer.

They have a couple of LEff’s on tap

We go Grande of course

And inbetween writing I manage to get a sip or two out of my glass.

Erm cakes for pudding later too.

Back at the apartment tea is prepared.

Of this looks nice


Super enjoyable.

and then off to bed…..

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