Friday, March 08, 2013

Let it snow let it snow….


We wake up Friday morning and I look out of the window. Ermm

Its snowing and snowing heavily.

We have fresh french bread for breakfast yummy before putting our gear on.

Getting our ski gear

and heading for the dull world outside.

and it gets worse so we decide

to head up high to see if we can pop out of the clouds.

Of course the other thing is we could just find ourselves up a mountain in a snow storm?

bugger its a long way down from here.

Perhaps we should just go for a cup of tea.

Buisness is good today, well not outside but even the ski schools are heading in here!

We park up

head in and they seem to be caught a bit short with the customers they have suddenly.

I like the table though, one very large ski map of the area.

We are here

And looking at the map there seems to have been some changes since the tables were done.

eventually we decide we need to start making our way down the mountain so we venture outside

get our gear

and head down into the abiss

Nice snow to ski on even if we can’t see where we are going.

A rare view downhill

And we are back at the hotel. It just there in front of us


Indoors I go for a swim with my mom, have some dinner

Then after dinner we look at taking my dad out for a while

we do a couple of runs together

but I’ve had enough.

and head back in

leaving them to enjoy the quiet slopes.

A bit later we go shopping for some last bits and pieces.

The snow is falling hard now.

In the Sherpa I spot a naked man.

All shopped out we head back

to admire our tat

pack our bags

and tidy the place up.

We have take out for dinner and then I pack the car. All there is to do now is sleep.

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