Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The only way back

Not so dark as yesterday outside, to see where we went click the text below and click the satellite view.

I think you might be interested in this track: Created by Google My Tracks on Android. Name: 06/03/2013 09:11 Activity type: - Description: - Total distance: 46.30 km (28.8 mi) Total time: 4:46:12 Moving time: 4:31:01 Average speed: 9.71 km/h (6.0 mi/h) Average moving speed: 10.25 km/h (6.4 mi/h) Max speed: 69.00 km/h (42.9 mi/h) Average pace: 6.18 min/km (9.9 min/mi) Average moving pace: 5.85 min/km (9.4 min/mi) Fastest pace: 0.87 min/km (1.4 min/mile) Max elevation: 2431 m (7974 ft) Min elevation: 0 m (0 ft) Elevation gain: 4493 m (14740 ft) Max grade: 58 % Min grade: -1091 % Recorded: 06/03/2013 09:11

We get up and as per yesterday use our Scott Amplifier goggles.

Out of the back door and into the white play ground.

Down to the usual chairlift

And then over to Le Corbier.

Up the usual Le Corbier lift

Down the usual run and

My brother wants to visit the toilet here again??? What is it with this place and him?

This gives me time to check the information board and today it looks like they have open the link For Saint Colomban De Villard. So scrap todays plan and up the six man chair lift

To the top and

time to cross the top of the mountain range on those drag lifts once more.

I’m getting so good at these drag lifts.

We venture over to where the steep red beings to get to the link slope.

And here we are. Yes the link is open.

Lets go, maybe. Why is everyone looking around but not going down?

As a group gathers I set off

and they all follow.

We wizz on down the slope

But whats that ahead?

The group of people stop.

The piste is blocked by a snow mobile and a ski patrol man stopping people going any further. This can’t be true can it? There is a lot of foreign language as I sit down and relax.  Eventually the patrol man comes over to me and speaks. I tel him I can’t talk that much French and then he says the piste will be open in 20 minutes, if I go to the top and come back down it should then be open.

And so we head back up. However this is somewhat hampered by the fact the first lift back up from where we are is a drag lift. A pain in the back side drag lift. I try with confidence to get going on it only it nearly rips my balls off. The second time the lift operator gives me a push as the bar snaps me. More to the point once going this is a long and relentlessly steep drag lift.

I make it to the top though – but it somewhat worries me the fact I may well use it again.

From here it is the chair lift up to where the link slope beings.

After that drag lift thought the sit down is welcoming.

There’s loads of people coming down the run now.

And so we set off back down

enojoying the run more now we know its layout

And past where the slope was closed.

Further down it looks like they'd had an avalanche and where busy putting up a fence. I can’t think why as for most of the run you could go off the one side down the mountain side never to return.

There is a restuarant here but we continue down.

We near the bottom area and it widens to a wonderfully playful slope.

We zig, we zag, and we whiz down to the bottom.

Here we look around and take the chair lift up.

There doesn’t seem to be much here at all.

I look back as we go up the lift, nope nothing but a church.

Off the chiarlift and up a small drag lift at the top. It is a red run back down.

And an excellent run down it is to.

Here we see a runaway ski come down the slope. Good god if that hits someone.

We enjoy the good snow and at the bottom we head for the snack bar.

We put our equipment down and find somewhere to sit.

An intrsting place this is, it is in fact someones patio in their back garden,

Mind the prices match too. Its got to be the cheapest place we've been to all holiday. We have Tea and Frittes yet again, our staple diet.

We watch the skiers come down the slope in the distance.

Its surprising just how far we have come to get here.

The sun comes out and we strip off.

Once refreshed we enjoy the runs here for a while and now in the sun.

Some great skiing at this little place.

But eventually its time to head back.

Skiing to the link back we have a surprise. Another patrol man and he’s fenced off the piste. Luckily we are not the only ones whom have decided to head back and now there is a group of us. The man in red is talking avidly to him about getting back, but in French. It gets heated and the patrol man radios to say he has a group of 10 that need to return. How ever he changes his mind and doesn’t let anyone through afterall! erm this isn’t good. I try to talk to him but no English, bum. We are stuck. more people come and we just sit here. I look at the map, it is the only way back. Perhaps they will open it soon? Maybe later in the day. We just don’t know. After about 30 minutes there is more talk on the walkie talkie and I gather they are going to let a group go past but only to return to La Toussuire, no skiing any other routes allowed. No arguments, he pulls the fence aside for us to pass through and the group skis down to the hair lift at the bottom of the slope which is turned back on.

Up the lift we go.

Whilst the weather is good below you can see why they closed not the pist but the lift. The wind on the lift is very well windy and the chiar lift is running very very slowly.

I notice that we are infact travelling upward very quickly though and we have gained a massive amount of height in a very short distance.

The term don’t look down comes to mind and I hold on tight. Something I normally don’t do.

At the top of the mountain the the chair flattens out but the wind ponds it.

At the end the lift operator is shouting La Toussuire return only and all the other pistes are fenced off.

We off course encounter that bloomin drag lift again. And the first time nearly rips my balls off again. In fact the second time also nearly rips my balls off but as the pole springs from between my legs I grab it and slowly manage to pull myself up it and get it back between my legs, erm the gym has done me some good after all.

We ski down to the next chairlift.

And I get to relax once more.

Yay we can see the top of the valley.

Lets get prepared for some more snowboarding then.

And at the top the valley is fenced off once more just like yesterday.

We head towards Saint Sorlin before we can back track to La Toussuire.

And up the lift to the top peak whilst we are here.

Its a long journey back but a great one.

We are back at the hotel.

Off with the board

and into the ski locker it goes.

Whilst my brother takes my dad out I decide to take my mom to the Green area of Saint Sorlin, where it is flat and that travelator was yesterday. Now I understood the orad to there was not a good one, however I wasn’t expecting it to be as bad as it was along with random rocks in the road. Anyway we get there.

And the only place to park is the ski lift area. No good for my mom as she can’t get to the green area from here. I drive around the village but there’s onyl one small car park in the center to which you can get to the green area and that only had around 20 spaces which where full. So we gave up, and I thought I’d take her shopping in Le Corbier, only Le Corbier everyone goes to in their cars, and there was no spaces left, not even disables spaces! So I gave up took her back to the hotel and went for a swim with her.

Later I went into the resot and

got some stamps,

have a beer

and to write

I was certainly ready for bed when I got in.

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