Sunday, March 17, 2013

Changing the MX5 heater Matrix Mk1

Yesterday I changed the two bulk head hoses for silicon ones as one had spilt. And whilst the coolant was out I thought I’d change that heater matrix I’ve had for a year to see if I can get heat like I used too.

As I say I had already taken the coolant out. But this is easy to do.

1). Drive the car on ramps go under the car and under the radiator in the middle is the coolant drain plug. Undo it and drain into a container.

2). Remove the one bulk head hose that goes to the back of the engine block off the pipe end at the bulk head.

3). Remove the other hose that goes through the bulk head at the exhaust manifold end.

4). Bow through this second hose to get the coolant out of the heat matrix. DO NOT SWALLOW IT WILL KILL YOU.

5). Remove the front drivers seat by removing the two front bolts.

6). Then remove the two rear bolts.

7). Remove the third bolt to the prop shaft tunnel.

8). Remove the wiring connectors under the seat.

9). Remove seat, get the pennies and think how did all that mess get down there.

10) Remove the left screw holding the panel on under the steering wheel.

11). Remove the right screw from the panel under the steering wheel.

12). Now pull the panel downwards and out.

13). You now need a torch, lye on your back in the car and look into the center. This is what you will see. The lever that is in the center needs to be moved out of the way.

14). Using a small screw driver undo the clip holding the rod in place.

15). It is now undone.

16). Move the rod out of the way.

17). There is cover plate behind the bunch of wires that needs removing.

18). There are two screws holding it in place. One at the top right and one at the bottom left.

19). Once the screws are removed the cover will come away revelling the heater matrix end.

20). The wires can be removed by undoing the fastener on the inside of the cover plate with some long nose pillars.

21). The cover plate can now be removed out of the way.

22). Undo the clip holding the right hose on.

23). Undo the clip holding the left hose on.


24) With the clips removed there is a bracket on the background holding the copper pipes in place. Unscrew the fastener and remove this.

25). Move the hose clips out of the way.

26). Gently with a small flat bladded screw driver, push the blade between the hose and the copper pipe to break the seal. Once you have done this push the hose upwards out of the way. It might well be tight on (luckily mine were not).

27). Now you can gently pull the heater matrix out.

28). Keep pulling it gently.

29). Its such a ssnug fit.

30). You will find that it comes out all the way to the steering column but you can just remove it.

31). And here it is out.

32). Now its time to fit the replacement on this occasion a second hand one from Autolink as a new one from MX5part is around £260.00 quid, so I’m hoping this one is clean enough inside.

33). As per the Haynes manual says fitting is reverse of removal – however it did take me forever to fit those clips back on.

34). Once the heater matrix is in and the hoss on it, reconnect the bulk head hoses in the engine bay and fill the coolant with the car still one the ramps. This helps bleed the coolant system. Fill the radiator up and the coolant body. Run the engine and keep topping up. Once full put the radiator cap on and le the engine get warm. Once the engine is hot check the hoses on the heater matrix are not leaking. If all is okay switch off engine and complete putting the car trim and seat back into position.


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