Monday, March 04, 2013

The Big C


We awake to sunshine bursting through the blackout curtain once more.

Today I forget to turn my tracks on and so if you want to understand where we went then you need to click on the map above.

We get our kit and head out of the back door.

We head up the mountain to

the top of the side you can get to Le Corbier and

head down the link.

At the bottom of this run we have to take a chair lift up to access Le Corbier. It is impressively quiet today and this run below us looks like it could be some serious fun.

At the top of the lift we have several choices but in fact we decide to back track and do that run that looks like serious fun.

Once back at he top of the lift I look back at La Toussuire.


For now though it is down hill to Le Corbier base.

The snow is great, the air is clean and fresh and the sun is shining and its well warm. It couldn’t be more perfect.

It doesn’t take us long to get down into Le Corbier.

And at the bottom we are greeted by a red London Taxi car and some people giving away Mc Vitites Jaffa cakes. Not orange ones though.

Being that it is Le Corbier my brother goes to the toilet.

Le Corbier tourist office.

We nip up a lift on the left side of Le Corbier. I have an idea….

At the top there is a choice we head left.

The views are well stunning

We ski onwards and

looking over the mountain to the right you can see the resort of Saint Sorlin in the distance.

No piste route to there from here though.

We ski further to the left side of the map noteing that a couple of drag lifts are coming up. Luckily though we only need to take the one.

Here we are at the top of the mountain which will allow us to descend to Saint Jean.

And before you know it we are there

It seems very popular here.

I look at my map and from here we need to get a bus to Saint Sorlin to do a circuit of the mountains.

Confused by the bus time table on the sign we put our gear down and I head into the tourist office. I manage to get out of her that there is a bus and the next one is 14:00. I look at my watch 11:00 and pull a face. Well that ruined that plan then.

Well after all those miles we have done this morning we are pouring with sweat, so

We walk a few steps to the restuarant at the base of the slopes and

have strip off, sit down and order a cup of tea whilst

enjoying the view.

I look at the map in disbelief that from this little place the bus is not until 14:00 to the main resort. Eh?

As time goes by I figure out what we are going to do, and so off we go.

We walk to where the chair lift back starts.

Check what runs are open and head through the gate.

Its a nice slow lift up the mountain

From here it was a green twist road track down, so I gained some spped and went for it. Though what the map didn’t show was it eventually went upwards?? Erm this put you at the point of two drag lifts? Why two going the same way? Well I coose the right hand one and what became obvious was the right one not only went quicker – and hence a fast launch when you grab it, but also where the left one stops much much further up the mountain the right one changes direction and continues up up to the very top in a steep incline. I made it.

So once a the top of the mountain we head back down and make it

to the base area of Le Corbier where my brother goes to the toilet once more.

I go and get some piste maps whilst I wait.

We take the six man lift to the right hand side top and from here things may well get tricky.  We are going to head right across the top of the mountain along some drag lifts.

Which go on forever.

Then we ski for a short while until

We reach another drag lift – isn’t this fun

Eventually we reach forever.

We are now high and the snow is wonderful to ski on.

The runs easy

We head towards Saint Sorlin and the peak of the area at 2620m high

There are some truley wonderful runs which we go around.

And up again.

From here you can see the resort of Saint Sorlin once more.

There are more lifts

More sun at the top peak once more.

It was great

Sheer paradis

Eventually though it was time to head back

towards La Toussuire

Not far now

Going down the back straight

round the corner and

in the back door to the ski lockers

Back at the apartment my brother takes my dad skiing whilst I take my mom to the swimming pool in the hotel.

A couple of hours later and we were shopping in the village. How much do you think this tray is?

Yes 15 euro! Mind I saw Monopoly board game for an eye watering 49 Euro!!!!!

I got some important items from the shops, post cards, a fridge magnet for work and a couple of stickers for my snowboards.

The was setting and so it was time to head back

And as we did so

we were passed by some segwayers!

The night draw in

I took my contact lenses out

and went to sleep.

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