Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Beautiful People

In the morning, sorry afternoon I’m dragged out of bed and head for the sofa and bury my head in a pillow. Some time passes by when Zoe asks if we want to go out or not, well my heads feeling better and I can only imagine some fresh air would do it good. And so we are off to….

Table top games day at Travelling Man in Manchester. Rosie and Brendan are also here to play with. The host of the shop was a real great character and added to the fun and atmosphere. Well my favourite games were Those Are My Fish, which I think everyone in the shop started to hate my game playing methods and also this game which is a bit like Jenga on with coloured bits which are not uniform. This was really exciting but when it came to the crunch I brought the house down Sad smile. There was one game in particular I just did not like and jumped ship quick.

The others disappeared to the Lass to watch Dr Who, whilst me and Zoe finished off playing a game. Zoe then wanted to defect to the Games Workshop round the corner to get a game they didn’t have at the Traveling man. From here she took me up some deloricte back street and to a door way. We had entered a building in fact a bar that was only for the Beautiful People.

We were in fact in the Kosmonaut bar, a dark bar with a lower floor that had a wiff waff game in the bar area. Somehow I could not see how this was going to work later in a crowded bar once your co-ordination probably wasn’t up to top notch.

They even had a couple of hairdressers chairs which would have been mighty useful if Alan was here, but he wasn’t.

We settle in a booth next to the Beautiful People and Zoe gets out one of her new games. Oddly our booth light is well turned off. This however didn’t stop us.

A simple and most enjoyable game.

Eventually me and Zoe head towards the station and head homeward bound.

By the time Alan is back we are tucking into a Chinese, even though I’m not hungry. At first I was going to just have prawn crackers then I though I’d better have some nourishment and had some chick in black pepper sauce. From here we were going to go to the Town hall to watch a couple of bands we had seen play in a church. And so off we went for a walk, I swear they must think I’m a dog. When we got there we could hear the bands playing. Alan and Zoe really didn’t seem to want to go in and so I said a night in the Blossoms would be fine.

Luckily there was a band on there too, and so I was taken upstairs to a room with some powerful speakers at one end a a band, Crafty Dog I believe, eager to make some noise, just what you want when you’ve still got a hangover.

And the band were surprisingly good. In fact I really enjoyed the show.

The bass guitarist in particular was fantastic at playing, a real wonder with the strings.

It was most disappointing when the set was finished. I would have loved to have watched them until the day break.

Which when we got in

wasn’t that far away!

We put the new Depeche Mode Album on and well went to sleep

Good night Alan.

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